10 Movies That’ll Make You Afraid Of Heights


There are a number of movies that excel at creating a physical reaction in viewers, be it through nail-biting tension or action-packed thrills. However, the movies that touch on our fears are often the ones we remember the most, especially when we examine the incredibly common acrophobia, which is the fear of heights.

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Fans have been enjoying films that have challenged these fears for years, ranging from Hitchcock’s psychological horror arena to biopics of intense acts that terrify and awe. And if some fans are lucky enough not to suffer from this sometimes debilitating fear, these movies have scenes that will make almost any viewer afraid of heights.

10/10 Vertigo and high anxiety

Duration: 2h 9m and 1h 34m

Legendary director Alfred Hitchcock directed quite a few classic movies that explored mankind’s fear of heights in various ways, including the one in 1958. Vertigo. Jimmy Stewart played a private investigator with acrophobia that caused him extreme vertigo, which put him in some dangerous situations when he was investigating a case.

That case and his extreme acrophobia led to him being institutionalized before he tried to overcome his fear. Comedy legend Mel Brooks directed and starred in 1977 high anxietywhich parodied several Alfred Hitchcock movies but managed to elicit some of the same scary emotions in the midst of humor.

9/10 Stephen King’s Cat’s Eye

Duration: 1h 34m

1985 Cat Eye was an anthology movie that adapted some Stephen King short stories including “The Ledge” from his Night shift collection. Robert Hays played a man forced to make a deadly bet with a casino crime boss who forces him to walk onto the ledge of a building on a windy night to save his life.

The crime boss and forced lover, and an incessant pigeon do their best to distract him throughout the tense and perilous walk up the ledge, which is a short but sweet shot of adrenaline even for those who aren’t afraid of birds. heights.

8/10 Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol

Duration: 2h 13m

Tom Cruise is known for his jaw-dropping stunts and action-packed movies, though one that would especially cause a new fear of heights in anyone came out in 2011. Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol. The fourth film of Mission Impossible The franchise followed rogue IMF agent Ethan Hawke and his team as they tried to stop a potentially global nuclear threat.

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He was forced to scale the Burj Khalifa skyscraper in Dubai in a heart-stopping stunt that was performed on location to heighten the tension. Cruise has pushed the limit with his intense stunts for years, but Ghost ProtocolBurj Khalifa’s thrilling solo free climb will always rank near the top.

7/10 Saboteur and north by northwest

Duration: 1h 49m and 2h 16m

Both from 1942 Saboteur and 1959 north by northwest featured intense endings atop American landmarks that had theatergoers on the edge of their seats due to the high-rise horror. A framed man tracks down the real man responsible in Saboteur when he uncovers a terrorist plot, and his final scene takes place at the Statue of Liberty’s torch.

In north by northwest, a case of mistaken identity turns a man into an unwitting agent who has a final showdown atop Mount Rushmore. He is forced down the face of the monument alongside the royal agent in a series of tense moments that ultimately lead to romance, but are no less terrifying for anyone with an aversion to heights.

6/10 Skyscraper

Duration: 1h 43m

Dwayne Johnson starred in 2018 Skyscraper as an ex-marine turned security consultant who is manipulated and framed for a terrorist attack on the new “eighth wonder of the world”. The Pearl was an advanced skyscraper with a highly advanced simulation dome on top of the building that allowed for stunning views of the world below.

The family man is forced to go to great lengths to return to The Pearl after the attack endangers his family at the residence. He first uses a crane to jump across a large gap at a lofty height before engaging in numerous high-rise clashes with the terrorists to rescue his family.

5/10 climactic moment

Duration: 1h 53m

1993 climactic moment Sylvester Stallone starred as Gabe Walker, a former emergency rescue worker who is held captive in the mountains by a team of armed international robbers looking for missing wads of cash from a botched plane heist.

While his fight to stop the terrorists and free his captive friend features some tense high-rise moments that are sure to keep audiences on the edge of their seats, it was the film’s surprisingly intense opening rescue attempt on a rescue line. high which could lead to a fear of heights in viewers.

4/10 die hard

Duration: 2h 12m

Bruce Willis played New York cop John McClane for the first time in 1988. die hard when he tried to stop a team of well-trained thieves posing as terrorists during a takeover of a skyscraper still under construction. The team took an entire Christmas party hostage to help them break into the vault, though McClane intervened at every step.

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While McClane’s terrifying escape from the roof of Nakatomi Plaza is more than enough to instill a fear of heights, it’s his harrowing ride up the building’s elevator that really puts fans on the edge of their seats during the thriller packed with thrills. action. Alan Rickman’s Hans Grube also experienced a fatal fall from the roof that has become an iconic cinematic shot.

3/10 furious 7

Duration: 2h 20m

The fast-driving heist team turned international government agents returned for another mission in 2015 furious 7which featured an impressive trailer for car-related stunts that have become a staple of the Fast and Furious franchise. furious 7 featured two unforgettable scenes that could trigger a fear of heights that captivated fans and set new limits for action movies.

The team is forced to steal valuable computer software from a suite in the Etihad Towers, with their only escape being to drive a car out of the high-level suite and into one of the nearby buildings before repeating the move. The team also airdropped in vehicles from a plane onto a mountain road with varying degrees of success to further terrify and excite fans.

2/10 The walk

Duration: 2h 3m

Joesph Gordon-Levitt played real-world high-wire artist Philippe Petit in 2015 The walkwho was inspired to walk the tightrope of the World Trade Center twin towers after seeing a magazine article about the buildings still under construction.

The film takes viewers to the top of skyscrapers at every step of Petit’s journey with his team to sneak into the building and secretly run a cable through the towers for the heart-stopping high-wire performance. 2008 documentary man on the wire narrates Petit’s death-defying stunt in the real world and will also serve to raise the pulse of viewers.

1/10 solo free

Duration: 1h 40m

Characters like Ethan Hunt and Gabe Walker make extreme rock climbing look easy on the big screen. However, the 2018 Academy Award-winning documentary solo free followed climber Alex Honnold as he showed everyone how it’s really done when he attempted Yosemite’s first solo free climb of El Capitan.

Honnold’s climb of the 3,200-foot rock formation was filmed in stunning detail by a team of professional climbers and videographers, who captured the terror and excitement that come from solo climbing a cliff without a rope. The documentary is sure to stoke anyone’s fear of heights, but it will also incite their sense of adventure.

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