10 Great 80s Movies Your Mom Has Never Heard Of


The 80s was a wonderful interval for motion pictures of all genres: horror, romance, motion, and many others. While marked closely by the interval’s iconography, slang, and trend, an unlimited array of those Nineteen Eighties film sensations stay related right this moment. Movies resembling Pretty in Pink, Top Gun, and Dirty Dancing are referenced in trendy movies and tv reveals due to their impression on Gen X, however what about these motion pictures that slipped underneath their radar?

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Many unbelievable motion pictures filmed within the Nineteen Eighties didn’t garner the success they deserved, whether or not due to promoting points, an odd material, or simply being forward of their time. Whatever the rationale, these unknown movies deserve an opportunity to shine.

10 The Darkest Teen Movie Of All Time (River’s Edge)

Given the variety of stars stuffed into this teen drama, it’s a surprise that extra individuals haven’t heard of it. Starring Keanu Reeves, Crispin Glover, and Dennis Hopper, River’s Edge ought to have been an prompt sensation.

Referred to by some critics as “the darkest teen movie of all time,” River’s Edge is a bleak take a look at small-town teenage life and morality. The movie begins with the homicide of a teenage lady and the way the assassin’s associates grapple with the information. While actually a far cry from hottest teen motion pictures, River’s Edge is an intriguing take a look at the darker aspect of being a teen, and tackles themes resembling alienation, morality, and neglect.

9 Cult Horror Is Often The Best Horror (The Changeling)

The Changeling tells the story of a music professor struggling the sudden lack of his spouse and little one, and his relocation to a big, haunted manor. As he investigates the haunting, he begins to uncover a horrific thriller, the roots of which go frighteningly deep.

Despite its underground standing, The Changeling is taken into account among the best horror movies of all time. An wonderful instance of a Gothic horror movie, The Changeling’s haunted home, class criticism, and grotesque crimes completely illustrate the hidden darkness of society. With homages paid in more moderen horror motion pictures resembling The Others and Insidious, any horror fan can be remiss to disregard such a hidden gem.

8 A Psychological Look Into The Director’s Psyche (Possession)

Possession is director Andrzej Żuławski’s solely English-language movie, starring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani. Although it has turn out to be a cult basic and demanding darling within the years since its launch, the movie was a business flop. Fortunately, the world’s eyes have opened concerning Żuławski’s masterpiece.

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The movie follows the connection between a global spy and his spouse, who begins behaving as if possessed after asking for a divorce. The movie is a primary instance of a psychological horror – full of screams, disturbing imagery, and confusion. Possession is completely horrifying. It might even mirror Żuławski’s personal divorce, which he was within the strategy of on the time, proving itself to be actually psychological in its essence.

7 Forbidden Intimacy In Early 1900s England (Maurice)

While British cinema was an abject failure for a lot of the 80s, a saving grace was Merchant-Ivory, a writer-director pair well-known for his or her interval dramas. A Merchant-Ivory movie might be relied on to be lovely, romantic, and tender, all staples of the trendy interval romance. Despite their recognition, their 1989 movie Maurice managed to slide under the radar.

Maurice is a coming-of-age movie following a younger man named Maurice in early 1900s Britain. He finds love with numerous suitors, and confronts his homosexuality in an period the place such a factor might get him arrested. The movie is attractive, tender, and breathtakingly intimate, unafraid to point out love stripped all the way down to uncooked feeling.

6 A Beautiful Tragedy About Innocence (Grave Of The Fireflies)

Studio Ghibli has been behind quite a few profitable animated movies, with My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki’s Delivery Service popping out within the Nineteen Eighties. However, one in every of its movies by no means fairly reached these widespread peaks regardless of being arguably essentially the most poignant.

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Grave of the Fireflies is a Japanese struggle tragedy following two younger siblings struggling to outlive in Japan throughout World War II. After their mom dies when their home is bombed, Seita and Setsuko are despatched to their aunt’s residence to reside. However, when their aunt turns into resentful, the 2 youngsters determine to strike out independently. Filled with tragedy, siblinghood, and a heartbreaking take a look at innocence, Grave of the Fireflies deserves each reward.

5 Twins Are Tied Too Closely Together (Dead Ringers)

While David Cronenberg has gained exceptional cult standing lately, likelihood is most individuals nonetheless don’t know him – a lot much less his movies. Cronenberg, identified for his sexual, bloody horrors and thrillers, touts the nickname “King of Venereal Horror” proudly. Dead Ringers isn’t any exception to the Baron of Blood’s frighteningly bodily filmography.

Following a pair of dual gynecologists, each performed by Jeremy Irons, this psychological thriller investigates the twins’ odd relationship with girls. One twin, Elliot, seduces girls after which provides them to the opposite twin, Beverly, when he tires of them, the ladies oblivious to the substitution. However, when Beverly grows connected to at least one girl, issues start to spiral uncontrolled.

4 Vampires Meet Americana (Near Dark)

Compared to the recognition of The Lost Boys, Near Dark is like an unsightly vampire film stepchild. While each gained cult followings and demanding success, The Lost Boys commercially soared, whereas Near Dark flopped. Despite its lack of recognition on the field workplace, nonetheless, Near Dark is a refreshing tackle the idea of vampires that viewers is not going to need to miss.

Near Dark tells the story of a younger teen from Ohio who’s forcibly turned and welcomed right into a touring household of vampires. Directed by Katherine Bigelow, Near Dark is an thrilling mix of the vampire and neo-western genres. Beautifully shot and full of humor and horrifying scares, Near Dark ought to by no means have flown underneath the radar.

3 An Absurdly Comedic Look At Capitalism (Brazil)

Brazil is an absurdist British black comedy set in a dystopian future, and is usually considered by the British as one in every of their biggest movies of all time. Starring an ensemble forged that includes Robert De Niro, the movie was a fantastic success in Britain, solely to finish up a monetary flop in North America.

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Brazil is a satirical take a look at bureaucratic society and the economic world. The movie follows a low-ranking bureaucrat, Sam, as he tries to seek out the lady he’s been seeing in his goals. Working a low-paying job and residing in a world that depends on dysfunctional, ridiculous machines, Sam acts as a mirrored image of the viewer, asking audiences to contemplate the issues of their society.

2 This Dating Horror Story Takes The Cake (After Hours)

Despite widespread movies Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy being tucked underneath Martin Scorsese’s belt, his 1986 movie After Hours didn’t attain the identical recognition ranges his earlier movies did. After Hours obtained excessive reward for its darkish comedy and performances, however such reward solely led to eventual cult standing – the movie itself was a field workplace failure.

The movie, a black comedy, follows an abnormal knowledge entry employee as he goes to fulfill a woman he met in Soho that night for a date. What follows is the worst evening of his life. Full of journey, a wry humorousness, and a hard-to-predict plot, After Hours is a movie that ought to by no means have been missed.

1 Whimsical, Charming, And Wickedly Witty (The Tall Guy)

Richard Curtis is known for guiding widespread romantic comedies resembling Notting Hill, Four Weddings and a Funeral, and Love Actually. Before these classics, nonetheless, got here The Tall Guy, a movie that, regardless of its reward from critics, by no means fairly made it within the field workplace.

Starring Jeff Goldblum and Emma Thompson, The Tall Guy is filled with clever humor and an enthralling forged of characters. The movie follows a comedic actor, Dexter, as he seeks out an answer for his unhealthy case of allergic reactions. He shortly falls in love along with his nurse, Kate, and misadventure abounds. Whimsical and endearing, The Tall Guy deserves far more love and a spotlight.

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