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In a game where exploration is of the utmost importance, Skyrim has an absolute abundance of areas to explore. Between sprawling capital cities and the beautiful cave ecosystems, it can often feel like the average player would never be able to see everything the game has to offer. Fortunately, over the years Skyrim has been tracked by millions, being practically clean pick up Of any secrets you ever had.

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This list will make the most of that. Whether it stands out for its beauty, its traditional implications, or its distinctive character, this list will run through the most fascinating locations in the colder climate of Tamriel.


10/10 fallow cave

Location: Southeast Skyrim, Northeast Riften

The outskirts of Skyrim tend to remain largely unexplored by most players due to the obnoxious invisible borders that plague the game. This is unfortunate, as many of the most interesting areas in the entire game are found in these parts! Fallowstone Cave is one of those places.

The most immediately noticeable aspect of the cave is that it is extremely large. The high ceilings and open air are a real breath of fresh air from the usual dark, cramped cave systems of Skyrim. The cave is so big that there are practically entire forests growing on it! Of course, we can’t forget about the bears. Fallowstone Cave could have the most bears per square foot of any area in the entire game, so be sure to come prepared!

9/10 Bloated Man’s Grotto

Location: North of Falkreath, South East of Rorikstead

The Puffed-up Man’s Grotto is a place where many players will find themselves early in the game, due to its proximity to Riverwood. Their Awesome The waterfalls, lush caves, and incredible loot make it an exciting place to visit no matter how much progress you make in the game.

If you’re feeling adventurous, keep an eye out for three different hidden chests in the area! You might even meet him legendary Bolar’s Oathblade sword.

8/10 Markarth

Location: Skyrim western border center

Seeing one of the game’s major cities on this list might seem inappropriate, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. the extreme verticality of the city makes it a sight to behold, and it’s hard to deny the beauty of such a structure hidden deep in a valley.

Markarth’s lore is truly fascinating, and players can get a taste of it simply by exploring the city. Just be sure to watch your step on those catwalks.

7/10 ancestor’s glade

Location: Directly east of Falkreath

Ancestor Glade is an incredibly impressive area. A giant, lush cave with unique foliage makes it truly amazing to find. The area is so impressive that it has served as an alternate starting area for some of Skyrim’s biggest mods! Note however that Ancestor Glade is only available in the Dawngaurd DLC.

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The cave is home to a giant cherry tree in bloom, which might be the only one in the entire game. You’re going to want to take screenshots of this one.

6/10 Karstaag Castle Ruins

Location: northwest coast of Solstheim

It’s a great shame that Karstaag Castle Ruins are overlooked by most players. This giant, icy cave is not only amazing to look at, but it is also home to what can be themore difficult boss fight throughout the game! Unfortunately, this site is only available to those who own the Skyrim Special Edition or the Dragonborn DLC, as it is located in the coastal country of Solstheim.

Take the threat of the boss fighting inside seriously. Those who come ill-prepared will not stand a chance against the frost giant.

5/10 Frost Troll Strikes Back

Location: Bleakcoast Cave, southeast of Winterfell

one of the most well loved Easter eggs in Skyrim are found in Bleakcoast Cave. Enthusiastic gamers familiar with the Star Wars movies will be able to see a hilarious recreation of one of the opening scenes of The Empire Strikes Back.

A Frost Troll can be seen guarding a body hanging from the ceiling, having dropped a glowing sword found on the floor below. This is a direct reference to the scene where Luke Skywalker is captured by a Wampa, a creature that closely resembles the Frost Trolls of Skyrim.

4/10 Azura’s Star Cave

Location: The quest can be started at Azura’s Shrine, on top of the mountain south of Winterfell.

When ranked by sheer distinction, Azura’s Star Cave is unrivaled. Resources seen here are not used anywhere more in Skyrim, making it much more beautiful. However, players who wish to see this area for themselves will have to work for it, as this requires full completion from Azura’s Star quest line.

It can be activated by talking to a woman named Aranea Lenith, who spends most of her time at Azura’s Shrine. In the end, players will be rewarded with not only a amazing sight, but also with Azura’s Star itself. The item allows players to collect souls. Without restrictions for the entire duration of the game.

3/10 throat of the world

Location: South East Whiterun, you can’t miss it, can you?

This list wouldn’t be complete without one of Skyrim’s most notable locations, the Throat of the World. Noted in Elder Scrolls lore as the highest point of everybody from Tamriel, the mountain peak offers a breathtaking view of Skyrim.

For those who love Easter eggs, look for a spike stuck into the stone at the top of the spike. The tool is called “Notched Pickaxe” in direct reference to Notch, the creator of Minecraft. If you’re going to attempt to climb to the top, make sure you take a horse!

2/10 black scope

Location: Deep in Skyrim, accessible via Aftland South West of Winterhold

Blackreach is somewhat infamous among Skyrim fans. The reason is that it is one of the most beautiful places in Skyrim and, at the same time, incredibly unpleasant to walk through. The deep cave is home to enemies that are far above the player’s level by when the player usually gets there in the main quest.

Furthermore, extremely sad the lighting makes it a pain to get through as it is so big and confusing. All things considered, though, it’s still an incredible sight to behold, especially after dungeon-crawling ancient dwarven ruins for hours!

1/10 forgotten valley

Location: Accessed through Darkfall Cave, north of Markarth

Another stunning location only available in the Dawngaurd DLC, Forgotten Vale is one of the most exciting areas in the game to explore. The area is home to so many fascinating Locations that are best left to the player to experience for themselves!

Just make sure to keep an eye out for those ice cliffs! Two dragons hide between them, waiting to burst out and ambush the player without notice.

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