10 Funniest Characters In Mob Psycho 100, Ranked


From Reigen Arataka to Musashi Gouda, Mob Psycho 100 is crammed to the brim with hilarious characters that make everybody break up their sides. Although the anime can also be filled with intriguing storylines that incorporate engaging drama in addition to dazzling motion, its major attraction has all the time been its entertaining and amusing characters.

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All of those characters are distinctive and have the potential to attraction the viewers in their very own manner. However, some characters find yourself making audiences chuckle extra when in comparison with others.

10/10 Sho Suzuki Deemed His Father’s Plan Embarrassing

How can a boy who considers his father’s plan to attain world domination “embarrassing” not be humorous? Sho Suzuki is the one son of Toichiro Suzuki, the chief of the evil esper group often called Claw. His typical overconfident disposition is not very humorous, however his relationship along with his dad undoubtedly is.

Sho immediately grew to become one of many funniest Mob Psycho 100 characters when he deemed his father’s efforts in the direction of world domination not dangerously threatening however awkward and embarrassing. The boy deduced the extremely hazardous scenario much like his dad exhibiting his child footage to all his pals.

9/10 Red Raincoat Made Everyone Laugh With His Bizarre Personality

Though Red Raincoat was undoubtedly a extremely controversial addition to the amusing characters of Mob Psycho 100, followers cannot deny that he was madly entertaining and hilarious. Whether we speak about his unusual escapes or his hilarious fights with Shinra, he did handle to introduce some weirdly humorous gags within the sequence.

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The character solely stayed for one single episode and was barely featured for a restricted period of time. However, he did nearly definitely go away a long-lasting impression within the hearts of the followers along with his weird persona.

8/10 Teruki Hanazawa’s Ever-Changing Hair Is A Great Running Gag

Teruki Hanazawa is the Sasuke to Mob’s Naruto: he’s Mob’s pal and his biggest rival all on the identical time. In the start, Teruki was very overconfident about his powers and ceaselessly used them for his personal acquire, by no means having to fulfill an esper extra highly effective than him.

However, all of that was earlier than Teruki’s ragingly uproarious assembly with Mob. Although there are a lot of hilarious issues about Teruki that hold the Mob Psycho 100 followers entertained, the perfect attribute to this present day stays his hair — or moderately his wig that flows oh-so-beautifully with the wind.

7/10 Musashi Gouda’s Sky-High Giddy Personality Is Hilarious

The president of the Body Improvement Club, Musashi Gouda is thought to be one of the vital amusing Mob Psycho 100 characters for all the great causes. Although the complete Body Improvement Club is wildly hilarious with all of the Heave-Hos, Musashi stands out essentially the most due to his sky-high giddy persona.

Musashi seems unbelievably constructed and scary on the skin however is considerate and amiable on the within, and this distinction in his disposition has amounted to a number of humorous eventualities within the sequence. But all issues apart, his motivational speeches are the actual chefs-d’œuvre.

6/10 Tome Kurata Is Worth A Bundle Of Laughs

Tome Kurata grabbed the eye of all Mob Psycho 100 followers as quickly as she was first launched because the president of the Telepathy Club. She is enjoyable, she is distinctive, and there is by no means a boring second each time she seems on the display screen.

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There are lots of uncommon issues about Tome which are price a bundle of guffaws, together with her overdramatized stance, bizarre pursuits, and uniquely weird management expertise. Apart from all of that, she additionally drags Mob into ridiculous conditions that result in unbelievably laughable surprises, which provides one other feather to her cap.

5/10 Tenga Onigawara Is Mob Psycho 100’s Poster Delinquent

It’s a recognized proven fact that delinquents within the anime world are normally funnier than most characters. The poster delinquent of Mob Psycho 100, Tenga Onigawara, isn’t any completely different. However, he will be deemed funnier than most delinquents on the market because of a number of causes.

Of course, Tenga checks the listing relating to the common delinquent stuff, together with mindlessly stepping into fights and sustaining a weirdly scary face. But he additionally has different hilarious quirks going for him, like his bizarre handwriting, cute spelling errors, and tendency to mispronounce easy phrases.

4/10 Katsuya Serizawa Is A Fully Grown Adult With A Childlike Personality

Katsuya Serizawa’s oh-so-relatable introvert issues make him one of the vital lovable in addition to the funniest characters in Mob Psycho 100. He is a completely grown grownup however is remarkably harmless and childlike, which regularly will get him into hilarious conditions.

Katsuya is a type of characters who can get effortlessly scammed in a present that options heavy scamming in nearly each episode. To add extra to the bliss, he additionally began working for Reigen Arataka after the World Domination Arc, which accounted for loads of humorous gags which are but to drop within the anime.

3/10 Dimple Has An LOL Personality

Dimple first appeared on Mob Psycho 100 because the chief of the “LOL” group, which was definitely becoming for him given his amusing persona. After dropping to Mob within the Cult Arc, he determined to comply with him round to seek out a gap for possessing his physique. The stunts he pulled to meet that purpose have been nothing in need of hilarious.

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Although he grew to become allied with Mob and Reigen since he spent lots of time with them, his LOL persona remained constant. From his regular banters with Reigen to his cunning efforts centered on world domination, he gave the viewers lots of alternatives to chuckle out loud.

2/10 Shigeo Kageyama Is Always Brutally Honest

From Mob’s halfhearted expressions to his uninterested voice, there are a lot of issues about him which are splendidly hilarious. However, the one component that tops the charts within the hearts of Mob Psycho 100 followers is his brutal but harmless honesty.

Mob has no filter — he simply tells it like it’s, which creates some bizarrely laughable conditions. His consistently placing Reigen in his place, making an attempt to outline his uproarious combat with Teruki as self-defense, and mocking Dimple with such refreshing candor in nearly each episode, are all terrific examples of him being nonstandard and hilarious.

1/10 Reigen Arataka Is A God Of Scamming

Reigen Arataka is at least a god relating to scamming in addition to comedy — not less than to Mob Psycho 100 followers. From his weird particular strikes to his distinctive capability to roast villains by giving them lectures on their life selections, all the pieces about him is price laughing out loud.

Reigen has tricked many individuals to get what he needs within the historical past of the sequence, which is the funniest factor about him. He has conned lots of shoppers with uncommon strategies, he has deceived a complete evil group into believing he was their boss, and on prime of all the pieces, he has misled overpowered espers into considering he’s extra highly effective than them.

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