10 Glaring Flaws With League Of Legend’s Magical Girl Event


League of Legends‘ Star Guardian occasion was constructed as much as be the largest occasion of the yr. In some ways, it was spectacular. The occasion got here with a brief story, a visible novel, a number of teasers, cinematics, and even an animated music video. A variety of love went into the occasion, with followers praising the music and animation groups. Unfortunately, not each facet of the occasion was spectacular.

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Star Guardian is likely one of the game’s hottest pores and skin traces, as it’s primarily based off of magical women. Fans love the aesthetic, however nonetheless wished one thing new and distinctive. With components of the game crashing and failing to fulfill the expectations for what was meant to be a grand spectacle, many followers felt just like the Star Guardians weren’t achieved justice.

10 The Client Struggled To Give Rewards

In order to earn tokens for enjoying video games, gamers have been required to buy an occasion go. It is essential for gamers to get tokens shortly, because it permits them to see how shut they’re to getting the rewards they need. Since the LOL shopper could not deal with issuing out so many rewards without delay, gamers’ rewards have been delayed by roughly 3 days.

Additionally, gamers needed to play video games to unlock chapters of the story and their hooked up rewards. With the system experiencing these points for weeks, gamers who would have completed the story have been annoyed that they could not entry it. In the worst-case situations, some gamers could not even load the occasion tab.

9 The Event Pass System Didn’t Get Its Promised Changes

In the Season 2022 Dev Video launched by the official LOL‘s YouTube channel, they introduced a serious change to the occasion go system. The Devs promised to vary the go rewards right into a development system just like their different video games by the summer season, however pushed the timeline again just a few months.

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This left gamers with the much-criticized present system, during which the corporate’s mindset is that gamers ought to decide and select rewards, relatively than get all of them. In order to get the rewards they need, gamers should spend lots of or play LOL for dozens of hours. The occasion passes for his or her different video games, together with Legends Of Runeterra and Teamfight Tactics, all use a standard go during which gamers can purchase each reward that comes with the go.

8 They Re-used Assets From Previous Events

What makes in-game occasions thrilling to gamers is when a game brings one thing new to the desk. When LOL first launched a visible novel with their Spirit Blossom occasion, gamers have been excited as a result of it was one thing LOL had by no means achieved earlier than. They would reuse this similar system for the Sentinels of Light occasion, in addition to the Star Guardian occasion.

Players have been much less excited the second and third time round. The featured game mode was Ultimate Spellbook, a mode used within the Sentinels of Light occasion. The crowns in-game turned pink, and extra final spells have been added to the game, however it nonetheless did not really feel like there was any connection to magical women.

7 Some Star Guardians Were Exclusive To Riot’s Other Games

League of Legends: Wild Rift gave unique Star Guardian skins to Senna, Seraphine, Orianna, Xayah, and Rakan. Since Xayah and Rakan’s corrupted types have been launched on PC in 2019, followers have been begging for uncorrupted variations of them. Riot Games did make them, however stored them unique to Wild Rift. PC gamers cannot use these skins.

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Additionally, Seraphine followers have wished a Star Guardian pores and skin for her since her launch. Her bubbly character and colourful aesthetic made her excellent for the pores and skin line, however PC gamers simply have to attend and see if Riot will port the unique skins over to LOL.

6 There Were Too Many New Star Guardians

Previously, every installment of the Star Guardian pores and skin line would have 5 entries. This yr, 14 new Star Guardians have been launched, together with 2 new villains. Rather than merely increasing the universe, having so many Guardians launched without delay made followers really feel thematic exhaustion.

Some champions used within the pores and skin line have been certain to be criticized for not becoming into the thematic. Ekko was subjected to essentially the most criticism, as the brilliant orange and darkish blue colours of his outfit clashed. The hair textures on his mannequin have been additionally uncanny.

5 Many Previous Star Guardians Were Missing

With the give attention to new Star Guardians, the beforehand launched Star Guardian’s fates remained largely unknown. Poppy, Janna, Ezreal, and Neeko did not reappear in any of Riot’s video games.

Lux’s absence was most notable. Lux was the primary champion to amass a Star Guardian pores and skin, and was the sequence’ essential character. The quick tales previous to 2022’s have been all informed from Lux’s perspective. The new characters speak in confidence to her statue, so followers have been fast to make some grisly conclusions about why she had a statue within the first place.

4 Kai’Sa Repeats Lux’s Struggles

In Lux’s journey because the chief of a Star Guardian staff, she struggled to make her staff act as a cohesive unit. Her finest good friend Jinx was considered one of her largest worries, as she did not appear all in favour of being a Star Guardian. When Kai’Sa turns into the chief of her personal group, she goes via shockingly comparable struggles.

She tries to carry her group collectively to coach and bond, whereas her finest good friend, Akali, looks like taking on the Star Guardian oath was a mistake. Making Kai’Sa so visually just like Lux additionally did not assist, as they’re each vibrantly pink. They are so comparable that followers could not inform which considered one of them was within the 2022 teaser trailer.

3 The Rewards Were Issued To All Players

Players should continuously grind video games to get essentially the most worth out of their go. Events final for just a few weeks, and there may be often little time between occasions. Players have been exhausted of the grind earlier than the Star Guardian Event began. The occasion had extra rewards to grind for than different occasions: 10 borders, 11 chromas, and a couple of status skins, all which price lots of of tokens.

Simultaneously, gamers have been grinding to unlock story chapters. Since gamers could not acquire any story development as a result of shopper points, Riot Games unlocked the tales for all gamers. This felt horrible for the gamers who spent ages attempting to unlock all of it.

2 The Battles Were Anticlimactic

Unfortunately, LOL‘s visible novel had some limits when it got here to its storytelling. Although it had extremely intimidating villains, these villains appeared to go down very simply. Although some minor animations and sound results have been added to simulate preventing, gamers didn’t get to see the precise fights or perceive how hard-earned they could have been.

There have been additionally a while constraints when it got here to the story, because it was informed in a mere 5 chapters. The Star Guardian universe has a lot depth that followers have been nonetheless left with a whole lot of questions after finishing the visible novel.

1 The Trailers Created False Expectations

The first teaser for the occasion was a trailer referred to as Return To Valoran City. The title alone made it really feel just like the occasion would carry again the Star Guardians who lived there, bringing one thing new but nonetheless enjoying on participant nostalgia. Players assumed that

Lux can be on the heart of the story as regular, however would quickly discover her absence jarring.

In the official occasion trailer, it confirmed bits and items of the visible novel. Each time it appeared, the textual content was accompanied by voice-overs. These voice-overs can be absent within the precise game.

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