Most Naruto characters are excessive. Being loud and aggressive is a standard trait among the many characters on this collection, however even the extra subdued characters push themselves to extremes. It could also be useful for a Shinobi to have an aggressive character, nevertheless it’s positively not the kind of particular person anybody would wish to stay with.

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Fans might imagine that dwelling with their favourite Naruto character could be a tremendous expertise however followers neglect how self-centered and clueless the characters might be. Those quirky personalities could also be enjoyable at first, however when followers discover that the characters have zero understanding of roommate etiquette, they’re going to run for the hills.

10 Naruto Is A Slob

Naruto could also be loud and obnoxious however his character does not essentially make him a nasty potential roommate. The undeniable fact that he does not know tips on how to keep a house is what truly makes him horrible to stay with.

In the primary few episodes, Naruto will get sick from ingesting spoiled milk, which he does not even discover is spoiled till it is too late. It’s doubtless any roommate of his would consistently need to cope with spoiled meals being left round, which is fairly disgusting. For those that favor to stay in a clear house with recent meals, Naruto is just not the roommate to have.

9 Sakura Is Too Aggressive

Sakura is probably the most accountable member of her group however she’s additionally probably the most argumentative. Fighting over easy issues like chores shall be a standard prevalence for anybody unfortunate sufficient to be her roommate.

Sakura can be obsessed along with her look. She’s the kind to spend hours hogging the lavatory whereas she will get prepared for the day, which is able to inevitably result in extra preventing. A extra passive roommate could possibly get away with dwelling with Sakura nevertheless it’s additionally doubtless that Sakura will stroll throughout them.

8 Sasuke Is Full Of Himself

Sasuke does not look like the kind to be a nasty roommate. He’s fairly accountable and he is not a grimy particular person like Naruto. However, Sasuke is extremely self-centered, and has a brief fuse. He is not the kind to get explosively indignant like Sakura, however he might be passive-aggressive, which is simply as unhealthy in lots of instances.

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Sasuke tends to assume that most individuals are beneath him so he’ll fortunately inform any roommate of his how silly they’re at any time when they make a mistake. Anyone hoping to protect their vanity and sanity ought to keep distant from Sasuke.

7 Jiraiya Is A Way Too Inappropriate

Jiraiya is the kind of man who’s enjoyable to have at events, however he is additionally an enormous pervert with no understanding of privateness. If his roommate occurs to be a girl, Jiraiya would spy on them claiming that he wants to take action for analysis.

However, his lack of boundaries can lengthen to males as properly. He even made a remark about Naruto’s physique whereas he educated him for the Chunin Exams. The solely advantage of dwelling with Jiraiya is he’d doubtless by no means be round with how typically he travels however with all his destructive attributes, dwelling with him does not appear price it.

6 Shikamaru Is Too Lazy

Shikamaru could also be a genius Shinobi however he is additionally an extremely lazy one that likes to complain. Hearing about how a lot of a drag it’s to do something mildly inconvenient will get outdated fairly fast, particularly since Shikamaru is sensible sufficient to know what it means to be roommate.

He could begrudgingly do a number of choirs if his roommate nags him sufficient, nevertheless it’s doubtless he’ll commit as little power as potential to getting his choirs carried out. Unless his roommate is prepared to babysit him it is in all probability not definitely worth the aggravation.

5 Ino Is Bossy

It’s arduous to imagine anybody could possibly be bossier than Sakura, however Ino takes her aggression to a unique degree. Shikamaru and Choji usually need to observe her whims and if somebody will get her mad she’ll allow them to know.

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Ino will get so mad at Sakura throughout the Chunin Exams she cuts her hair, so one can solely think about what she may do when preventing with a roommate. If her aggressive tendencies aren’t unhealthy sufficient Ino has a nasty behavior of turning something into a contest, particularly with regards to Sakura. Having to hearken to Ino complain about her competitors with Sakura is more likely to get actually outdated.

4 Akamaru Is Too Big

Living with Kiba and his ninja hound sounds nice on paper however is definitely horrible in observe. Anyone who owns a canine is aware of how messy they are often and Kiba does not look like the kind to scrub up after himself.

He could have a robust nostril, however with Akamaru’s tendency to mark all the pieces round him there’s a good likelihood dwelling with Kiba and Akamaru means coping with the fixed odor of urine. Not to say, Akamaru does not keep puppy-sized without end. By the time Shippuden begins, Akamaru is sort of horse-sized, which might’t be straightforward to stay with.

3 Rock Lee Has Too Much Energy

Lee is the right exercise buddy who is aware of tips on how to push his associates previous their limits. While it is nice for somebody to have a cheerleader once they’re making an attempt to succeed in a brand new aim, it might probably get fairly outdated when the cheerleading by no means stops.

Lee loves coaching each waking second, and he is more likely to drag anybody who lives with him into his mess. Lee additionally tends to set inconceivable objectives for himself like performing ten thousand punches or reaching the sand village in half a day. Any regular particular person would not final a day dwelling with the energetic Lee, particularly if Might Guy is there so as to add gasoline to the fireplace.

2 Tsunade Isn’t Responsible

Tsunade is nice to have round when somebody wants to maneuver some heavy furnishings, however she’s positively not the particular person anybody ought to wish to stay with. Like Jiraiya, she has a passion for ingesting, however her playing behavior is what actually will get her in bother.

As the legendary sucker, it is truly unhealthy luck for her to win at playing. With all her money owed it is doubtless any roommate of hers would discover themselves caught up in her playing or making an attempt to stop Tsunade from spending the cash wanted to pay the payments. Tsunade could also be a sensible girl, however she makes a number of poor choices that may actually backfire on anybody dwelling along with her.

1 Choji Eats Too Much

Anyone dwelling on a good finances ought to by no means stay with Choji. Not solely is he an actual foodie, he wants meals to gasoline his jutsu, which suggests he is consistently consuming.

If his roommate does not allocate an enormous finances to meals it is doubtless Choji will eat them out of home and residential. Then once more, his roommate might at all times cover the meals they do not need him to eat, however that is unlikely to guard their meals from him for lengthy.

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