10 Overpowered Naruto Characters (With One Big Weakness)


The characters of Naruto are normally well-thought-out. Although possessing spectacular strikes that make them lethal opponents to deal with, their powers are saved in test by some main flaw or oversight that renders them beatable. This helps to make the collection extra real looking, as nobody is totally invincible.

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Even the collection’ most daunting characters have a hidden weak spot that has regularly resulted of their downfall. With sufficient exhausting work and prior evaluation of their opponent’s pitfalls, anybody can excel within the shinobi world.

10/10 Obito’s Kamui Dimension Is Still Accessible To Opponents

Obito’s “Kamui” capability permits him to make any a part of his physique intangible. He can use it so regularly that not even Minato was in a position to harm him regardless of generally being known as the quickest shinobi alive.

Nonetheless, Obito is not as properly protected within the Kamui as he would love others to imagine. Since Kakashi has his sharingan, he may additionally entry it and struggle no matter a part of Obito’s physique he whisked away. This resulted of their fateful duel, and Obito misplaced since he could not merely part out of penalties like he normally did.

9/10 Kurama Is Vulnerable Against Wood Style

Kurama was the strongest Tailed Beast within the collection by a major margin. When attacking Konoha, it took the mixed efforts of its shinobi and two Hokage simply to pacify him. However, Kurama’s most evident weak spot is wooden type.

Hashirama used it to seal him throughout his struggle towards Madara, and Yamato suppressed Naruto at any time when he received uncontrolled utilizing related measures. Although wooden type is a wonderful solution to negate Kurama utterly, it is so uncommon that it has not typically been thought-about.

8/10 Rock Lee Doesn’t Know Ninjutsu Or Genjutsu

Rock Lee is probably the best instance of a powerful character with a evident weak spot. While possessing higher taijutsu than anybody except for his sensei, he lacks any ninjutsu or genjutsu to enhance it.

This has plenty of predictable downsides. For instance, it implies that he is at higher danger towards illusionary opponents and has no selection however to hit enemies with direct assaults. While profitable to a level towards Gaara, Rock Lee’s preventing type is harmful when dealing with those that can punish melee fighters, like Mizukage Terumi or Sasuke.

7/10 Nagato’s Six Paths Leave His Real Body Exposed

While the Six Paths of Pain could have been highly effective sufficient to destroy the Leaf, they took an unlimited quantity of chakra to take care of. Nagato struggled to make use of them a lot that his physique was lowered to a withered husk of his former self.

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When Naruto confronted the villain personally, he spent a lot chakra that he was just about powerless to struggle again. In the tip, Nagato unfold himself so skinny that he did not preserve any power to defend his precise physique. Luckily, Naruto was extra occupied with diplomacy than violence.

6/10 Itachi Suffers From A Debilitating Illness

Itachi Uchiha was one of many strongest ninja within the collection. Single-handedly able to slaughtering his complete clan and judged worthy of the Akatsuki, his mastery of genjutsu remained unequalled till the time of his demise.

However, Itachi suffered from a debilitating sickness that grew progressively worse all through his life. Many attribute it as the first purpose that Sasuke was in a position to defeat him of their cinematic closing battle. Regardless, it implies that the longer one waits earlier than confronting him, the better it will likely be to beat Itachi.

5/10 Danzo Is Too Reckless With His Sharingan

In principle, Danzo ought to be an especially highly effective shinobi. In addition to preventing alongside Hiruzen and Tobirama in a earlier battle, his Izanagi arm affords him ten further “lives” when he would have in any other case been killed.

Danzo’s greatest weak spot is that he’s extremely irresponsible when utilizing his sharingan. During his struggle towards Sasuke, he continually made dangerous strikes that ought to have killed him only for the chance to strike a dangerous blow. Should one deceive Danzo into considering he has momentum in battle, it will likely be straightforward to take advantage of his overconfidence and end him off completely.

4/10 Orochimaru Was Weakened After The Chunin Exams

Orochimaru was some of the harmful threats to Konoha. With entry to an infinite variety of forbidden jutsu, he overwhelmed Hiruzen Sarutobi and murdered him in entrance of the Leaf’s helpless denizens. However, Hiruzen destroyed Orochimaru’s fingers of their duel, that means that he may not weave standard jutsu.

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This proved an enormous setback that compelled Orochimaru to depend on weaker strategies and summonings with a purpose to survive. He should additionally discover a new physique each few years, and he’s weakest when his outdated type is about to run out.

3/10 Madara Was Still Vulnerable To Taijutsu

After being resurrected, Madara surpassed his limits and almost grew to become unstoppable. Strengthened by the rinnegan, the Ten-Tails, and even a few of Hashirama’s personal chakra, it appeared as if none have been in a position to defeat him.

Madara could have been utterly proof against ninjutsu and genjutsu, however taijutsu nonetheless proved an efficient counter to him. He admitted that Might Guy almost killed him and he undoubtedly would have if his physique hadn’t reached its restrict sooner. Sage jutsu was additionally efficient but proved far much less devastating within the amount Naruto may use it on the time.

2/10 Kaguya Could Only Be Sealed By Her Descendants

Kaguya was a godlike determine of unspeakable energy. She may transport herself and her enemies to a dimension of her selecting, that means that she continually has management over how they struggle and the place. Additionally, she may shoot projectiles from her arms that disintegrate something they touched into mud.

However, Kaguya’s return and weak spot are one and the identical. It took the chakra of Indra and Ashura to bind her away, guaranteeing that she by no means troubled the world of shinobi once more. Luckily, Naruto and Sasuke have been their reincarnations, saving the world by sealing her.

1/10 Sakura Invented An Antidote To Sasori’s Poison

Sasori is the Akatsuki’s most underrated member. He is able to controlling lots of of puppets at a time and invented extremely poisonous venoms. Since he controls the third Kazekage, it is protected to think about him a kage-level fighter.

However, Sasori’s hubris proved his best downfall. Because he did not end off Kankuro within the desert, Sakura had an opportunity to check his poison and invent an antidote to it. This allowed her and Chiyo to defeat him on the Akatsuki’s hideout when recovering Gaara’s physique.

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