10 One Piece Villains Who Should Have Won


In One Piece, there are a lot of situations the place the hero’s victory feels nicely deserved. For instance, Luffy would possibly get hold of a monumental power-up to safe the Straw Hats’ victory or decide earlier within the narrative which occurred to have an enormous pay-off.

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However, it’s simply as frequent for the Straw Hat Pirates to be saved by plot armor. Many villains proved superior to Luffy in each manner, solely dropping on account of his narrative significance and fictional tropes.

10/10 Arlong Had A Home Field Advantage

While removed from the strongest villain within the collection, Arlong nonetheless dominated the East Blue with an iron fist. Capable of catching cannonballs and shattering them in his mouth, he was bodily superior to Luffy in each manner.

To make issues worse, Usopp had just about no expertise throughout their foray into the park, and Zoro was already injured. Arlong additionally had the benefit of a close-by ocean, that means that he simply may have drowned Luffy if he truly dedicated himself to it.

9/10 Aokiji Let The Heroes Off The Hook

Aokiji first appeared on the finish of the Long Island arc, simply defeating all of the Straw Hats. He had an ideal alternative to kill or seize them however as an alternative allow them to off with a warning.

While Aokiji’s mercy might have been to repay an outdated favor, it was additionally oddly handy since not one of the Straw Hats had the energy to oppose him on the time. He may have additionally captured Robin on the finish of the Enies Lobby arc although selected to speak together with her. Aokiji was a lot too highly effective to be launched so early within the collection.

8/10 Magellan Realistically Should Have Killed Luffy

As the tyrannical warden of Impel Down, Magellan was one of many first villains to meaningfully punish Luffy’s recklessness. A single drop of his venom proved enough to hospitalize a mean individual, and Magellan pressured him to wash in it.

After ending up, Magellan banished Luffy to Impel Down’s frozen jail to waste away. However, Bon Clay conveniently occurred to find and ship him to Ivankov. Considering the unbelievable circumstances resulting in Luffy’s survival alone, they by no means ought to have been capable of escape the undersea jail.

7/10 Crocodile Wasted Two Perfect Opportunities To Finish Luffy Off

Crocodile was the primary villain to defeat Luffy twice. The first victory was an entire humiliation, as his opponent had no thought how you can counter his logia-based Devil Fruit.

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Instead of killing him, Crocodile left him to rot in Alabasta’s blistering dunes. He spared him once more in the course of the assault on the capital, presuming that draining the younger hero of water had completed him off. Considering that it took three full matches for Luffy to lastly prevail, Crocodile deserved his win rather more than his opponent did.

6/10 Lucci’s Organization Had The Perfect Chance To Defeat The Straw Hats

Rob Lucci and the CP9 brokers had each conceivable benefit over Luffy. They gained the belief of Water Seven, divided the Straw Hats, and have been bodily superior by a big margin. Lucci himself even defeated the heroes upfront, solely sparing them in order that he’d have a goal to border for his crimes.

When attacking Enies Lobby, Luffy conveniently found two complete Gears so as to convey Robin again dwelling. Considering his dramatic development in such a brief period of time, Robin realistically by no means ought to have been saved from her destiny past the gates of justice.

5/10 Kaido Had A Bad Habit Of Sparing His Enemies

If Kaido weren’t fully horrible about letting his enemies stay, they by no means would have been capable of thwart him at Onigashima. He did not care when the Scabbards returned, spared each Luffy and Kid to work in Udon’s pits, and even let Trafalgar Law slip via his fingers.

All three males proved instrumental when defeating him and Big Mom, two highly effective fighters nobody else would have stood an opportunity towards. If Kaido did not get so overconfident after his first victory towards Luffy, he might need executed them shortly like he did with Oden. Some might argue that he spared them intentionally in order that he’d obtain the wonderful loss of life he needed.

4/10 Jack Had Technology & Intelligence Over The Minks

Jack was an enormously highly effective pirate despatched to assault Zou and retrieve Raizo. Although the Minks fought tirelessly to defeat him in shifts, he had many benefits that realistically ought to have assured a victory.

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In addition to having the ingredient of shock, Caesar’s bio weapons have been greater than sufficient to debilitate enemy forces, leaving them sickly and weak. Kanjuro had additionally been feeding Jack data your complete time, which meant that he knew precisely how his opponents have been going to react inside a matter of some hours.

3/10 Gecko Moria Had The Sun On His Side

Despite being the weakest warlord, Gecko Moria may have defeated the Straw Hats if he fought smarter. Since he managed to extract most of their shadows, all he wanted to do was cover till the daylight completed them off.

Granted, Luffy gave him a tricky chase, forcing him immediately into the arms of his large, Oars. However. if Moria merely fought to purchase himself time relatively than win, he may have waited out Luffy’s shadow enhancement and secured a secure victory.

2/10 Kizaru Nearly Wiped Out Everyone At Sabaody

When Kizaru attacked Sabaody, the outcomes have been devastating. Despite being outnumbered by the Straw Hat Pirates and your complete Worst Generation, his marines had them on the run in a matter of minutes.

Although doing his finest, Rayleigh may solely purchase the heroes time to flee. Should Sentomaru have caught up with them earlier than Kuma, the Straw Hats by no means would have been capable of survive. Kuma’s positioning is considered one of sheer comfort, because the marines may have requested some other warlord other than Hancock to assist in his stead.

1/10 Blackbeard Should Have Massacred Marineford

After stealing the Tremor-Tremor Fruit, Blackbeard turned the one strongest individual at Marineford. With the Whitebeard Pirates demoralized and the marines badly weakened, he was in an awesome place to defeat Sengoku and bathe within the blood of his enemies.

The solely purpose Blackbeard stopped was as a result of Shanks conveniently confirmed up. Were it not for the deus ex machina within the type of the Red Hair Pirates, Blackbeard and his forces would have had no hassle crushing each events and making the once-great naval base the inspiration for his or her new villainous empire.

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