Since he debuted in Fantastic Four #48, by Stan Lee, Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, and Artie Simek, Galactus at all times had a herald to seek out new worlds for him to devour. The Taa-an’s most well-known herald was Silver Surfer, a younger astronomer named Norrin Radd who requested Galactus to spare his planet, Zenn-La, in trade for serving him. However, Silver Surfer wasn’t the one Marvel character to function Galactus’ herald.

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Others like Terrax the Tamer, Gabriel Lan, and Nova took on the fateful place. Some wielded the Power Cosmic for a strong period of time, and others had for only a second. Whether willingly or compelled by Galactus’ evil hand, some heralds proved extra stunning than others.

10 Sabretooth Briefly Wielded The Power Cosmic

Created by Chris Claremont and John Byrne, Victor “Sabretooth” Creed was initially often known as probably the most harmful X-Men villains. However, his ethical alignment started altering slowly and steadily all through the years. Earth-295’s Sabretooth turned a hero whereas, sarcastically, utilizing Galactus’ Power Cosmic.

During Exiles #88 — by Tony Bedard, Paul Pelletier, Rick Magyar, Wil Quintana, and Dave Sharpe —Sabretooth and the staff ended up on Earth-552, an alternate universe the place Galactus protected Earth from a villainous model of Silver Surfer. In order to cease him, Sabretooth requested Galactus to show him into his herald after which used the Power Cosmic towards Silver Surfer. When Galactus supplied him the chance to remain and serve him, Sabretooth selected to return to the Exiles.

9 Spider-Man’s Aunt Fed Him Twinkles

By coincidence, Aunt May ended up sitting subsequent to Franklin Richards within the circus in Marvel Team-Up #137 by Michael Carlin, Greg LaRocque, Mike Esposito, Bob Sharen, and Joe Rosen. Galactus tried to show the child into his subsequent herald, however Franklin deflected his energy in direction of Aunt May, remodeling her into Golden Oldie.

When Galactus ordered Aunt May to seek out him some meals, Franklin gave him a bundle of Twinkles, which the villain beloved. In order to fulfill Galactus, Aunt May needed to acquire all of the Twinkles on this planet. When this wasn’t sufficient, Golden Oldie launched him to Dough Boy, who turned his new herald, cooking planets for Galactus to eat.

8 The Silver Surfer’s Wife Got His Job In An Alternate Universe

When Norrin Radd volunteered to turn out to be Galactus’ herald, he did it so Galactus would spare his world and his lover, Shalla-Bal. On Earth-8327, when Galactus returned to eat Zenn-La after Silver Surfer betrayed him, Shalla supplied to turn out to be his new herald.

Unfortunately, when Norrin returned to Zenn-La, Galactus had taken Shalla’s reminiscences, so she did not acknowledge him. In the top, Shalla returned to her life on Zenn-La, whereas Silver Surfer regained his position as Galactus’ herald, separating this vital Marvel couple as soon as once more.

7 Dazzler Didn’t Want To Be Galactus’ Herald In The Beginning

What If? #33 — by Dan Fingeroth, Mike Vosburg, Jon D’Agostino, George Roussos, and Diana Albers — takes place in Earth-8207, the place Allison Blaire, aka Dazzler, turned the Galactus’ herald. Following the occasions of Dazzler #11 (by Dan Fingeroth, Tom DeFalco, Frank Springer, Vince Colletta, Don Warfield, and Joe Rosen), Galactus punishes Terrax for his riot, banishing him to the black gap.

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Needing a brand new herald, Galactus forces Dazzler to tackle the place, and the hero accepts solely to avoid wasting Earth. Funnily sufficient, she and Galactus type a bond, so he finally frees her. Unfortunately, when Dazzler returns to Earth, she discovers a post-apocalyptic wasteland, and he or she chooses to return to Galactus for the remainder of her life.

6 Iron Man Tricked Galactus To Defeat Him

In the episode “Guardians and Space Knights” from the primary season of Avengers Assemble, Tony Stark surrendered himself to Galactus and willingly turned his herald. Receiving the Power Cosmic drastically altered his armor, which took on a darkish yellow aesthetic.

Unsurprisingly, Iron Man’s alliance with Galactus was only a ploy to destroy him. Once he’d earned Galactus’ belief, the hero guided him in direction of a planet with an unstable uranium core. This successfully put Galactus to sleep and stripped Iron Man of his Power Cosmic talents.

5 The Hulk Became The World Breaker On Earth-10223

What If? World War Hulk #1 by Mike Raicht, Lucio Parrillo, and Jeff Powell — gave the World Breaker a brand new origin. After turning into the one survivor of the Skrull invasion, a heartbroken Hulk summoned the Silver Surfer so Galactus would eat Earth-10223. The Silver Surfer complied and determined this was the top of his run with Galactus.

Bruce Banner agreed to work as Galactus’ new herald in trade for erasing his reminiscences of his misplaced family members. After this, the Hulk turned the World Breaker. Although epic, remained probably the most heartbreaking Marvel tales.

4 A What If? Issue Teamed Galactus With The Fantastic Four’s Mailman

What If? #34, by Bob Budiansky and Rick Parker, is a 1982 anthology of weird, ridiculous histories inside the Marvel Universe like “What If The Fantastic Four were Bananas?” “What If Black Bolt got the hiccups?” or “What If Willie Lumpkin were Herald to Galactus?”

In this final story, Willie Lumpkin, the lovable mailman of Baxter Building who began as a joke, turned Galactus’ messenger. This story featured him delivering a letter from Galactus to the Fantastic Four utilizing a glowing mail sack. Since this was largely a joke challenge, Willie did not get to flex his talents with the Power Cosmic.

3 Frank Castle As The Ghost Rider Offered Galactus His Planet

After putting a cope with Mephisto, Frank Castle turned the brand new Ghost Rider. When Galactus arrived on Earth on the lookout for Thanos, Frank supplied the useless Earth in trade for his assist getting revenge on Thanos. After Galactus made Frank his herald, they roamed the universe, turning into legends.

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Unfortunately, their society ended when Thanos decapitated Galactus in Thanos #16, by Donny Cates, Geoff Shaw, Antonio Fabela, and Clayton Cowles. After this, Thanos supplied Ghost Rider the possibility to maintain punishing evildoers via the multiverse, which he accepted. Unsurprisingly, Frank’s loyalty did not final lengthy.

2 Daredevil, Spider-Man & Jessica Jones Worked Together For Galactus

Secret Wars Too #1, by Jonathan Hickman, Brian Churilla, and a number of other different creators, is a metafictional comedian about Hickman himself after he pitches Secret Wars and meets totally different Marvel characters in actual life. In this weird collection, Galactus is a meals blogger who guidelines Hell’s Kitchen’s Kitchen, a website in Battleworld.

Earth-76173’s Spider-Man, Daredevil, and Jessica Jones work as Galactus’ heralds. Of course, given the joking nature of this collection, these heroes are barely evil. Instead, they spend the entire challenge attempting to reconnect the Wi-Fier for Galactus to replace his weblog.

1 The God Of Thunder Worked For Galactus On Earth-717

Thor the God of Thunder was Galactus herald in 2005. On Earth-717, What If: Thor #1 — by Robert Kirkman, Michael Avon Oeming, Val Staples, and Dave Lanphear — follows a universe the place Thor accepted to turn out to be Galactus’ herald to avoid wasting Asgard. Unfortunately, Thor’s absence allowed Loki to betray his household, so Thor needed to return.

In order to cease Loki, Thor allowed Galactus to eat the ruins of Asgard, conscious that Asgard wasn’t a spot, however its individuals. After saving his family and friends, Thor returned to Galactus as a result of he understood he might reduce the villain’s injury across the universe. According to the comedian, he was by no means seen once more.

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