10 Horror Movies That Would Make Great Anime


There are plenty of horror movies out there with memorable scares, suspense, and monstrous villains. Although they vary in quality, these horror movies have gained a lot of fans. However, the movies have the potential to attract more fans with anime remakes.

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horror movies like a nightmare on elm street they have designs and art that can benefit from the medium of animation, recreating old-fashioned special effects with advanced technology. Anime remakes can also dive deeper into the villains psychologically, creating new stories that examine the motivations and personalities of the horror monsters.

10/10 Chucky can control toys and machines in the remake of The Child’s Play

While the original Child’s play still a classic Child’s play (2019) introduced hilarious ideas for his version of Chucky. Chucky’s ability to control other toys leaves potential for unique gimmicks and storytelling for an anime.

an anime Child’s play (2019) can have his Chucky control Japan’s various machines, robots, and artificial intelligence, referencing the country’s technological progress and showing the dire possibilities of a single entity controlling it all. The anime may also illustrate a stronger telepathic friendship between Chucky and Andy, drawing inspiration from Child’s play (1988) the “Blood Buddy” concept.

9/10 Halloween (2007) delves into the past of Michael Myers

Hallowe’en (2007) took a radically different approach from the original and delved into villain Michael Myer’s past. Although the creative decision is frequently criticized, the film was a fun exploration of what made Michael Myers a serial killer.

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An animated version of Hallowe’en (2007) could also focus on Michael Myers’ past. However, the anime may focus more on Michael’s evil and cruel nature, combining aspects of the 1978 original. Hallowe’en with elements of the remake. Such an anime would be a unique inclusion in the Hallowe’en franchise.

8/10 A Nightmare on Elm Street uses the helplessness of nightmares

a nightmare on elm street (1984) remains a beloved film for its creative direction and use of nightmares. The villain, Freddy Krueger, plays on the inevitable impotence of nightmares; everyone has to sleep, and when one is asleep, he is trapped in his dream, especially when Freddy Krueger is there.

an anime a nightmare on elm street (1984) is able to use the medium of animation to his advantage, creating advanced and terrifying visuals that simply can’t be done in live action. The anime may also focus on the subconscious fears of the Freddy Krueger victim, playing on common fears and social pressures in Japan.

7/10 An anime may focus more on Pamela Voorhees starting on Friday the 13th

Pamela Voorhees from Friday the 13th he’s a well-known figure in horror, but his character hasn’t developed as much as other horror villains. An anime can explore Pamela’s past and show how she ended up becoming a serial killer.

An anime can take creative liberties with the Friday the 13th franchise, creating a story that follows Pamela Voorhees from start to finish. Her story can be immersed in her bond with her son, Jason Voorhees, as well as Pamela’s relationship with her parents and husband. The story makes the audience sympathize with Pamela as she fears the kind of villain she is becoming.

6/10 An anime version of The Thing may use animation to make the alien even more twisted

Many people love John Carpenter The thing for its enormous amount of suspense and horror, as well as its amazing special effects for the alien monster. An anime can achieve similar results with advanced animation, making every part of the alien monster feel alive.

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A high-budget animated version of The thing he can animate every part of the Thing and have the camera focus closely on its torn, chameleon-like skin and distorted bones. The anime can make the creature’s assimilation ability more puzzling and twisted, scaring a new generation of The thing fans.

5/10 The Evil Dead would be a fun challenge to remake as an anime

sam raimi the bad death It remains beloved for its groundbreaking cinema, creative special effects, and Bruce Campbell as the iconic Ash Williams. the bad death It showcases Sam Raimi’s mix of humor and comedy, which would be interesting to see in an anime format.

an anime the bad death It would be a fun challenge for the animation team, working to incorporate Sam Raimi’s style of comedy-horror. The anime team can use expressive animations and designs to breathe new life into the original monster designs and play with camera shots and angles that are reminiscent of Raimi’s filmography.

4/10 The silence of the lambs dives into the psychology of its characters

The silence of the lambs he is critically acclaimed for his portrayal of serial killers, particularly Hannibal Lecter. The film delves into the psychological insights into what can motivate a serial killer, which is a fascinating element for an anime.

an anime of The silence of the lambs can be a psychological thriller and a complex character study, similar to the show Monster. an anime The silence of the lambs can combine aspects of the different books and movies in the Hannibal Lecter franchise, creating an overarching story that follows the serial killers, their victims, and the police.

3/10 The Gate has an otherworldly feel and memorable scenes

the door is a supernatural horror movie with scenes and monsters reminiscent of dream scenes in the a nightmare on elm street Serie. However, the special effects in the door they’re a bit old now, and the movie isn’t likely to scare older audiences.

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A new anime version of the door you can use animation to create a darker, more haunting feel for all audiences. Monsters and effects can be given stronger designs and animations, to make them feel more real to viewers. The anime can also be darker and goreier, reaching new horror and horror audiences who have already seen the original film.

2/10 freddy vs jason is a fun slasher but could have been a deeper movie

freddy vs jason It was a huge hit at the box office and features a great battle between horror icons Jason Voorhees and Freddy Krueger. However, the film’s story is pretty lackluster and could have delved more into the psychological states of its characters, particularly Freddy and Jason.

An animated version of freddy vs jason can tap into the lost potential of the original, creating a story that focuses on the psychological nuances of Freddy and Jason. Along with new fight scenes, the anime is able to provide a strong character study on what motivates the two assassins, looking at the similarities and differences of the villains.

1/10 A new anime version of Psycho may analyze the relationship of Norman and Norma Bates

Alfred Hitchcock Psychopath is a revolutionary film recognized for its suspense and twist with the characters Norman and Norma Bates. However, many audiences are familiar with the twist now because of Psychopath‘s strong position in pop culture.

To surprise new audiences, a Psychopath The anime can follow Norman Bates from beginning to end, exploring everything from his perspective. The anime can also be set in 1960s Japan, creating a unique setting for Western audiences. The anime team can also be inspired by the Psychopath aftermath and the motel show, mixing the best elements in the Psychopath anime

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