10 Marvel Characters Who Deserve A TV Special Like Werewolf By Night


The MCU has become a giant of superhero media in the modern age. From the popularity of the Avengers to characters like Black Panther and Shang Chi becoming household names, the franchise has a habit of bringing both the bigwigs and the unknown unknowns into the universe. But not every character can fit well in a solo movie or TV show.

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werewolf at night is the current Phase 4 show, being the first special on Disney Plus to feature a Marvel character who was not introduced to viewers. The horror-focused one-shot now opens the door for Marvel to experiment more. The possibilities of the MCU making shows based on different genres or allowing for characters that wouldn’t fit into the main series are now open to new creatives and fans who want something new.

10/10 Fin Fang Foom could bring the Kaiju fights

Before Marvel became famous with the world of heroes, they were once associated with several diverse titles like romance, adventure, and of course horror. Most of the monsters created were gigantic freaks of nature that sought to destroy the world or rule it. While most of these creatures were forgotten, one of them, created in the early 1960s, became the king of the monsters, the dreaded Fin Fang Foom.

While fans wished they had seen him in the Shang Chi movie, there is hope for a resurrection. With the popularity of movies like Godzilla vs. Kong, Marvel could dive into a giant monster story centered around Foom and other monsters vying for control. A one-off fight could be a fun experience (even if it’s two guys in monster suits).

9/10 Red Wolf would let the West ride again

One genre that has wavering popularity is the Western genre. But in the 1950s, Marvel was really thriving. Since cowboy tales feel out of place, especially in the modern MCU, there would be some that can stand on their own.

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One of those characters is Red Wolf, a Native American outlaw in the Midwest who fights against injustice. He, along with other unsung Western heroes, could show the possibility of bringing Western storytelling to the superhero genre, allowing for an interesting mix of themes. Marvel can keep this genre alive by testing the waters with heroes of the Old West relying on skill and ingenuity instead of magic and science.

8/10 Squirrel Girl could go crazy in a solo story

With the popularity of Guardians of the Galaxy Y She-Hulk: Lawyer, Marvel proved that not all characters should be taken seriously all the time. However, not every quirky character fits the mold of a movie or a show. The character of Squirrel Girl has tried to make her way into the MCU, but with the cancellation of the New Warriors show, cameos have been regulated.

With a special, fans could finally meet Doreen, her misadventures usually too outlandish and pointless for most superhero fans. Plus, her connection to Ms. Marvel could see the two teaming up for a little adventure for fans young and old of the character, allowing Marvel to go wild.

7/10 Sleepwalker allows for more experimental stories

from netflix The Sandman managed to bring to the screen one of Neil Gaiman’s prolific comic book series. With its success, Marvel could, if they chose, adapt their own version of Dream through Rick Sheridan, who unleashes the enigmatic Sleepwalker, the protector of the dreamlike Mindscape, in his sleep.

With Sleepwalker, Marvel can try to plunge into the world of dreams, if only for a short time. With Rick tied to the monster, viewers can see how their relationship prevents both of them from fully living their lives; one trying to live as a teenager, the other trying to keep reality under control. An intriguing idea for anyone willing to stay awake to watch.

6/10 White Fox brings Asian mythology to international espionage

A recent addition to the world of Marvel, White Fox has started to make a name for himself among other well-known heroes. Originally from South Korea, she is the last of the Kumiho, a race of shape-shifting foxes. She uses her abilities as a government agent, working as a super agent.

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With the rise of Asian influence and the growing cultural roster of the MCU, a special would allow for a new perspective on the world of superheroes internationally. It can also derive from other popular Asian media, such as filming the special as a K-drama, showing their way of life to a mass audience.

5/10 Howard the Duck dives into the surreal

Established in the MCU, Howard the Duck has served only as an Easter Egg character, appearing in the background of other projects. While fans may long for a movie, its theatrical outing, while considered a cult classic, was a box office flop, leaving studios weary of the gross miss.

While hints of a series have circulated over the years, a special could be just the experiment Duck desperately needs. Other characters showed that surreal humor and cynical stories could work within the classic formula. Howard has a chance to reach an audience in the contemporary moment, but for now, he’s still waiting in the wings.

4/10 Killraven would be a fun alternate earth adventure

Space gladiator Killraven hails from a world where aliens took over and used people as slaves and entertainment. After escaping imprisonment, he and other former captives formed a resistance to combat their alien masters and free humanity from his wrath.

A combination of Conan the barbarian Y war of words, a special may give fans a taste of the pulp-style adventure series. With the right team on board, this swashbuckling adventure can be a truly entertaining and visual masterpiece for the MCU, taking a break from superheroes and becoming traditional heroes.

3/10 Power Pack are super powerful brothers

After being granted powers by a dying alien, the Power Kids decide to form their own team, using their newfound abilities to fight crime. While they only made a few cameos in other series and one failed pilot for one show, the kids have an enduring presence that would be great to introduce.

With Marvel trying to establish other young heroes like Kate Bishop and Kamala Khan, a team of young heroes could help introduce the next generation of superhero fans to the MCU. While a movie may seem out of the question, a special could be the gateway for the herd to return.

2/10 Ka-Zar would let the beast out prehistoric style

With the X-men’s arrival in the MCU, fans are finally seeing the combinations they’ve been waiting for. However, not every character in the mutant canon may be a better fit with just a solo title. And who better to play this role than the prehistoric jungle warrior Ka-Zar, lord of the Savage Land?

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Fans of classic series like Tarzan Y the herculoids love to see a lost world full of dinosaurs and other mystical monsters. Here, Ka-Zar could find his place, instead of being a supporting character to other bigger names like Wolverine, which would allow him to be in the spotlight among other heroes, bringing pulp adventures to the MCU.

1/10 An Inhumans Special Could Reinvent A Stain In The MCU

It’s no secret that not every Marvel project is loved or successful from the start. the inhumans were one such project, telling the story of a family of exiled real superhumans and their journey to return home and reclaim their honor. Sadly, the series suffered from low ratings and harsh reviews, ending only after eight episodes. But with Black Bolt’s appearance in the latest Dr. Strange movie, there is evidence of a possible return.

While an entire series might seem unreasonable, a simple one-off story could lift them even higher. Whether focusing only on the royal lineup or popular members like Medusa or Quake, a simple story could do the Inhumans justice and allow them to reintroduce their world in a new light. After all, fans like a good underdog story.

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