10 MCU Villains Who Love Being Evil


the villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe They vary in complexity. Although many of the villains were criticized for being poorly written or one-note, many of the more recent entries have managed to feature villains that are compelling or just plain fun to watch. But of course, the characters that fans like to watch are the ones that also have fun.

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These villains revel in their horrific deeds, show little remorse, or deliver shocking brutality that stands in stark contrast to the hero’s morals. Naturally, the audience doesn’t support these villains or what they do, but seeing characters who are so evil lose in the end is immensely satisfying.

10/10 Agatha Harkness was the only person in Westview who was truly happy.

when it was introduced in Wanda VisionAgatha seemed to enjoy playing the part of the nosy neighbor. She would alter the events within the curse for her own benefit. She wanted to get closer to Wanda and better understand her magic. She even got a front row seat when she played on Wanda’s emotions with a fake Pietro, and she didn’t hesitate to threaten Wanda’s children.

Agatha’s unique musical number also showed a wicked delight in the manipulation, and she was eager to admit that she was the one who killed Sparky.

9/10 Ultron wanted all life exterminated

In Avengers: Age of Ultron, Tony Stark and Bruce Banner created Ultron to protect Earth from alien threats. However, looking at the history of the Earth, he considered humanity as the greatest threat to the planet. He quickly developed a god complex and considered himself the next step in evolution.

Ultron’s arrogance grows in And yes…? when he manages to get the new body instead of Vision. It delights in eradicating all life until the entire universe is empty. Although he called this destruction his duty, he enjoyed the entire process and was annoyed when there were no more lives to take.

8/10 The collector was greedy and took what he wanted

The Collector in the primary universe is a man who enjoys collecting things and treating his servants terribly. His worst qualities are highlighted in And yes…?. In this part of the Multiverse, with Thanos no longer posing a threat, the Collector replaced him as the most threatening villain in the universe.

The Collector constantly wanted new additions to his collection, including people. He had many items at his disposal, such as Captain America’s shield and Hela’s helmet. Accumulating so many things made him so powerful that he believed he could get his hands on anything he wanted.

7/10 Hela loved the thrill of battle and conquest

Odin made Hela his executioner when they conquered the Nine Realms. He grew up on the front lines of bloody battles and grew to enjoy the slaughter. She couldn’t understand why her father stopped her conquest, and after mercilessly eradicating Valkyrie, her father locked her up.

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Hela felt that inheriting the throne was her right and ruthlessly killed anyone who did not accept her rule. when she appeared in Thor: Ragnarök, she wiped out the Asgardian army. She regretted losing potential soldiers, but she admitted that she missed battles like this.

6/10 Zemo wanted revenge for his family

Zemo was a resident of Sokovia prior to the events of Captain America: Civil War. He only became obsessed with revenge against the Avengers after losing his wife and son in the Battle of Sokovia. He remembered that his son was excited to see Iron Man and remembered promising his family that they would be safe. If it wasn’t for the Avengers, the event would never have happened.

Zemo used Bucky Barnes to drive a wedge between the group and succeeded. He was left with a sense of satisfaction, though he did have some regrets that he expressed to Black Panther. However, he accomplished what most villains couldn’t and was satisfied with his work; he would have taken his own life if Black Panther hadn’t intervened.

5/10 Iron Monger enjoyed Tony’s suffering

Obadiah Stane posed as a friend of Tony Stark in Iron Man. She was envious of Tony’s booming success at a young age and wanted to steal everything from him. She worked with the Ten Rings, selling them weapons and even plotting to kill Tony. When Tony returned, Obadiah cut him off from the company and even admitted it to his face.

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Stone planned to make his own suit after seeing Tony as Iron Man and nearly killed Tony multiple times. When he ripped out Tony’s arc reactor and fought him in his Iron Monger suit, Obadiah was absolutely delighted.

4/10 Loki was a manipulative trickster for most of his life.

Tagged as the God of Mischief, Loki always enjoyed playing tricks on others. Many of these stunts had surprising brutality, like when he stabbed Thor when they were kids. He would happily take out his frustrations on his brother, in particular, by manipulating him and faking his own death several times.

Loki was just as cruel to Odin, using him and the Frost Giants to pose as a hero, even throwing Odin into a retirement home before usurping the throne. He enjoyed the power and attention that he believed he deserved.

3/10 Yellowjacket happily tried to crush anyone in its path

Darren Cross was obsessed with duplicating Hank Pym’s Ant-Man suit. He believed that it would be a revolutionary weapon. He had low morals, killed those who questioned him, and even came close to killing Hank. He was happy to offer the technology to the members of HYDRA, mainly because it wasn’t what Hank wanted.

When Ant-Man destroyed Cross Technologies and Cross’s research, Cross became enraged and vengeful, going after Scott Lang’s daughter. He was fully prepared to kill her just for the sake of revenge on her.

2/10 Thanos enjoyed the battle and revenge

Thanos may not see himself as a villain, but he did enjoy his murderous crusade. After the fall of Titan, he vowed to kill half the population of each planet so they wouldn’t experience the same shortage of resources. He showed a more sadistic side when he was in battle, a side that he really liked to take down enemies like the Hulk.

Thanos’ views became more twisted in avengers endgame. Instead of saving lives as she originally intended, she planned to end all life and replace it with a life that would show her gratitude. She even claimed that her killing was never personal until she met people on Earth. She said that she would even enjoy killing them.

1/10 Ronan the accuser willingly killed by Thanos

Ronan was fiercely devoted to the Kree, feeling that his people were above all others. That’s why he despised the peace treaty with Xandar. To destroy them, he made a deal with Thanos, invading worlds and killing innocents for him. Despite hating his own submission to Thanos, Ronan enjoyed the bloody work.

In Guardians of the GalaxyDrax remembered Ronan’s joy when he murdered his family. Ronan even smiled with delight as Peter grabbed the Power Stone and suffered agonizing pain.

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