10 Movie Franchises That Got Progressively Better


With every installment in a film franchise, a story has to live up to and hopefully surpass its predecessors in one way or another. A sequel must understand where its predecessor succeeded and where it failed. To avoid becoming a lesser version of its most successful installment, a film franchise always strives to bring something new and fresh to a story that has already captured the attention of its fans.

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Some movie franchises buckle under this pressure, while others thrive on it. There are plenty of movies whose sequels are infamously terrible, but others managed to get steadily better with each installment. Films that can take on the tone and themes of their original premise, while still establishing themselves as their own stand-alone stories, can often surpass their predecessors and create a beloved franchise that fans look forward to with each future addition.

10/10 Wolverine took superhero movies to a darker place

What started as a simple adaptation of the popular Glutton The comics became, over time, one of the most courageous and mature superhero franchises to date. Despite the fact that its protagonist appears in several X Men movies, the Glutton The franchise consists of three main titles, each of which gets progressively more serious with each installment.

Wolverine third and last title, Logan, is a brutal and depressing film about the last years of the lives of Logan and Charles Xavier. Despite its darker tone, the film maintains a powerful message of perseverance and fatherly love. It is a beautifully shot and directed film, which concludes the Glutton trilogy in a deeply meaningful way.

9/10 The return of the king is the end that the Lord of the rings deserved

Based on JRR Tolkien’s trilogy of books, The Lord of the rings The film franchise does a phenomenal job of translating the world of Middle-earth to the big screen. Peter Jackson, the director of the series, is adept at managing multiple plotlines, building suspense, and providing a satisfying resolution to the trilogy.

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What The Lord of the rings reaches its climax during its third film, the return of the king, the various plot points and character arcs that had not yet been connected in previous installments come to their epic conclusion. The battle between the armies of Middle-earth and the orcs of Mordor couldn’t be more epic, but the film’s final scenes are dedicated to wrapping up the essential character arcs in a patient and satisfying way.

8/10 The planet of the apes has come a long way

While the original Planet of the Apes The films were released in the early seventies, the prequel trilogy, beginning with Rise of the Planet of the Apes, improved not only on the franchise’s visuals, but also on the overall writing and tone. What was once a somewhat comical story about humans versus sentient monkeys has turned into a sci-fi thriller about war, revenge and forgiveness.

With each film of the prequel trilogy, the Planet of the Apes the movies only got better. Caesar’s journey from lab experiment to war general is compelling, despite the strange premise of the film’s central concept: that intelligent apes could take over the world.

7/10 Frozen 2 knows how to talk about the characters

Although “Let It Go” is one of Disney‘s most successful songs, the first Frozen The film was surpassed by its sequel. While charming and compelling, the first movie is light compared to how frozen 2 Manage your topics and themes.

frozen 2 he’s not afraid to focus on his characters. Elsa and Anna overcame a lot in the first movie, but in the sequel they were able to talk more deeply about previously overlooked topics: the trauma of losing their parents, the responsibility of leadership, and the reason behind Elsa’s magic. . The first movie was wholesome, but its sequel was more compelling.

6/10 The tone of the Harry Potter films matures along with their characters

While sometimes criticized for the minor differences between its source material, the beloved Harry Potter movie franchise still managed to translate its original book series into a fantastic set of movies. Each movie only gets better, culminating in a two-part finale that feels more intense and compelling than its predecessors.

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As Harry and his Hogwarts friends grow and mature, so do the movies. While the first film is whimsical, fun, and colorful, Harry Potter end movie, The Deathly Hallows Part 2It’s dark and serious. The final showdown between Harry and Voldemort is epic and cathartic, as it had been brewing since the end of the first film in the franchise.

5/10 Captain America goes from local soldier to intergalactic hero

Steve Rodger’s journey from wannabe soldier to national hero began with the first film in his franchise, Captain America the First Avenger. But while the movie was undoubtedly enjoyable, each installment that followed only got better and better. For the moment Captain America: Civil War was released, the role of Captain America had escalated to epic proportions.

In the grand scheme of avengersfirst Captain America the film seems relatively tame. On the contrary, Civil war is the catalyst for the events of infinity war Y End of the game. The facts of the third Captain America film has lasting consequences that altered the course of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4/10 The charm of Spy Kids grew with each installment

The success of spy kids The franchise has more to do with its status as a cult classic and nostalgia than its actual capabilities as a movie series. Regardless, the spy kids The films are loved for their bizarre premises, over-the-top acting, and iconic humor that only gets better with each installment.

First spy kids The film is, at least, unique. Its visuals haven’t aged well, but for some that’s part of its charm. Each subsequent film maintained the original’s ability to be cheesy and endearing, with its third installment, Spy Kids 3-D: Endgamepossibly his best and strangest film to date.

3/10 The Dark Knight’s Batman is DC’s bravest and most compelling trilogy

While the bat Man the comics have been remade by various studios over the years, The dark knight The trilogy stands out as one of the best. From Christian Bale’s Batman to Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker, the series is a dark and gritty retelling of one of the world’s most famous comic book heroes.

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With every movie The dark knight franchise, Batman’s role as a hero becomes increasingly complicated. He is forced to question his own right to bear that title and confront his humanity. For the moment The dark knight rises arrived, Batman’s inner journey was coming to an end, and the mantle of Batman was passed on to the next generation.

2/10 Deadpool 2 surpasses the humor of its own predecessor

The antihero who breaks the fourth wall, dead pool, is loved by fans across the board. From the comics, video games, and eventual film franchise, Deadpool is one of Marvel’s most successful characters, despite his foul language and adult humor of his. Although he has appeared in several X Men films as a supporting character, the first standalone Deadpool film was only matched by its later sequel.

the dead pool The films, starring Ryan Reynolds, managed to perfectly portray the character’s wit and goofiness while still telling a compelling story. The first film was straightforward, while the second film balanced its humor with a more complicated story. Deadpool 2 it’s funny and heartfelt, with a funny twist in time during the end of the movie.

1/10 James Bond ascended to greater heights with Daniel Craig

With more than twenty films to his name, the james link The franchise is beloved and recognized for defining the “secret agent” genre. The suave leading lady of hers is famous for her confidence, her ability, and her ability to handle any situation, even if that requires separate love interests for almost every other movie.

The most recent deliveries of james link franchise, starting with Royal Casino, chose Daniel Craig for the role in several films. Craig’s films only got better and better, taking themselves more seriously than previous films had dared, before concluding in his most recent film, No time to die.

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