10 Ongoing Cartoons That Are Starting To Get Good


For most cartoons, the first few seasons are devoted to building a rich setting and establishing characters. When these cartoons get past their first season, they start to ramp up and raise their stakes at the same time. Shows with solid developments like these leave fans on the edge of their seats and eager for what comes next.

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10/10 Bee and PuppyCat return

Bee and PuppyCat was an instant hit when it first appeared on YouTube in 2013. The sequel to the cartoon, called Bee and PuppyCat: Sloths in Space He has very excited fans. The show follows a young girl named Bee and a creature named Puppy Cat that she adopted in the previous seasons.

The first season of Bee and PuppyCat focuses on Bee’s unemployment, with her taking temporary and intergalactic jobs to pay her rent. the seasons of sloth in space brings fans back to this familiar comfort from the show, sending Bee and her friends on even more memorable adventures.

9/10 Will It Not Them In Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Chat Noir is a classic will-they-won’t-they tale. The series follows a pair of teenage heroes as they protect Paris from their adversary Hawkmoth and his possessive Akuma. The previous season of the show takes fans through humorous stories and the daily lives of the heroes. This includes a hinted romance between Ladybug and Chat Noir.

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However, since the fourth season, miraculous ladybug has started to up the ante with interpersonal conflicts between the characters and villain schemes that are getting harder and harder to beat. With Ladybug and Cat Noir losing some of their best allies, the once fun and laid-back show keeps fans on the edge of their seats.

8/10 Pantheon captivates fans with a dark story

Pantheon is an adult drama in animation form. The series is about Maddie, a teenager who begins to receive mysterious messages from a stranger. This stranger claims to be her recently deceased father and her messages launch her to discover the truth. Maddie learns that her father’s consciousness has been put into the cloud after an experimental brain scan, but he’s not the only one of hers.

Throughout the first season of PantheonMaddie’s journey leads her to other characters, and together they unravel a conspiracy that could spark a world war. Pantheon continues to introduce more and more mysteries to keep the audience enthralled, and there is no limit to what could be on the horizon.

7/10 Dead End: Paranormal Park transcends genres

Dead End: Paranormal Park is a fun show full of relatable characters. It also transcends its genre, taking the themes of a paranormal investigation into an animated world. The story follows two teenagers, Barney and Norma, as they navigate their new job at a haunted amusement park.

The premise alone is enough to generate interest, but fans flock to Dead end for how he handles representation and day-to-day situations. The show discusses sexuality, crushes, and family tensions. These can be heavy themes, but they bring an openness to the genre that few cartoons have before. The series is both horror and coming of age, which is sure to keep the story interesting and relatable as it continues.

6/10 And yes…? from Marvel is a fantastic twist on the MCU

Marvel added a unique twist to their lineup of TV shows with animation. And yes…? Serie. Inside each episode is a thumbnail story about what could have happened to fan-favorite heroes if an event had played out differently. The episodes vary, with one featuring a zombie apocalypse and another following a story where the villainous Ultron won against the Avengers.

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What starts out as individual episodes eventually becomes a crossover within the show. When this happens, characters from across the multiverse come together to defeat a common enemy. Now that the boundaries of the multiverse have been broken, And yes…? will continue to exceed the expectations of the fans.

5/10 The dragon prince renews his love for fantasy

the dragon prince follows brothers Callum and Ezran as they embark on a journey to stop a catastrophic war. The two brothers are joined by a Moonshadow elf named Rayla, and together they navigate a world filled with magic.

the dragon prince it evenly balances humor and angst, putting fans in a position to sympathize with both sides of the story’s narrative. At the beginning of the story, the main characters seem to have lost everything they loved. This growing tension comes to a head at the end of the third season. But with each side having to rebuild afterwards, it is clear that the conflict is far from over.

4/10 Harley Quinn is coming into her own

Few DC animated shows have reached an audience as interested as harley quinn. The series follows popular DC anti-hero Harley Quinn as she navigates the world after her recent breakup with the Joker. Harley has been in the Joker’s shadow since his first appearance in Batman: The Animated Seriesso it’s great to see her find her own way.

Weather harley quinn is far from family friendly, she has allowed fans to see her walk into hers. The series contains some good representation, including Harley’s budding relationship with Poison Ivy, and includes a host of other DC characters. As the series continues, it increases its use of black humor to keep fans coming back. with the way harley quinn has been well received, it will likely continue to put Harley and other characters like her in the spotlight.

3/10 The legend of the beloved heroes of Vox Machina

The legend of Vox Machina is an animated adaptation of critical role‘s d&d campaign of the same name. The series follows eight characters who become unlikely heroes of their kingdom. While the series is an adaptation, it’s enjoyable for an audience unfamiliar with critical role. The story focuses on murders, mysteries and the relationships between the characters.

With each episode, The legend of Vox Machina’The stakes rise as the conflicts become more personal for each character. As the first season progresses, stunning animation combines with heartbreaking plot to make each episode unforgettable. Fans of the series feel the pain, shock, and betrayal felt by their favorite characters, and the emotional roller coaster ride seems to have no end in sight.

2/10 The Owl House brings back the magic of childhood

the owl house airs on the Disney Channel, but has amassed fans of all ages. The series follows Luz Noceda as she leaves her house and enters the Demon Realm. The series is known for its abundant representation, beautiful animation sequences, and a compelling story.

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What began as a healthy journey into a new world has turned into a story full of self-discovery and painful goodbyes. the owl house it contains heavy themes, and the relatable characters are what fans love. With each season, the conflict becomes more difficult for Luz and her friends to overcome. This mounting tension and uncertainty leaves fans yearning to know what will happen next as the series progresses.

1/10 Arcane stuns his followers

Arcane is an animated series that tells the origins of well-known League of Legends characters. The series is both intense and beautiful, putting its characters through difficulties that are hard to watch at times. It’s the kind of story that builds sympathy for the villain and puts their characters in impossible situations.

The first season of Arcane it ends on a cliffhanger, and the cliffhanger of those final moments tells fans that the series is only just beginning. The fight sequences are worth rewatching multiple times, with each character having enough influence to shape the world around them. As the series continues, there is no telling where they will end up next.

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