10 Horror Anime That Should’ve Been Hits But Had Impossible Competition


With Halloween just around the corner, many anime fans are looking for spooky titles that fit the spirit of the holiday. While anime has countless exceptionally terrifying horror shows to offer, most of them aren’t as well known as the more popular shonen titles or critically acclaimed drama series. Horror has always been a niche genre in anime, often facing backlash from the community and receiving endless criticism.

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Many cult classic horror shows never got the recognition they deserve. With more and more high-budget, exciting anime series coming out every year, modest and lesser-known horror shows are often overshadowed by their competition. These incredible horror series had the misfortune to come out during exceptionally ruthless anime seasons, standing no chance in the ruthless lineup of much more popular shows.

Under Any Other Circumstances Horror Fantasy Series Dorohedoro would be the over-the-top gore show fans were all watching during the winter 2020 season. The series effortlessly balanced gritty, violent horror with dark humor, drawing audiences into its unpredictable supernatural world of death and danger.

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Unfortunately, Dorohedoro couldn’t compete with the anticipated return of one of sports anime’s most prominent Goliaths: Haikyuu!! Premiering its fourth season with Dorohedorothe famous sports franchise swept away all the competition, leaving this incredible horror series behind.

9/10 Hell Girl couldn’t compete with a much less unique horror series Blood+

the cult classic hell girl is a haunting collection of revenge stories that uncover the unspeakable cruelties of people driven by revenge. Following broken individuals willing to sell their souls for the chance to consider their enemies for an eternity in Hell, the series stands out among the sea of ​​generic horror shows with its clever premise and heavy themes.

Audiences chose a much more simplistic show as the main horror of the fall 2005 season. the ambitious hell girl was overshadowed by blood+a bloody vampire movie that values ​​surprise over compelling storytelling.

8/10 Boogiepop and others couldn’t outshine The Promised Neverland and Kaguya-sama: Love is War

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the publication of the original light novel, 2019 Boogiepop and others it was one of the most anticipated releases for seasoned horror fans. The return of this classic psychological series about the enigmatic Shinigami who guards Shinyo Academy had great potential.

the same season Boogiepop and others released featured too many shows that went down in history as some of the most popular anime of all time. Old-school horror couldn’t compete with hits like The Promised Neverland, Kaguya-sama: Love is War, Y The rising of the shield heroall of which became massive franchises while boogie pop sunk into oblivion.

The Yandere craze was still going strong in 2018, which promised the horror drama. happy sugar life a great success. The show follows an obsessive yandere Satou Matsuzaka on her miserable search for love from a naive girl, Shio.

happy sugar life explored all the horrible and disturbing characteristics of this popular character archetype. However, even such a promising show couldn’t resist the highly anticipated sequels that were introduced in the summer 2018 season, such as Overlord III Y attack on titans season 3 advancement happy sugar life easily.

6/10 School live! Failed against Overlord and Dragon Ball Super

The 2015 summer season treated horror fans to a deceptive yet brilliantly original School live!, an unorthodox series that combined the “pretty girls doing pretty things” formula with a violent zombie apocalypse. Nevertheless, School live! was pushed out of the spotlight by an isekai boom that emerged in the mid-2000s.

The same summer season saw the release of of the overlord anime adaptation, which was massively successful with both established fans of the genre and newer isekai audiences. Likewise, fans looking for something more familiar got dragon ball superanother extremely popular program that compromised School live! ‘ssuccess.

the horror franchise GeGeGe no Kitaro it’s been going strong since the 1960s, receiving multiple successful adaptations and spin-offs over the years. In 2018, old school fans of this supernatural shonen classic were anticipating the return of Kitaro’s adventures in the world of yokai.

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Unfortunately, the return of a different supernatural horror in the form of tokyo ghoul :re gained much more traction than GeGeGe no Kitaro. While the fan consensus on Tokyo Ghoul: Beef quality is generally negative, the series still outperformed all other horror shows of the season in popularity.

4/10 Dusk Maiden Of Amnesia Lost to Kuroko’s Basketball and Hyouka

The horror series with a unique charm. Dusk Maiden of Amnesia is a true hidden gem of the horror genre. The show follows an amnesiac ghost named Yuuko who runs his school’s Paranormal Research Club, investigating the peculiar supernatural mysteries of Seikyou Private Academy.

Cheerful and mischievous, Dusk Maiden of Amnesia it could have been a hit with seasoned horror fans and genre newbies alike. Unfortunately, the community’s attention during the spring 2012 season was focused on other rising stars, such as the sports epic kuroko’s basketball and Kyoto Animation’s magnificent mystery series Hyouka.

3/10 Ayakashi: Japanese classic horror did not surpass Fate/Stay Night

Japanese folklore has a vast collection of culturally unique, intriguing, and terrifying horror stories, which are often incorporated into anime. 2006 anthology series Ayakashi: Classic Japanese Horror attempts to adapt three horror folktales.

ayakashi is highly regarded among hardcore fans of the genre and even inspired another criminally underrated horror anthology, Mononoke. Yet another series rooted in history, albeit much looser than ayakashitook over the charts the same season – Fate stay night. Sadly, a niche horror anthology couldn’t compete with Type-Moon’s massive fanbase.

2/10 Mononoke couldn’t get past Baccano!

Released during the summer of 2007, the visually stunning horror anthology Mononoke it is often confused with a classic Ghibli film with a similar name. However, the disturbing stories of Mononoke they are nothing like the wonderful worlds created by Hayao Miyazaki.

Famous for his unorthodox art style and surreal interpretations of Japanese folktales, Mononokeit was a hit with fans of historical and avant-garde horror. However, the series was too available to top the most popular shows of its season, including Baccano!a fan-favorite action-comedy that blends supernatural thriller with organized crime drama.

1/10 Ghost Hunt didn’t stand a chance against Death Note

Universally recognized as one of the world’s most popular anime franchises, Death Note left no room for competition during the fall 2006 anime season. Even shows as massive as Code Geass Y the gray man struggled to keep up with death notes absurd popularity. So it’s no surprise that 2006’s hidden gem, shoujo horror ghost hunt couldn’t compete with these shonen giants.

Yes ghost hunt had he come out at a less busy time, he would have had every opportunity to take the community by storm. Unfortunately, impossible competition made mass acclaim unattainable for this incredible horror series.

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