10 Jobs You Could Still Do In The Naruto Universe Without Chakra


The world of naruto is packed with venerable shinobi, ninjas who earn money by completing quests for their Hidden Village. These missions often require advanced combat skills, completing deadly tasks, and paying higher rewards for more dangerous tasks. At the end, the shinobi return home to rest.

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Even though the Hidden Villages are built on this foundation of shinobi trade, they still need to function when the shinobi are not home. Normal people keep the town lights on, the water running, and the food on the tables from genin to Hokage. There are various jobs available for anyone who cannot or does not dream of becoming a shinobi.

10/10 The food service industry is booming in every hidden village

The food service industry is one of the largest within the Hidden Villages, as most of its population is constantly hungry due to their intense training (justsu or not). Each town has its special food and various dining options available to try; There are ramen, barbecue meat places, and dumpling shops, among many others.

After returning from long missions, most shinobi are usually too tired to cook. While food is a necessity, good food is a luxury most can afford after completing their missions; Fortunately, the food service industry does not require its workers to put their lives on the line every day just to get their jobs done.

9/10 Florists needed for weddings and funerals

Flowers are commonly used for a variety of reasons within the Hidden Villages; its fragrance, medicinal potency, and use in funeral rites are essential to life in shinobi-centric settlements. Due to the vast forests of Konohagakure, the Yamanaka clan are specialized florists whose shop has been around since the First Hokage’s era.

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The constant funerals that are organized for fallen comrades make stores like Yamanaka Flowers work extremely well. The short life expectancy also results in more weddings; therefore, these great floral requests are fulfilled even by people with less chakra.

8/10 Codebreakers use intelligence to serve the active ninja in their village

The job requirements for shinobi are not based solely on chakra manipulation; the role requires gathering intelligence, thinking critically, and decoding enemy messages. Intelligence is often more important than brute force on the battlefield.

Codebreakers are some of the smartest characters in the game. naruto universe, using his superior intelligence to crack enemy codes and secure sensitive information for his village. Working in large teams, they obediently serve their Kage from the safety of the Village. Even without chakra, these workers help their shinobi counterparts without the need for jutsu.

Tools are in constant demand for shinobi: kunai, shuriken, and paper bombs are essential tools in a shinobi’s arsenal. A plethora of items are often incorporated into combat or as distraction methods for the more powerful characters in naruto.

Since these tools cost money, Ninja tool vendors never have a problem clearing their stock. Those who invent new and unique items stand out from the sea of ​​vendors. As long as they are knowledgeable about the tools that are used in many cases, your salespeople will never have to have seen the battlefield for themselves.

6/10 Carpenters are a must in most hidden towns

The constant Hidden Village wars result in multiple attacks on the villages; these result in devastating damage to the town’s infrastructure, resulting in the need to rebuild. Skilled carpenters are often hired to help restore the structural framework after these catastrophic attacks.

Carpenters are constantly employed both inside and outside the town. While outside carpenters are usually only hired for residential projects, specialist carpenters from each village rebuild internal village structures; Since the only skill required is the knowledge of using a hammer and nails, carpenters get their work done without those pesky chakra restrictions.

5/10 Those with enough perseverance can become Shinobi without Chakra.

As shinobi face constant mortal danger, their jobs require reasonable requirements before a candidate can be considered: combat prowess, intelligence, and chakra capacity. Brute force is also important, as shinobi constantly face each other in battle.

As brute force can overcome inherited abilities, even people without chakra can become shinobi with enough drive and perseverance. The taijutsu style of combat does not require chakra, and those who are willing to work to master it can become shinobi and learn some of the strongest techniques in existence. narutowithout ever performing jutsu.

4/10 Ninja chefs accompany squads on long missions

Shinobi are sometimes sent on missions far from their hometown. These missions in foreign territory can last from weeks to months or years; Spending so much time in the wild makes even the toughest ninja crave a home cooked meal and a warm bed.

Ninja cooks are sometimes sent to accompany these squads to supplement the food portion. They care about the needs of the squad, creating great meals from ingredients they have gathered from the wild. The best of them, like Kosuke Maruboshi, even receive hundreds of requests from shinobi, who want these ninja chefs for their cooking skills, not their fighting skills.

3/10 Politicians are often inexperienced in combat despite controlling soldiers

The Kage are not the only prominent political figures within the Hidden Villages; Leaders such as venerable elders and other politicians help direct the Kage in making decisions for the good of the village.

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Unlike the Kage, who are often the strongest shinobi in their village, other politicians require little to no combat experience to take office. Daimyo, or feudal lords, are ordinary people who lead nations and armies. The village elders also use their considerable experience to influence the Kage’s decision-making, greatly affecting the course of each of their Hidden Villages.

As war is constantly evolving in the shinobi world, so are the tools used to wage it. Ninja tools are a constant necessity in the ninja’s arsenal, as they can mean the difference between life or death for their user. With the introduction of science, the inventors of Scientific Ninja Tool harness chakra to allow others to use it.

Without infusing it themselves, these scientists created Scientific Ninja Tools to become the world’s top arms dealers. Anyone with an inventive mind and an understanding of the basics of the chakras can invent these tools, which allow users to access jutsu and Elemental Release styles that are otherwise unavailable to them.

1/10 A ninja courier only requires speed to complete his job.

Ultimately, a shinobi’s primary goal is to gather intelligence from enemy nations to help their leader make informed decisions. This skill is so important that the first test of the Chunin Exam focuses entirely on the candidate’s ability to discreetly gather information; their combat ability, tested in the second phase of the exam, keeps them alive long enough to return home and successfully deliver the information.

Ninja messengers are solely responsible for delivering this information to the receiving party. They train exclusively to develop their speed and endurance, ensuring their ability to run without stopping until their message has been delivered. While chakra certainly helps ninja messengers in this line of work, it is by no means a requirement.

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