10 Fantasy Worlds To Turn Into Your Next D&D Setting


Dungeons and Dragons has a whole world of knowledge available for players to explore. There are several officially published and supported campaign setups, and even entire campaigns, for fans to enjoy. However, that doesn’t mean players don’t want to branch out from time to time.

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Although many Dungeon Masters prefer to create original campaign settings based on their own ideas and concepts, others enjoy adapting existing material to use as locations for their tabletop adventures. Although almost anything can be interpreted as d&dWith a bit of work, the fantasy realms still fit the game’s intentions even better.

10/10 Temerant has unique magic and depth of knowledge

Temerant, the world of Patrick Rothfuss’ Kingkiller Chronicles series, you may already have a TTRPG in development. In the meantime, however, his unique approach to magic and absolutely incredible world building are begging to be made into a homegrown creation. Dungeons and Dragons Campaign. Players could take up arms against hordes of invading monsters or pursue more diplomatic goals.

From the complex socio-political underpinnings of the arcane University to the near-post-apocalyptic society surrounding the inn, there are potential plot hooks for groups of adventurers to keep lurking around every corner.

9/10 Hyrule was made to be explored

In the center of The legend of Zelda The franchise has its most common setting: the kingdom of Hyrule. Players have been exploring this mystical and ever-changing realm for generations. Hyrule and its tales already fit the typical archetypes of d&dmaking it easy for table players to do the same.

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The Dungeon Master could choose his favorite The legend of Zelda game on which to base your campaign setting or come up with a fusion of several different versions to create something with the tone and aesthetic of Hyrule that fits the needs of your table.

8/10 Narnia opens the door to greater extravagance

Although the existing worlds of Dungeons and Dragons are not without fantasy, the general tone of their stories tends to be more somber. However, by basing a campaign setting on the realm of Narnia, from CS Lewis’ masterpieces series the Chronicles of NarniaDungeon Masters could make your games a lot more whimsical.

From the chronicles of Narnia the books were meant to appeal to children, even their darkest moments remaining within a realm that younger readers could understand. As a result, a Narnia-inspired campaign could be a great fit for a younger gaming table.

7/10 Kingdom Hearts offers ample opportunities

the history of kingdom hearts The franchise does not take place in a specific world but in a universe of many worlds. Some of its worlds are original and others are based on Disney properties or are home to crossover characters from the Disney franchise. Final Fantasy Serie.

When modeling a campaign setup after kingdom heartsa Dungeon Master could allow his group to explore a wide list of unique worlds and adopt magicianThe boat of ‘s rules travel between them. Additionally, these worlds could integrate other pop culture references, or each could be an entirely new creation.

6/10 Etheria is a world lost in time and space

Not to be confused with its 1980s predecessor, Netflix’s Etheria. She-Ra and the princesses of power it has a deep history and rich lore waiting for adventurers to discover. In an astonishing mix of high fantasy and science fiction concepts, Etheria melds the advanced technology of ancient civilizations with inherent magic and those who learn to use it.

The plot of the campaign could be inspired by the overall story of the show or go into another era of Etheria’s timeline and find out what came before. The possible connections of Etheria with the great universe would be another excellent opportunity to integrate magician mechanics.

5/10 The Middle Lands Are Known For Their Challenging Combat

When elden ring Released in early 2022, it overwhelmed the gaming community, each player competing to take on its intense challenges. elden ringThe Lands Between setting would make an excellent campaign setting for a Dungeons and Dragons game focused on heavy and complex combat.

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The creatures and monsters that lurk in the nooks and crannies of the Midlands would present a challenging fight for any d&d match to overcome. For groups more interested in battle strategy and navigating back-to-back encounters, the Lands Between might be the perfect setting.

4/10 Nirn comes with built-in branch paths

Nirn, the general scene of the elder scrolls series, is bolstered by years of world building and a massive map. Even the most recent entry, Skyrimcontains hours and hours of content that could easily be reinterpreted to work for a Dungeons and Dragons Campaign.

The intricate and far-reaching history of Nirn and its people offers nearly endless opportunities for adventurers to discover. She has a little something for everyone: delicate political interactions, intricately intertwined warring factions, monstrous creatures that need to be slain, and mysteries to solve.

3/10 Middle-earth is a return to the roots of fantasy

Although the specific details have been changed for copyright reasons, Dungeons and Dragons originally drew significant inspiration from the works of JRR Tolkien, particularly Lord of the Rings. His dedication to developing a nuanced and complete fantasy world for the tales she told has carried the influence of Middle-earth through generations of fantasy stories.

There are already significant resources available to adapt Middle-earth to a d&d adjustment. However, an enterprising Dungeon Master could always take another hit to make sure his creation fits his table’s specific needs and expectations for the game he’ll be playing.

2/10 Dreamlands summon the ethereal

The Dreamlands are a concept invoked in the works of HP Lovecraft and other authors within their adjacent genres. Characters can usually only access this realm through their dreams, hence its name.

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A Dungeons and Dragons The campaign set in the Dreamlands could not only invoke the cosmic horror elements of the stories they come from, but also focus on the etherealness of dreams. The laws of the universe are not the same in dreams as they are in the physical world, which could be a compelling obstacle for adventurers to overcome.

1/10 Westeros still has plenty of opportunities

Although George RR Martin’s fantasy world of Westeros, home of game of Thrones, has had an explosive popularity in the media during the last ten years, that does not mean that every corner has been sufficiently explored. Many fans have been dissatisfied with one story element or another, and integrating that world into a d&d campaign could very well help mitigate those complaints.

Plenty of loose threads and engaging plot hooks lie in the realm of Westeros, just waiting for enterprising gamers to pick them up and see what they can create.

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