10 Most Popular Characters In Mob Psycho 100, Ranked


Mob Psycho 100 he has a lot of stuff in his bag to impress his viewers. It has extraordinary stories and funny jokes, but most importantly, it offers a variety of lovable and charming characters that fans love. Some of these characters are excellently funny, some are inherently unique, and some are oddly lovable.

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It is evident that each Mob Psycho 100 The character is undoubtedly special in his own way. However, when it comes to deciding which is more popular in the anime fandom, some stand out more than others.

10/10 Tome Kurata is quirky and hilarious

Tome Kurata joined the world of Mob Psycho 100 as president of the Telepathy Club, and it’s safe to say that viewers fell in love with her as soon as she stepped onto screens. At first, her actions were focused on getting Mob to join her club, but when said club disbanded, she became one of the honorary members of the highly motivating Body Improvement Club.

Tome has a naturally unique personality, quirky interests, and a lazy lifestyle. Plus, he’s one of the funniest characters on Mob Psycho 100adding more to its charm.

9/10 Sho Suzuki tried to stop his father from committing bad deeds

Sho Suzuki’s rebellious disposition makes him one of the most intriguing characters in Mob Psycho 100. Although he is the son of Toichiro Suzuki, who was the leader of the evil esper organization known as the Claw, he is not as evil as one might think. After all, the boy wasn’t even part of his father’s World Domination Plan.

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In fact, Sho was one of the few who wanted to stop him. Though not for any sensible reason, just because he found it simply embarrassing. Still, over the course of Mob Psycho 100his character has developed a lot and he has managed to impress fans by healing meaningful relationships.

8/10 Tenga Onigawara is the lovable delinquent who breaks the law

Tenga Onigawara is the lovable delinquent who breaks the law in the world of Mob Psycho 100. Pointless, he gets into silly fights and is always angry for some reason, but he protects his territory with everything he has; his territory is filled with all the people he cares about.

Tenga may look like the big, bad thug type on the outside, but he’s a wimp who makes adorable spelling mistakes on the inside, which adds a lot to his appeal. Also, he has become especially popular after joining the Body Improvement Club and introducing fans to various funny jokes.

7/10 Musashi Gouda is the most influential character in Mob Psycho 100

Musashi Gouda is the president of the Body Improvement Club. He was first introduced as the type of person who only cares about fitness. However, when viewers got to see his unexpectedly kind personality, he became the most influential character.

Musashi is the kind of character one would want to be friends with in real life. He motivates everyone with his extraordinary speeches and lends a shoulder to all his friends when they need it, which is precisely why he is so popular among Mob Psycho 100 fans.

6/10 Katsuya Serizawa is the most relatable character in Mob Psycho 100.

Katsuya Serizawa is the most relatable character in all Mob Psycho 100 — at least for introverts who love the comfort of their rooms. The man hates going out, is afraid to talk to people and walks around with an umbrella because he hates the sun, or at least before.

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Katsuya is an adult with the temperament of a lovable little boy, which is what makes him so endearing in the eyes of fans. He is also a piece of cake to fool him with the stupidest pranks since he hasn’t experienced the real world in person. However, his endearing personality coupled with his broken powers has surely drawn a lot of fans to his side.

5/10 Ritsu Kageyama cares deeply about his brother.

Ritsu Kageyama is much loved by fans of mob psycho 100 for all the good reasons. He has his own convictions when it comes to the supernatural world of evil spirits and espers, and he may not agree with Mob all the time, but it’s crystal clear that he cares deeply about his brother. dominated from him.

Ritsu admires Mob in the most refreshing way, admiring his capabilities and his willingness to not be so tall and mighty in regards to them. Other than that, he is quite favored by the ladies, which always comes in handy with popularity polls.

4/10 Dimple has a drama queen personality

Dimple is the cunning spirit that haunts Mob most of the time, either trying to take over his body or making an effort to turn him to the evil side. He was first introduced as one of the first antagonists in mob psycho 100. However, as things progressed, he ended up becoming one of Mob’s closest allies.

There are many things about Dimple that make him popular, including his daily banter with Reigen and his usual schemes focused on world domination. However, his drama queen personality is the real cream of the crop among Mob Psycho 100 fans.

3/10 Teruki Hanazawa proved that we are all capable of change

All anime fans love to see an enemy-turned-friend scenario from time to time, and thanks to Teruki Hanazawa, Mob Psycho 100 fans got to witness it in its freshest form. Before meeting Mob, Teruki was all about mastering his esper abilities, using them to his own advantage left and right.

However, after meeting Mob and realizing the world doesn’t revolve around him, Teruki’s perspective on life changes forever. For this reason, he became one of the most beloved characters in mob psycho100 illustrating that everyone is capable of change, or at least a small modification.

2/10 Shigeo Kageyama doesn’t let his mastered skills define him

Mob Psycho 100 has a very likeable protagonist in the name of Shigeo “Mob” Kageyama. On the surface, Mob looks like an ordinary wallflower trying to tackle his fair share of high school problems, but he’s also the strongest esper with incredible abilities.

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However, the most amazing thing about this high school student is not his overwhelming abilities. It is his tendency not to let this trait define him: the boy places more importance on muscles than on being an esper, which is not very common in the anime world.

1/10 Reigen Arataka is the master at giving unusual but applicable life lessons

Reigen Arataka is without a doubt the most popular character in Mob Psycho 100. The man is known for having an inherently unique and relatable personality that’s not all good but not all bad either, and fans love him for this reason.

It’s clear that Reigen has plenty of cards up his sleeve to make viewers laugh out loud, including his bizarre special moves and his ability to lecture supervillains. However, his tendency to be the perfect mentor to Mob and his unusual but applicable life lessons take the cake when it comes to charming the viewers around him.

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