10 Horror Tropes We Still Love


Horror movies continually adjust their tropes to suit the interests and climate of the decade in order to stay fresh. Some trends, like the giant monsters of the ’50s, fell out of favor and became niche favorites for most of their history, while others, like the slasher killer, continually found relevance.

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No matter how many times the horror genre evolves, some old and even archaic tropes will remain. This is not just due to the nostalgic obligation of the filmmakers; these clichés and conventions shaped the horror genre into what it is today. That, and they still manage to get a fun scare or two out of horror newbies and veterans alike.

10/10 Legacy sequels are getting better

Legacy sequels and soft reboots can be contentious topics, but there’s no denying their financial success and popularity with their proponents. The horror genre saw its fair share of late sequels in the late 2010s. Even to the surprise of the most dedicated fans, these legacy sequels were better than expected.

by hulu hellraiser Y Prey revived their respective franchises after long periods of inactivity, and Blumhouse’s Hallowe’en trilogy was a box office success. Even something as polarizing as Netflix. The massacre in Texasit was successful and popular enough to warrant a sequel. Fans can expect more legacy sequels to come out soon.

9/10 Period horror movies are a growing trend

Horror movies set in the past are nothing new, but they have gained prominence in recent years. For example, The lighthouse Y The witch are two of the most revered period horror movies. Also, historical horror movies captured the public’s interest in the recent past.

That is, the magical universe‘s movies took place between the 50s and 80s, the black phoneoccurred in 1978 and IT’SThe first half of is firmly set in 1988. All of these films were box office hits and benefited from the nostalgia of the audience. Period horror movies set in a more familiar past are slowly becoming the next horror trend.

8/10 B-series horror movies are still in fashion

Cheesy and colorful movies are usually seen as relics that had to be outgrown. The horror genre is one of the last places where this unapologetic style is still celebrated and welcomed. This mostly has to do with horror never forgetting its niche roots, even if it gained some legitimacy thanks to “elevated horror”.

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Day shift, studio 666, Y werewolf at night are just a few of the many recent schlocky movies that have found love among horror fans. The most well-known champion of the horror camp is Rob Zombie. Even if movies like House of 1000 CorpsesY the monsters are acquired tastes, Zombie’s signature style will never go out of style in the fandom.

7/10 Teen Horror is a fun and important gateway to the genre

Horror movies have always been kind of a niche outsider. No horror subgenre encapsulated this better than the teen horror movie. Unlike their more “mature” counterparts, teen-focused horror movies didn’t take themselves too seriously, prioritizing morbid entertainment above all else.

movies like bodies bodies bodies, the happy death day duology, tragedy girls, and more are not just irreverently funny; are important gateways to the horror genre. These movies are the introduction to horror for many younger viewers, continuing the legacy of the entertaining teen slasher movies of yesteryear.

6/10 Horror movies about curses are still scary

Curses are one of the most universal horror stories. The mere thought of an evil presence spreading from one person to another is enough to scare anyone. Curse horror movies never stopped being popular and only became more popular and relevant in the age of internet and other technological advances.

For every old-fashioned movie about curses like Goodbye man, keep going either Smile, there is a modernized equivalent. movies like Truth or Dare, no friends, and the V/H/S The anthologies updated the classic curse by using the Internet to spread them. As a result, the premise of a curse is still just as terrifying as it was in the past.

5/10 Old-fashioned ghosts and hauntings still scare fans

The ghost story is one of the earliest forms of horror fiction out there, but it tends to come in and out of style. Movies about haunted houses and demonic possession faded after their heyday in the 1970s, but this demise was temporary. In the 2010s, the ghostly subgenre made a comeback thanks to The spell series and more.

Insidious Arguably started this resurgence, but it really took hold when The spell it became a billion dollar franchise. Since then, The spell expanded with more old school ghost movies like Annabelle Y the nun Similarly, the genre found new life through successful spooky dramas, like the one on Netflix. The curse of Hill House.

4/10 Gory Kills never loses its novelty and terror

Gory deaths and visceral depictions of violence are an integral part of horror movies. Gore and torture alone don’t guarantee a good horror movie, but when used correctly, they give audiences the best and most unforgettable nightmares.

terrifying 2, for example, it’s a low-budget splatter movie, but it became one of the biggest horror movies of 2022 thanks to word of mouth. Some spectators fainted during scary 2 screenings, and this convinced more people to see the sadism of Art the Clown. scary 2 is just the latest example of a gorefest finding its passionate audience.

3/10 An iconic horror killer will always find a fanbase

Recently, Esther from the Orphan films and Pearl from Ti West’s horror trilogyX, Pearl, Y xxxine, they became horror icons. Meanwhile, Jigsaw of the saw movies remains the undisputed horror legend of the 2000s. This is just the latest iteration in the horror fandom tradition of finding the next horror icon.

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The idea of ​​a horror icon may seem timeless, but it only came about in the ’80s. This was the golden age of slashers, and the villains of these movies became stars. Slasher villains like Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, and more dominated the genre for decades, but the next generation of horror stars are finally getting the attention they deserve.

2/10 Self-Aware Horror Movies Are Still Relevant

Regardless of the genre, meta-storytelling can feel oversaturated today. However, the self-aware brand of horror is a true original that will always have its fans. For example, The cabin in the woods Y ScreamThe belated sequel to proved that breaking the rules and conventions of the genre is always a good idea.

after original Scream exposed the unspoken rules of the genre and brutally subverted them, horror movies were never the same. This led to a tidal wave of self-conscious horror movies, where the killers and victims knew they were in a movie. Although this trend slowed down after the early 2000s, it never really went away.

1/10 Slasher Victims Strike Back

Horror movie victims and “final girls” who fight off killers and sometimes win are so commonplace these days that it’s hard to remember when their archetype was truly revolutionary. Despite this, horror fans still love it whenever a would-be victim finds the resolve and ingenuity to turn the tables against an unstoppable monster.

This was part of 2018 Hallowe’en the appeal of rebooting, and was the goal of subversive slasher movies like The Strangers: Prey in the Night Y You are the next. More recent, Preythe legacy prequel PredatorHe earned high praise for pitting the Predator against the seemingly weak but strong-willed Comanche warrior, Naru.

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