10 Horror Sequels That Are Better Than The Original


Sequels, particularly horror sequels, typically get a foul popularity. If a film is nice sufficient to warrant a sequel, it signifies that subsequent movies have lots to stay as much as. While many sequels are unhealthy, sometimes an Empire Strikes Back or The Dark Knight comes round and proves that the primary movie is not at all times the very best.

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Horror film sequels have an fascinating benefit over their unique movies. Many horror franchises are born from a novel thought, however the unique movie would not execute it in addition to it might. This leaves room for sequels to enhance upon the system and turn out to be the superior movie.

10/10 Jason Lives Is Quintessential Friday The thirteenth

Friday The thirteenth Part VI: Jason Lives

When followers consider Friday the thirteenth, they consider Jason in a hockey masks and murdering a wide range of camp counselors. In fact, it is not till Friday the thirteenth Part VI: Jason Lives for that to truly be the case. In the films earlier than that, the franchise was nonetheless discovering its identification.

In the primary Friday the thirteenth, the killer is Jason’s mother, and Jason would not even get his iconic look till Friday the thirteenth Part III. It is not till Jason Lives that the collection lastly brings collectively all the weather in a single movie. It additionally has one of many best strains of any horror film when a younger camper asks his buddy, “So, what were you going to be when you grew up?

9/10 The Purge: Anarchy Showed Audiences The Real Purge

The Purge Franchise

When The Purge got here out, it felt like a waste of an fascinating idea. Despite the distinctive dystopian setting, the film itself largely performed out like a typical residence invasion film and the idea of the Purge – one evening the place all crime is authorized – felt extra like an excuse to not simply have the characters name the police.

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The sequel, The Purge: Anarchy, appeared to understand that audiences have been curious to know in regards to the wider results of the lawless evening.It follows a number of characters who cannot afford to stay in a home with superior safety programs as they attempt to survive the hellish evening. The sequel made probably the most of its setting and gave audiences a significantly better thought about how the common American was affected by Purge nights.

8/10 Candyman (2021) Had A Clearer Message Than The Original


1992’s Candyman positively tackled some fascinating concepts surrounding race in America. The movie facilities on Helen, a personality the movie makes use of to critique white individuals who fetishize individuals of colour and wish to act as a savior for them. However, the message of the film wasn’t utterly clear, and a few audiences selected to only view the movie actually.

In distinction, 2021’s Candyman consists of specific depictions of police brutality within the film, going as far as to make use of the tragic killing of Breonna Taylor as inspiration for a plotline. While the unique film additionally had fascinating social commentary, the brand new Candyman making it extra specific made the movie really feel extra poignant to a wider vary of viewers.

7/10 Dawn of the Dead Helped Define A Genre

George Romero’s Dead Series

George A. Romero is taken into account the creator of the trendy zombie. Though Night of the Living Dead was the primary time audiences could be launched to this new film monster, it wasn’t till its 1978 sequel, Dawn of the Dead, that the style would actually begin to come into itself.

Dawn of the Dead options quite a lot of tropes that zombie fiction nonetheless attracts from. The biker gang within the movie reveals how individuals who use tragedy as an excuse for violence are way more harmful than the senseless undead, an concept that has permeated many zombie movies since. Set in a mall – a brand new idea on the time – Dawn of the Dead additionally used its zombies as social commentary on the character of senseless consumerism.

6/10 Prey Adds Depth To Predator

The Predator Franchise

The unique Predator ​​​​​​is certainly a basic film with nice particular results and a few actually wonderful motion sequences. However, the film would not actually have lots happening moreover cool motion and a novel monster. Its characters are largely simply Eighties cool guys with barely various appears and character quirks.

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Prey would not really feel like a Predator film as a lot because it seems like a very good film that occurs to have Predator in it. Audiences actually get an opportunity to attach with Naru on a private stage, and they’re invested in her survival. She can also be a personality that experiences development within the film, not only a huge buff man that sprays bullets round till he dies.

5/10 Troll 2 Is So Bad It’s Classic

Troll 2

The most memorable factor in regards to the first Troll film is that its primary character is called Harry Potter and director John Carl Buechler is satisfied J.Okay. Rowling stole the title from him. The movie itself is boring and would seemingly by no means even be talked about once more if it wasn’t for the improbable practice wreck that’s Troll 2.

Troll 2 is such an amazingly unhealthy film that it has earned the designation as “Best Worst Movie.” Adding to only how epically unhealthy the movie is, Troll 2 would not have any trolls in it. The monsters are goblins.

4/10 Evil Dead II Introduced The World To The Concept Of “Spook-A-Blast”

The Evil Dead Series

The Evil Dead was an incredible horror movie and actually confirmed off Sam Raimi’s creativity. While there’s some darkish humor within the first film, it is not fairly the Evil Dead that followers got here to like. Instead of being a secure and repetitive sequel, Raimi utterly modified the course of the collection Evil Dead II.

Evil Dead II made full use of main man Bruce Campbell’s comedic chops, creating a way more humorous film than the primary. Ash grew to become an icon, going from a bland horror protagonist to having a chainsaw for a hand and spouting tacky one-liners. Evil Dead II additionally allowed Raimi to actually dig into his idea of “Spook-a-Blast;” films that blend horror and slapstick comedy for a very enjoyable expertise.

3/10 Dream Warriors Is More Than A Creepy Concept

A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

Freddy Krueger is among the most iconic horror villains on the market, and whereas A Nightmare on Elm Street is an efficient film, quite a lot of Freddy’s recognition comes from the film’s idea greater than its execution. With the lore of the collection firmly established, A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors was capable of give audiences a greater movie within the Elm Street world.

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A Nightmare on Elm Street 3 took the concept of a dream-based killer and used it to present the primary characters of the movie energy. Instead of passive youngsters ready round to get slaughtered, the titular Dream Warriorsdeliberately journey into their desires to attempt to defeat Freddy. Where the unique film is the standard slasher system with a enjoyable facelift, the third film makes probably the most out of the concept.

2/10 Hellraiser (2022) Focuses On What Audiences Care About

The Hellraiser Franchise

Clive Barker’s unique Hellraiser is an efficient horror film, however it may even have been higher with out its most iconic ingredient. The creepy and mysterious Cenobites put the Hellraiser collection on the map, however within the first film, they’re merely teased with the main target being on Julia killing individuals for Frank.

The latest Hellraiser movie, additionally titled Hellraiser, primarily on the Cenobites and their puzzle field, so audiences get sufficient of what they got here for. At the identical time, it would not stray too far into the collection’ deep lore, permitting the movie to be accessible to new followers.

1/10 Jason X Embraces The Franchise’s Silliness

The Friday The thirteenth Series

Friday the thirteenth is an fascinating collection as a result of just about each film is best than the unique. The collection began out as a reasonably lackluster slasher that was in critical want of discovering its personal identification. Friday the thirteenth is at its greatest when it embraces the truth that audiences are simply there to observe Jason carry out gory and artistic kills, and Jason X delivers.

Jason X is ready each sooner or later and in area, which already gives it with quite a lot of alternatives for enjoyable set items. The ridiculousness of the film is dialed as much as 11 when Jason is rebuilt by superior expertise and turns into a futuristic homicide machine. It’s a praise to say this sequel went off the rails as a result of the unique established some fairly boring rails.

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