10 Most Annoying Kid Heroes In Comics


There’s nothing worse than picking on hero kids. Not only can they make a book worse, but they also make things difficult for the heroes. Throughout the history of comics, writers have introduced child heroes in books in which all the characters were adults. These characters were meant to give the child readers someone to relate to, or change the dynamic by making the hero responsible for raising a new generation.

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Sometimes this idea worked, like with Dick Grayson or Tim Drake, two of the coolest Robins. These characters became breakout stars who could carry comics on their own. But when a child hero was annoying, it ruined the book’s chemistry or showed that even heroes had a limit to their patience.

10/10 The cyclone makes most of the heroes he meets uncomfortable.

A bubbly sixteen-year-old who struggled to make friends, JSA fans never had a problem with Cyclone, but the Justice Society was a different story. Because Cyclone had spent much of her life alone, she didn’t know how to interact with the people who really wanted her close to her.

Cyclone would hammer everyone on the team with countless questions that she never allowed them to answer. She ran a Justice Society fan club at her school and spoke without listening for so long that they all deserted her. Even on the team, most people never wanted to talk to Cyclone again once he met them.

9/10 Damian Wayne is hard to adapt for any hero

Damian Wayne has seen tremendous growth in the years since his introduction. When he first appeared, he was a petulant brat that no one in the Bat-Family liked. It’s true that he had some of the worst parents of any DC hero, but that’s no excuse for his actions. Damian began by beating up Alfred and assaulting Tim Drake.

After that, Damian got into a love-hate relationship with Stephanie Brown by constantly insulting her. Although Bruce welcomed him, even Bruce found him so annoying that he ended up yelling at him, saying that he was “disrespecting his sensei”. Fortunately, in the years since then, Damian has made massive changes and is at least tolerable.

8/10 Alpha refused to accept the responsibility that came with her powers.

Alpha was meant to be Spider-Man’s teenage sidekick. His inclusion would freshen up a title that didn’t add new characters often. The problem was that no one wanted him around. Alpha gained cosmic-level power within the Spider-Man comics, but he was nothing like the titular hero.

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Unlike Spider-Man, Alpha refused to take on the responsibilities that come with being a hero. There is a reason this character no longer exists. Alpha was nothing but trouble for Peter Parker, and before he was alone, Alpha lost his powers and faded into darkness.

7/10 The DEO orphans took some time away from the other Titans members.

The DEO orphan characters were introduced during the titans vol. 1 in the early 2000s. Because the Titans were all adults, DC wanted a group of new heroes who could be the next generation. The Titans rescued a group of superpowered orphans who stayed in Titans Tower for most of the 2000s. titans run.

However, the DEO orphans were inexperienced with their powers and caused the Titans more trouble than anything else. Worse yet, they took too much time from the Titans’ stories, causing the heroes to waste a lot of time taking care of them.

6/10 Jason Todd Was So Nasty That Fans Voted To Kill Him Off

These days, the Red Hood is one of the most popular members of the Batman family, but that wasn’t always the case. In the ’80s, Jason Todd started out as a copycat version of Dick Grayson until his character was later rebooted. crisis on infinite earths. Jason’s “new” self became considerably more upset.

Jason Todd was more vocally disrespectful to Batman, often going against his orders. Although this behavior made him popular as the Red Hood, when he was a teenager, it only made him a headache in and out of the comics. Todd became so upset that DC Comics readers called a hotline to have him killed. DC finally brought Todd back, but even now he’s better as a villain than an anti-hero.

5/10 Rick Jones is the reason the Hulk exists

Rick Jones’s status as a hero is due in no small part to his hanging out with heroes. He spent so much time with them that the Avengers eventually made him an honorary member. For a while, Jones even donned the original Bucky Barnes costume.

In Rick’s early years, he was nothing but trouble. In fact, Rick was the reason the Hulk exists, as Bruce Banner rushed to the rescue of Rick Jones and got caught in the blast radius. Afterwards, Rick followed the Hulk out of guilt, but his antics only caused Banner more trouble.

4/10 The Cyclone Kids followed Ma Hunkel causing trouble

In the Golden Age, comics were allowed to be a little dumber than they are today. So a superhero like Red Tornado could be a mother with a pot on her head and a costume made of long johns. However, this goofy aesthetic didn’t make the Cyclone Kids any more tolerable.

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The Cyclone Kids were Ma Hunkel’s daughter and her close neighbor friend, who had their own makeshift costumes. Still elementary school kids, the fact that they tried to tag along with Red Tornado made them a liability and potential victim. Fortunately, they rarely encountered truly dangerous threats.

3/10 Misfit refuses to listen to orders and endangers the people around her.

Misfit was an honorary member of the Gail Simone era Birds of prey, and one of its most polarizing members. He had a habit of constantly getting into trouble with other heroes and a seemingly natural ability to avoid the consequences of his actions.

The Birds of Prey had reluctantly taken Misfit in because they knew she had no one else. However, Misfit’s habit of ignoring people’s orders resulted in the deaths of many innocent people in Metropolis. Misfit’s only saving grace was that she meant well and had a desire to inflict “Dark Vengeance”, but that could only take her so far.

2/10 Danny Chase was not liked by all the members of the Teen Titans

Danny Chase became a rarity in comic book history: he’s a superhero that no one tried to bring back after his death. He joined the Teen Titans after they worked together to save his parents. However, despite the fact that the team supported him as friends, Danny was always ungrateful.

Danny Chase saw himself as more important than the team and was constantly making decisions that put the rest of the Teen Titans in jeopardy. Despite his powers, the team rarely brought Danny along, making him the annoying childish sidekick, who wasn’t even helpful.

1/10 Bombshell simply existed to cause friction between the Teen Titans.

Bombshell is a Ravager with superpowers. She was meant to be the teenage Captain Atom, but she didn’t have the time that Captain Atom had to develop. Part of this was due to how Bombshell was introduced: he was an unsuccessful member of the Teen Titans during the One Year Later era.

Upon her return, Bombshell betrayed the Titans by working with Deathstroke, making her even more difficult for Titans fans to like. Despite this, she Bombshell never felt that she had much character depth and seemingly existed to cause friction in the team.

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