10 Most Intense Rivalries In House Of The Dragon, Ranked


house of the dragon has stood out since its debut in August 2022, quickly establishing itself as more than just a game of Thrones prequel series. The ambitious adaptation of George RR Martin’s fire and blood has thrived on showcasing its violent themes and political intrigue. This was helped by house of the dragon‘s stellar cast, who brought the fascinating characters to life.

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With house of the dragon Having such a strong roster of characters, it was inevitable that a lot of them would clash, especially when the show leads into the Dance of the Dragons civil war. These confrontations have ranged from being verbal, physical, or a mixture of both. They have developed into some fierce rivalries, some of which have now been resolved, while others will continue into the upcoming season of house of the dragon.

Spoilers ahead for house of the dragon.

10/10 Aemond showed more interest in becoming king than Aegon.

house of the dragon it has to do with the Targaryen civil war, including the infighting and division of this great house. However, the infighting is not always limited to the opposing teams. With Aegon fleeing duty from him as the new king in “The Green Council”, Aemond declared his own ambitions to be king, implying that he would be better than Aegon.

When Aemond and Criston Cole found a desperate Aegon, the brothers quarreled and Aegon even begged Aemond to let him escape. Aemond considered for a split second as jealousy and a desire for the Iron Throne began to take hold of him. As a result, this brotherly dynamic should prove interesting in future seasons of house of the dragon.

9/10 Daemon and Rhaenyra’s rivalry over the succession turned into an intense alliance of interests.

King Viserys Targaryen shocked and upset many nobles when he announced his daughter Rhaenyra as his heir. While many of these were angry at the breaking of tradition, Daemon Targaryen was angry that he was the previous successor. Rhaenyra was the only thing standing in her uncle Daemon’s way, but this intense rivalry turned into intense affection rather than ambition-fueled violence.

Daemon and Rhaenyra ended the first season married with children, despite big questions about their future. Following the news of Viserys’s death, Daemon was ready to go to war as Rhaenyra urged restraint. The pair will likely clash and have differing opinions in future episodes, resulting in one of the most dangerous duos on the show.

8/10 Rhaenys had many comebacks when Alicent came seeking her loyalty.

Rhaenys was highlighted in “The Green Council”. She was imprisoned in King’s Landing when the Hightowers plotted to bring Aegon Targaryen to the Iron Throne. However, she did not relent when Alicent Hightower came to try and convince her to side with her.

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Rhaenys even turned around and taunted Alicent with the thought that she herself would be on the Iron Throne. Rhaenys ended the episode by walking out of the Dragonpit on top of his own dragon, making a serious statement to Alicent and Team Green. Fans wondered why it didn’t end at that point, but the statement was enough, implying that he was on the side of Rhaenyra and Team Black.

7/10 Viserys and Daemon shared a complicated brotherly relationship

Despite initial appearances, Viserys and Daemon Targaryens cared for each other in house of the dragon. However, being one a king and the other an ambitious and impetuous fighter, the brothers clashed on multiple occasions. King Viserys was known for his peaceful reign, and due to this side of his nature, he went to great lengths to help Daemon by placing him in various positions that he simply wasn’t prepared to occupy.

Daemon felt insulted that he never did Hand of the King and started to misbehave. Viserys drew a line when Daemon asked for Rhaenyra’s hand in marriage, and threatened and banished his brother. They had moments of reconciliation before Viserys’ death, but ultimately both were to blame for not showing each other enough brotherly love and support.

6/10 Alicent and Otto Hightower fought for possession of Aegon II Targaryen

While Otto Hightower and his daughter Alicent were ultimately on the same side in trying to crown Aegon II Targaryen as Viserys’s successor over Rhaenyra, they still clashed with different ideals. Throughout her youth, Alicent was used as a pawn in Otto’s games and general schemes. However, after the time jump, Alicent began to realize what was happening.

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In episode 9 of house of the dragon, “The Green Council”, Otto and Alicent launched separate search parties to try to locate Aegon immediately after Viserys’s death. Otto wanted to persuade Aegon to push for Rhaenyra’s assassination, while Alicent refused to let it come to that. This internal conflict showed the distance between father and daughter, as well as showing how much Alicent had grown.

5/10 Daemon and Otto took pleasure in antagonizing each other

Daemon Targaryen and Otto Hightower were at odds from the start of house of the dragon. Otto saw Daemon as dangerous, not only to himself but to the kingdom as a whole, while Daemon could see through Otto’s seemingly loyal service as the Hand of the King. If it weren’t for other people getting in the way, the pair probably would have started a war many years before the Dance with Dragons.

Daemon deliberately chose to fight Otto’s eldest son in the Heir’s tournament while also calling in Alicent Hightower’s favor. Both Daemon and Otto constantly opposed each other’s advice to King Viserys, never having a kind word to say to each other.

4/10 The rivalry of Criston Cole and Harwin Strong moved to the children who were training

Saw “The Princess and the Queen” house of the dragon returns to King’s Landing after a decade-long time jump. In that time, Criston Cole had become a loyal bodyguard and confidant to Alicent Hightower, while Harwin Strong was the Commander of the City Watch and the not-so-secret father of Rhaenyra’s children.

The pair were the first to clash in terms of established Greens and Blacks. Criston taunted Harwin and drew a damning reaction from the mighty Strong. Criston was once by Rhaenyra’s side, but left her after her fight in the previous episode.

3/10 Vaemond Velaryon defied Rhaenyra and Daemon’s family, but paid the price.

Vaemond Velaryon was a rare case in Dragon House. He was an honest character with a degree of honor, even if his moral execution was done poorly. When Velaryon’s bloodline came under threat after Corlys Velaryon’s grievous injuries in battle, Vaemond sought to challenge Driftmark’s succession, which was betrothed to Rhaenyra’s son, Lucerys Velaryon.

Vaemond had already said that he did not like Daemon during the War for the Stepstones, and this tension resurfaced with Daemon now at Rhaenyra’s side. Vaemond called out Rhaenyra’s children for being illegitimate and Daemon quickly executed him. Under Viserys’s reign, no one could slander his family, and Vaemond found that out the hard way.

2/10 Rhaenyra and Alicent’s friendship turned rivalry drove the entire first season

Rhaenyra Targaryen and Alicent Hightower were once best friends. However, this was before Rhaenyra’s father decided to marry Alicent, and the ensuing disagreements further widened the gap. Their friendship was fractured and made worse by how Alicent always did her duty, while Rhaenyra did what she wanted with little consequence.

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This tension boiled over beyond the time skip, eventually boiling over and splitting the family into teams of Green and Black. Both became fierce and protective mothers, ultimately destroying any lingering hopes of reconciliation as their respective children continued the internal family feud.

1/10 Aemond and Lucerys’ rivalry spiraled out of control

Aemond Targaryen was one of the main characters who prospered over the course of house of the dragonthe first season of. In “Driftmark”, she managed to claim the huge and formidable dragon, Vhagar, before losing an eye in a subsequent altercation with an angry Lucerys Velaryon.

This incident hardened Aemond and made him a threat to those who opposed or mocked him. In the following episodes, he took every opportunity to antagonize his nephews and denounce his illegitimacy. This extended to Lucerys in particular, and the pair clashed once more in “The Black Queen”. Aemond lost control of Vhagar, who proceeded to decimate Luke and his dragon Arrax from him. Aemond’s obsession with rivalry and revenge led him to inadvertently start the Dance with Dragons.

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