10 Marvel Heroes Who Are Nothing Like Their Names


Many superheroes from the Marvel Comics pantheon chosen names that completely go well with their type or abilties. Spider-Man does no matter a spider can. The Hulk is a big, smashing brute. Squirrel Girl talks to squirrels. Ant-Man shrinks and talks to ants.

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The proper identify is necessary to a superhero’s identification. It ought to adequately inform the story of who they’re and what they’re all about in only one or two phrases. Some Marvel heroes, nevertheless, have names that inform an incomplete and even deceptive story. Many have grow to be cultural icons regardless of this, however there’s nonetheless a shocking variety of superheroes whose names simply aren’t correct.

10/10 Nomad Wasn’t A Man Without A Country

In Captain America (Vol 1) #176 — by Steve Englehart, Sal Buscema, Vince Colletta, Linda Lessmann, and Artie Simek — Steve Rogers determined he may not characterize the United States. He’d witnessed rampant corruption throughout the U.S. authorities, and it left him disillusioned.

Leaving the position of Captain America behind, Steve Rogers adopted the identification, Nomad. A nomad is outlined as a person with out a nation. While Rogers was not formally representing the United States as Captain America, his additional adventures as Nomad happened throughout the nation and for the good thing about its residents.

9/10 Adam Warlock Was Enchanted With The Wrong Name

Adam Warlock is without doubt one of the cornerstones of the Marvel Universe’s cosmic historical past, instrumental within the traditional story The Infinity Gauntlet and its subsequent sequels. As a hero, Adam helped save all creation from Thanos. As the villain Magus, he almost introduced the universe to its knees. However, Adam is not a warlock.

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A warlock is basically a male witch, they usually typically take care of spells, incantations, and sorcery. While Adam Warlock’s powers are decidedly otherworldly and even perhaps religious — given his connection to the Soul Stone — neither he nor his skills are mystical in nature.

8/10 Elektra’s Name Should Come With A Complex

Elektra Natchios was the daughter of a Greek diplomat and noticed her beloved father gunned down in entrance of her. In the aftermath, she turned to a lifetime of bounty looking and contract killing earlier than touchdown a job because the Kingpin’s chief murderer. Elektra ultimately turned to the facet of proper and fought alongside Daredevil.

While well-trained in martial arts, it appears Elektra wasn’t as well-versed in historical mythology. The Electra of Greek fable was principally recognized for killing her mom as a result of she craved a higher share of her father’s consideration. Elektra would possibly’ve had parental points, however matricide wasn’t amongst them.

7/10 Iron Man’s Name Is Clunky

The armor Tony Stark wears in his guise as Iron Man is without doubt one of the most iconic superhero costumes of all time. However, apart from the unique Mark I armor constructed by Tony and Ho Yinsen, the go well with’s major materials would not comprise iron.

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Over the years, the Marvel comics have different when it comes to the go well with’s precise composition. However, pure science suggests that straightforward iron would not be robust sufficient to endure the quantity of punishment Iron Man has taken since his first look in 1963.

6/10 Nightcrawler Should Worm His Way Out Of His Name

Nightcrawler is a mutant with the ability of teleportation and was a defining member of the All-New, All-Different X-Men when the revamped crew debuted in 1975. Lovingly nicknamed the Elf by his teammates, Kurt Wagner grew to become one of many defining X-Men of his era.

However, Nightcrawler’s identify is derived from that of a worm generally used as a fishing lure. Most worms do not seem like devilish blue elves, nor have they got the power to teleport. Additionally, neither Nightcrawler nor his skills bear any resemblance to that of a worm.

5/10 Jubilee Has Nothing To Do With Anniversaries

The late Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her platinum jubilee, celebrating 70 years on the British throne, shortly earlier than her passing in September 2022. A jubilee is principally a particular anniversary celebration. Jubilation Lee, who carries the X-Men codename of Jubilee, is an adolescent who creates lumikinetic vitality blasts that resemble fireworks.

Fireworks and jubilees would possibly generally go hand-in-hand, however they do not should. Not each celebration comes with fireworks, making Jubilee’s identify solely partially correct. In current years, Jubilee has drastically matured since her time with Generation X, taking up motherhood and a instructing job on the Xavier Institute. Nowadays, partying is not a part of her repertoire.

4/10 Silver Surfer Isn’t Silver And He Isn’t A Surfer

The Silver Surfer helped outline Marvel’s Silver Age when he confronted the Fantastic Four because the Herald of Galactus. Imbued with the Power Cosmic, Norrin Radd traveled the universe on his surfboard because the Silver Surfer, one other cornerstone of the cosmic Marvel Universe.

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While Silver Surfer’s mode of transportation is a flat board, it would not require waves of any form to maneuver. The board merely strikes on the Surfer’s will. Silver Surfer’s pores and skin, created by Galactus primarily based on considered one of Radd’s childhood fantasies, is shiny and reflective, giving it extra in widespread with chrome than silver.

3/10 The Avengers Have A Cool But Inaccurate Name

By definition, to avenge is to inflict hurt on somebody in return for an damage they inflicted on another person. As an instance, the crux of the Punisher’s conflict on crime is to avenge the deaths of his household.

To that finish, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, the Avengers, aren’t actually attempting to avenge something or anybody. While in search of justice is actually a part of the mission assertion, most of the Avengers’ most thrilling missions are centered on defending the individuals of Earth, extra so than visiting justice on any given perpetrator.

2/10 Rocket Raccoon Isn’t A Raccoon

Raccoons are mammals which are native to North America. Since, North America is a continent on the planet Earth, by extension, raccoons are native to the planet Earth. To put it merely, Rocket Raccoon is not a raccoon.

While the smallest however fiercest troublemaker among the many Guardians of the Galaxy would possibly look precisely like a raccoon, Rocket is from the planet Halfworld within the Keystone Quadrant, deep within the far reaches of area. There might be a rationale behind Rocket’s full identify in a future, can’t-miss Guardians of the Galaxy story. Until then, Rocket has nothing in widespread along with his identify, aside from seems.

1/10 Daredevil Doesn’t Take Chances

Daredevil is the final word street-level crime fighter within the Marvel Comics Universe. As the superhero protector of Hell’s Kitchen, Daredevil is understood for his lack of sight, his different heightened senses, and his acrobatic and preventing expertise. In his daytime guise as protection legal professional Matt Murdock, he is earned a popularity as a unbelievable lawyer.

One factor Daredevil is not recognized for, nevertheless, is recklessness. Typically, daredevils are cavalier people who do harmful stunts for thrills and pleasure. While not an excellent tactician, Daredevil is much from an impulsive particular person. When Daredevil groups with different heroes, he tries to maintain them. When preventing solo, he takes care to guard himself and others whereas battling evildoers within the discipline.

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