10 Healthiest Couples In Action-Adventure Movies


Action-adventure movies are best known for their bombastic effects and grand spectacle. As a result, these movies don’t often put too much emphasis on their romantic subplots. Action-adventure movies can have run-of-the-mill romantic relationships that are rarely inspiring or even interesting.

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In extreme cases, these couples are incredibly toxic and can even detract from the main story. While meaningful relationships in action-adventure movies can be like finding a needle in a haystack, some couples manage to bring relatable characters and wholesome love stories to the big screen.

10/10 Millie and Guy’s relationship defies reality

free boy

Although Guy isn’t technically a living person, that doesn’t make the romance he shares with Millie any less poignant. In free boy, Millie and Guy’s tentative relationship grows stronger as they teach each other valuable lessons about their virtual world.

Millie is initially determined to prove that her Free City code was stolen, but Guy convinces her to enjoy the wonderful parts of the game she’s missing, even if it’s something as simple as having a bite of ice cream. In turn, Millie helps Guy break through his modest innocence and take charge of his own destiny. She forces him to think of himself as more than an NPC and become a major player in his own life.

9/10 There’s nothing cheesy about Roddy and Rita’s romance.


Roddy may be a pampered pet and Rita may be the smartest captain in the sewer, but the two have more in common than they think. her love story in rinsed it shows that two people from different backgrounds can form a meaningful relationship and, in this case, a solid romance.

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Although Roddy is lost in the sewer, Rita helps him navigate his unfamiliar surroundings. She pushes him to realize that spending life with family and friends is better than living in the lap of luxury alone. Likewise, Roddy breaks down Rita’s emotional walls. Together, they discover that the company is more valuable than London’s finest ruby.

8/10 No force is stronger than the marriage of Commander and Jetstream.

High sky

Taking down evil while raising a child isn’t easy, but the Commander and Jetstream make it look like a piece of cake. High sky. Steve and Josie Stronghold are a power couple in every way, working as the best heroes and real estate agents in town.

Steve and Josie work like a well-oiled machine on the battlefield, taking down formidable villains in a matter of minutes. Although they may have their differences when raising Will, both characters remain firm in their values ​​when it comes to what they think is best for their son. Their marriage, while not perfect, is a healthy and down-to-earth example of romance and teamwork.

7/10 Django will stop at nothing to save Broomhilda.

django unchained

Why Quentin Tarantino django unchained Filled with intense violence and horrific historical events, Django’s love for his wife Broomhilda shines bright. Django’s passion becomes apparent during his conversations with Dr. King Schultz, especially when he is fascinated by the origin of his beloved’s name.

Also, Django doesn’t hesitate to go undercover to Candyland, one of the most dangerous plantations in the Deep South, to rescue his wife. His new status as a free man means nothing to him if he can’t have Broomhilda by his side.

6/10 Steve and Diana’s romance is truly wonderful

Wonder Woman

Steve and Diana’s romance feels natural enough to play out anywhere, even in the midst of World War I. Wonder Woman, both characters must trust each other to overcome extraordinary circumstances.

Diana is out of his league once she leaves Themyscira, and it’s up to Steve to show her how to navigate the mortal world. Steve also relies on Diana’s powers to protect him and his comrades as they fight for victory. When they’re not fighting side by side, their quiet moments brim with intimacy and openness. These moments allow them to grow as intellectuals, warriors and people.

5/10 Wade and Vanessa have a surprisingly meaningful romance.

dead pool

wonderfully dead pool it’s a satirical movie, so it’s unexpected and welcome that the two main characters have a deep romance. From the moment they meet, Wade and Vanessa have an undeniable chemistry, which is only enhanced by the way they understand and sacrifice for each other.

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When Wade suffers burn scars on his face, he thinks it’s best to spare Vanessa the heartache and decides to leave. However, Vanessa accepts Wade for who he is as a person without hesitation, regardless of what he looks like. His heartwarming conversations are enhanced by his trademark sarcastic humor, which only adds to his chemistry.

4/10 Will and Elizabeth’s love can weather any storm

Pirates of the Caribbean

In the pirates of the Caribbean franchise, Will Turner and Elizabeth Swan prove that they can overcome any obstacle. Despite their different upbringings, both characters fall in love with each other’s personalities.

When Elizabeth is captured by pirates, Will stops at nothing to rescue her. In later films, Elizabeth learns to fight on her own after training alongside Will. She repeatedly saves him, almost as often as he helps her. The two make an incredible team as they take on both human and supernatural enemies. Even when a curse tries to interfere with their romance, they remain committed to each other through every turning tide.

3/10 Astrid and Hiccup help each other fly

How to Train Your Dragon

Astrid and Hiccup’s love story How to Train Your Dragon The series only gets better with each installment. While the two have undeniable chemistry in the first movie, it’s the way they help each other grow in later movies that really cements them as a legendary couple.

His strength is revealed through difficult conversations about leadership, responsibility and the future. This becomes evident in how to train your dragon 2 when they discuss what Hiccup’s leadership would mean for his people and life as they know it. These characters do not shy away from difficult discussions and, despite their almost opposite personalities, they always come together to find a solution or a compromise.

2/10 Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker have a heartwarming romance

The incredible Spider-Man 2

Gwen Stacey and Peter Parker’s romance is full of love, tragedy and understanding in The incredible Spider-Man 2. Their chemistry is solidified by the passionate performances of Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield.

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While Peter does everything he can to keep his girlfriend safe, he also knows that Gwen’s ingenuity is an essential factor in helping him defeat villains, including Electro and the Green Goblin. Plus, Gwen wholeheartedly trusts Peter to protect her, even when the situation is out of her control. This makes Gwen’s untimely death all the more difficult for Peter to bear, as her confidence remained unshakeable to the end.

1/10 Spencer and Martha bring out the stronger versions of each other.

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

Spencer and Martha may just be awkward high schoolers trapped in a video game, but their developing romance is far from youthful. Although they seem confident jumanji: welcome to the jungle, they still struggle with their own insecurities. When that happens, they are both there to put their partner back together again.

When Martha is embarrassed about flirting with the Jumanji guards as a distraction, Spencer gives her confidence and makes her feel capable and beautiful. In turn, Martha reminds Spencer that she can still be as strong as her avatar in the real world. They serve as a healthy example of a stable romance both in the virtual world and in reality.

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