Now that The Sandman has turn into one of many largest streaming exhibits of the 12 months, extra eyes than ever are on His Darkness Dream of the Endless, the titular Sandman. As the anthropomorphic illustration of desires and the inventive impulse, Dream is immensely highly effective. Comic readers have seen him cope with a couple of god over time. He will be killed, however it takes greater than most godlike beings within the waking world can muster.

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There are loads of highly effective gods in Marvel and DC Comics that Sandman would finish in the event that they confronted him. The battles between Sandman and these cosmic beings could be grand and spectacular, however the ending would by no means be doubtful.

10 Loki Would Be Easy Picking For The King Of Dreams

Loki is Marvel’s God of Mischief who has had a profound impact on the Marvel Universe. He battled probably the most highly effective heroes and introduced the Avengers collectively. His magical would possibly far outstrips his bodily energy, however he can punch it out when he must. He’s a harmful foe, however Dream would not have any downside with him.

Dream had dealings with the Loki of the DC Universe, so he is aware of what to anticipate from Marvel’s. Magic can impact Dream, however Loki would not know any magic that will because the Endless do not exist within the Marvel Universe. Gods are prone to Dream’s energy as a result of people created them, and Dream is the final word expression of the inventive impulse.

9 The Celestials Wouldn’t Know How To Deal With Dream

The Celestials are feared and revered all through the Marvel Universe. The cosmic giants have been a key a part of spreading life and have huge cosmic energy. Their outer shells are close to impregnable and most foes would somewhat face something apart from a Celestial. As highly effective as they’re, they’d have a no clue the best way to cope with Dream.

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Celestials are nice in opposition to the varied mortal and immortals of the universe as a result of they know what they’re manufactured from. Dream is an anomaly to them as a result of he is not a residing being. He may lure them inside their very own minds and make them destroy themselves.

8 Dream Is Used To Dealing With Demons Like Trigon

Trigon is a robust demon lord in command of his personal infernal realm. He’s attacked the Earth a number of instances, usually in pursuit of his daughter, Raven. Trigon is a particularly harmful being who has not often been defeated with brute drive. As highly effective as he’s, although, he is no match for Dream.

There’s just one satan that Dream is terrified of and that is Lucifer. Trigon is nowhere close to Dream’s degree. He’s nonetheless technically a mortal being, which suggests his thoughts and desires are open to the Sandman’s affect. Morpheus may hole out Trigon’s thoughts if he wanted to, ending him shortly and effectively.

7 Korvac Has Godlike Powers, But Is Still Only Human

Michael Korvac’s powers dwarf these of many nice Avengers villains. Korvac’s close to all-powerful would possibly has allowed him to destroy the Avengers a number of instances. Korvac even killed and resurrected the group. Korvac’s energy has challenged the best heroes within the Marvel Universe, however Dream would not be daunted by him or his powers.

As godlike as Korvac seems, he is nonetheless a human being, making him prone to Dream’s powers. Korvac could not assault Dream until the Endless let him and even that will be futile. Dream may put Korvac to sleep and lure him in his personal desires with no potential to flee.

6 Mephisto And Dream’s Mystical Powers Clash

Mephisto is one more Satan retread in comics, utilizing his huge energy to trick mortals and steal their souls. Pure souls are Mephisto’s obsession, and he’ll go to nice lengths to get them. As highly effective as he’s, Mephisto has been crushed by far weaker heroes, so he would not have a hope in opposition to Dream.

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Dream would snicker at Mephisto since anybody who copies Lucifer so blatantly would amuse him. From there, Dream has a number of strategies of coping with Mephisto, however he would go together with the best: ship Mephisto to the precise Lucifer. Mephisto, a wannabe satan, would face judgement by the hands of DC Comics’ true satan, and Dream would barely should do something.

5 The Anti-Monitor’s Power Would Have No Effect On Dream

The Anti-Monitor has the best physique rely in comedian guide historical past. His anti-matter powers allowed him to devour total universes, and his bodily would possibly was sufficient to defeat all however strongest superheroes. As highly effective as Anti-Monitor is, he isn’t prepared for the form of combat Morpheus would put him by way of.

Dream is not manufactured from typical matter, so Anti-Monitor’s anti-matter power would haven’t any impact. Dream would additionally by no means combat Anti-Monitor on the villain’s phrases. Dreams nonetheless have energy over the Anti-Monitor, so Morpheus would use that to his benefit. Beyond his stable exterior, the Anti-Monitor’s thoughts could be putty to Dream.

4 Molecule Man Would Be Easily Defeated By Dream

Molecule Man challenged the Fantastic Four like few others may. Able to utterly management molecules, Molecule Man is a god in human type. He’s the one being who may rival the Beyonder and his energy turned Doctor Doom right into a god. While he is a really potent being, the truth that he is human makes it unimaginable for him to beat Dream.

Molecule Man’s powers conceal an inferiority advanced. He’s somewhat simple to control. Dream would be capable of enter his thoughts and create the right lady for him. Dream may both make this lady actual or use her to lure Molecule Man in his desires and let him starve to demise.

3 Galactus’ Mind Is Weak

Galactus is not fairly a villain as a lot as he’s a drive of nature, touring the cosmos and devouring worlds. Galactus is a grasp of the total would possibly of the Power Cosmic and has not often been defeated in battle. Instead, his enemies trick him or drive him to flee. However, he would study defeat by the hands of Dream.

Doctor Strange as soon as used a spell that made Galactus share the identical experiences as his victims. If Strange may try this, Dream may do it 1,000,000 instances higher. The Sandman may torment Galactus with the deaths of numerous beings and worlds, destroying the cosmic large from inside.

2 Darkseid’s Rule Would Be Challenged By Dream’s Hope

Darkseid is well one of many Justice League’s deadliest villains. The Lord of Apokolips is all about subjugation. He wishes the Anti-Life Equation; having it could permit him to make each residing being an extension of his will. Darkseid is the alternative of hope, which is why Dream would simply defeat him.

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Darkseid’s standing as a god is the primary strike in opposition to him within the battle with Dream. Beyond that, Dream may simply beat him the identical means he escaped Lucifer: desires are hope. Hope has at all times been the best weapon in opposition to Darkseid and Dream is aware of this. The Sandman may use hope to destroy the God of Evil.

1 Thor Is A Simpleton Compared To Dream

Thor has confronted probably the most harmful threats conceivable. The God of Thunder is a robust combatant. He’s made a behavior of saving all existence, each on his personal and with the Avengers. He’s defeated practically each form of enemy identified to man, however the King of Dreams could be a bridge too far.

While Marvel’s Thor is totally different from the extra mythologically correct Thor in DC Comics, Dream would not have a lot hassle with him. Thor is a really mortal god who sleeps and desires, so Dream would use that in opposition to him. The Sandman may alter the Asgardian’s thoughts and nullify his powers, ending the battle with out ever throwing a punch.

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