10 Pairs Of Characters You Didn’t Know Were Played By The Same Actor


The big screen is home to many types of memorable and iconic characters. Various actors have the opportunity to play more than one iconic role, but it can be difficult to recognize them under the makeup and costumes, even if they are A-list celebrities. As a result, fans often wonder where they’ve seen an actor before.

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Many versatile actors can be convincing in any role or in any genre. While this is part of the magic of the movie-going experience, it can be fun to know which actor is behind the character.

10/10 Rachel McAdams is the perfect lead

Rachel McAdams plays Christine Palmer in the MCU. Kind and caring Christine is a supporting character in doctor strange, doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, and the Marvel ones And yes…?. However, before being the charming doctor, McAdams had a starring role in Sherlock Holmes.

McAdams expertly portrayed Irene Adler, the clever and cunning adversary of Robert Downey Jr.’s Holmes. However, it’s hard to tell when the 19th century criminal is compared to the modern day surgeon. Despite that, McAdams manages to leave her mark in both roles.

9/10 Cary Elwes Excels at Fantasy and Horror

Cary Elwes is best known for his role as Westley in The princess Bride. The charming farmer remains a fan-favorite fantasy character, but Elwes has also worked in horror films. Elwes plays Lawrence Gordon in the psychological horror sawand his performance is not to be forgotten.

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Lawrence is one of the men who is chained up in the same room as the corpse. It can be difficult to recognize Elwes in Saw, since there were almost two decades between the horror film and The princess Bride. While Westley is a brave and noble man, Lawrence is a clever and desperate victim. The two characters couldn’t be more different, but Elwes gives both of them a memorable performance.

8/10 Daniel Brühl has perfected the charming villain

Actors are often typecast, and although Daniel Brühl often plays antagonists, he is hardly recognized once he loses himself in a role. Brühl plays Baron Zemo from the MCU in Captain America: Civil War Y The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He is a popular Avengers villain that will likely be seen in future MCU projects.

In addition to the cunning Baron, Brühl plays Erik Jan Hanussen inthe king’s man. Erik is also an antagonist, but Brühl uses his versatile acting skills to make the two characters feel different. His use of different tones and mannerisms for the characters means it’s hard to remember that an actor is behind Baron and Erik.

7/10 Gerard Butler makes good use of disguises

Gerard Butler plays the Phantom in Phantom of the opera and spends most of the film behind a mask. Her obscured features allow her voice to take center stage. Fans can’t see his face, so they may not realize the phenomenal singer is Butler.

Butler is also known for his role as Beowulf in Beowulf and Grendel. Beowulf has a beard and shoulder-length hair, which couldn’t be more different from the clean-shaven Phantom that wanders the Opera House. Since Butler’s appearance changes for these roles, it can be difficult to recognize him.

Jude Law plays the title character in Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore’s Secrets. fans of the Harry Potter The franchise meets a younger version of Dumbledore in this film, and Law manages to carry the character with a vulnerability and charm that do justice to the future headmaster of Hogwarts.

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Law was also a robot named Joe in AI Artificial Intelligence and learned ballet for the role. Law’s Joe is bound to turn heads with his handsome looks and seductive demeanor. In contrast, Dumbledore is a humble scholar and a far cry from the android. The two films were released decades apart, and while these characters were strikingly different, Law played them to perfection.

5/10 Karen Gillan’s characters pack a punch

Karen Gillan is part of the MCU as Thanos’ daughter Nebula. Nebula enters Guardians of the Galaxy but has been on various projects since then. It’s hard to remember Gillan being under Nebula’s extensive blue body paint and abrasive attitude, but he makes sure Nebula makes a big impact on the big screen.

Nebula isn’t the only Gillan character who can hold her own. Gillan plays Ruby Roundhouse in the Jumanjifranchise and is the leading lady of the star-studded cast. Gillan is easier to recognize as Ruby Roundhouse, but it can be hard for fans to remember that she’s a major character in both films.

4/10 Tilda Swinton’s characters are larger than life

Tilda Swinton is a renowned actress who has been praised for her versatility. Her incredible stage presence draws all eyes of the audience to her, which works well for her larger-than-life characters. The White Witch at Disney chronicles of Narnia It’s a good example.

While Swinton portrays the witch Jadis with unrivaled grace, she continues to amaze fans with her surprising roles. Swinton plays Dr. Josef Klemperer in the 2018 remake of sigh, and her casting was kept secret for some time. Swinton, who plays three roles in suspicion, he is completely unrecognizable as the doctor. Fans finally caught on, but with the doctor’s older appearance and Swinton’s phenomenal performance, it’s almost impossible to tell that Josef and The White Witch are played by the same person.

3/10 Michael Sheen has mastered the art of disguise

Michael Sheen is in many notable franchises, and one of the biggest is The Twilight saga. Twilight he is known for his unique take on vampires, one of which is Sheen’s Aro. Sheen’s effective use of gestures and body language helps him become the cunning leader of the Volturi, and his costume, long hair, and red contact lenses make him difficult to recognize.

Sheen plays another supernatural entity in Underworld. Sheen is Lucian in all Underworld movies, but his appearance as the ghastly lycanthrope is very different from his armored vampire. Lucian is in a constantly bedraggled state, making it difficult to recognize Sheen under all the dirt.

2/10 Christian Bale transforms for his roles

Christian Bale plays Bruce Wayne in the dark knight trilogy. While he plays the billionaire with a bright flare, he also plays the masked vigilante. His ability to make Batman and Bruce Wayne feel different earned him universal acclaim.

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Despite being such a prominent name in Hollywood, fans won’t recognize Bale as Dick Cheney in Vice. He is a long way from the Dark Knight when he is covered in makeup and prosthetics and is 30 years old. Bale shaved his head, bleached his eyebrows, gained 45 pounds and put on four to eight hours of makeup to look like Cheney.

1/10 Zoe Saldaña hides under Neytiri’s CGI

The MCU is home to many well-known actors, but it can be difficult to identify them behind the costumes and makeup. This is the case of Zoe Saldaña, who plays Gamora in The Guardians of the Galaxy. Fans may not recognize Saldaña behind the green body paint and pink hair. Gamora’s appearance makes the character stand out as she disguises the actor.

Avatar he also hid his cast behind makeup and impressive motion capture techniques. The original protagonist of the film, Neytiri, is played by Saldaña. Due to the extensive CGI, Saldaña is only recognizable by her voice.

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