10 Dumbest Marvel Villain Deaths


Death is an extremely widespread incidence on this planet of Marvel Comics. Every main supervillain died and returned a minimum of as soon as, whereas lesser recognized villains who did not come again to life a minimum of acquired a memorable demise. However, not all Marvel villains had been fated to have a dignified demise, not to mention a mildly respectable one.

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Whether it was due to dumb luck or a morbid sense of karma, these villains’ deaths had been merely embarrassing. Some of those deaths had been humorous in a darkly humorous approach, others had been well-deserved humiliations. In the top, there is a motive each heroes and villains virtually by no means convey up these deaths in dialog.

10/10 Snakehead Forgot To Duck

King In Black: Thunderbolts (Vol. 1) #1, By Writer Matthew Rosenberg, Penciler/Inker/Colorist Juan Ferreya, And Letterer Joe Sabino

King in Black: Thunderbolts by Matthew Rosenberg, Juan Ferreya, and Joe Sabino promised that not one of the Thunderbolts’ conscripted villains had been secure. The first subject made true of this by killing three villains instantly. That mentioned, Snakehead had essentially the most unceremonious and hilariously grim demise.

After one line of dialogue, Snakehead was eaten by a symbiote dragon. Snakehead was ripped in half solely as a result of she was in entrance of Mr. Fear, and he picked up a shiny object on the bottom. King in Black: Thunderbolts #1 was Snakehead’s first and last subject. Nothing about her origins and powers was ever revealed.

9/10 Black Knight II Got Pulled Off His Flying Horse

Avengers (1963) #48, By Writer Roy Thomas, Penciler/Inker George Tuska, And Letterer Artie Simek

Nathan Garrett was the golden age Black Knight’s descendant, however he used his ancestor’s legacy for evil. After a brief stint with the Masters of Evil and plenty of defeats, Black Knight fell off his airborne horse and died in Tales of Suspense #73 by Stan Lee, Roy Thomas, Flo Steinberg, Adam Austin, Gary Michaels, Sol Brodsky, Marie Severin, and Artie Simek.

Black Knight plotted to drop Iron Man from a lethal peak, however Iron Man pulled him off his horse. Black Knight was presumed lifeless, and this was confirmed two years later. In The Avengers #48 by Roy Thomas, George Tuska and Artie Simek, Nathan used his final moments to resign evil and cross his mantle to his nephew, Dane Whitman.

8/10 Scorpion Got Kicked Out Of A Window

Spider-Man: Reign (Vol. 1) #4, By Writer/Penciler/Inker Kaare Andrews, Colorist José Villarrubia, And Letterers Chris Eliopoulos & Rus Wooton

In the dystopian Spider-Man: Reign by Kaare Andrews and Chris Eliopoulos, Edward Saks reactivated the Sinister Six to arrest or kill Spider-Man. Instead of getting an epic showdown, Spider-Man defeated his basic villains in essentially the most hilariously pragmatic methods. Case in level, he kicked Scorpion out of a high-rise tower’s window.

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Rather than drag out the battle with Scorpion, Spider-Man merely kicked him into the ambiance. While Scorpion’s fall proved Spider-Man: Reign’s dumbest and quickest demise, it wasn’t the one foolish demise. Before Scorpion, Electro and Hydro-Man died after Spider-Man tripped the electrical villain into his water-based comrade.

7/10 Stilt-Man Thought He Could Team-Up With The Punisher

Punisher: War Journal (2007) #1, By Writer Matt Fraction, Penciler/Inker Ariel Olivetti, Colorist Dean White, And Letterer Joe Caramagna

When the Superhuman Registration Act was handed, villains had been allowed to work for the federal government. In Punisher: War Journal #1, Stilt-Man determined to enroll. Unfortunately, his first project was additionally his final as a result of he crossed paths with The Punisher.

The Punisher did not consider villains may reform, so he shot a rocket launcher at Stilt-Man despite the fact that they had been going after the identical legal. The Punisher executed Stilt-Man shortly after, and his wake led to extra deaths. During the wake, The Punisher poisoned the mourning supervillains’ drinks and blew up the bar they had been in.

6/10 Mister Sinister’s Face Was Shoved Onto Rogue’s

New X-Men (2004) #46, Writers Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost, Penciler Humberto Ramos, Inker Carlos Cuevas, Colorist Edgar Delgado, And Letterer Dave Sharpe

Rogue is among the deadliest mutants in existence, and she will be able to kill anybody with only a contact. Rogue’s powers work even when she’s unconscious, and Mister Sinister realized this throughout New X-Men #46.

Just when Mister Sinister thought Mystique was going to mourn a dying Rogue, she shoved his face onto her daughter’s. Mystique’s last-minute betrayal and improvising her daughter as a weapon proved a intelligent ploy. With or with out context, Mister Sinister’s sudden and embarrassing demise virtually seemed comedic.

5/10 Galactus Was Devoured By Zombies

Marvel Zombies 5 (2011) #5, By Writer/Penciler Fred Van Lente, Penciler Fernando Blanco, Colorist Val Staples, And Letterer Simon Bowland

After the Silver Surfer was devoured by undead heroes, Galactus visited Earth seeking his herald. On Earth, the world-devourer discovered a planet overrun by zombified heroes and villains. Ironically, Galactus was eaten alive in Marvel Zombies #5.

Thanks to Ant-Man’s amplifier, the undead heroes introduced Galactus to his knees and promptly ate him. Now with Galactus’ flesh and the Power Cosmic of their our bodies, the six remaining zombies (Ant-Man, The Hulk, Iron Man, Luke Cage, Spider-Man, and Wolverine) grew to become the brand new world-devourers.

4/10 Thanos Tried & Failed To Intimidate God Emperor Doom

Secret Wars (2015) #8, By Writer Jonathan Hickman, Penciler/Inker Esad Ribić, Colorist Ive Svorcina, And Letterer Chris Eliopoulos

When Earth-1610 (the Ultimate Universe) and Earth-616 (the Marvel Universe) collided, Doctor Doom grew to become a god. This did not cease Thanos from difficult God Emperor Doom, and it price him his life within the final moments of Secret Wars #8.

Even although God Emperor Doom was a god, Thanos nonetheless believed he was superior. After rejecting God Emperor Doom’s supply to develop into a baron and insulting him, Thanos was killed when God Emperor Doom ripped his skeleton from his flesh. Thanos is perhaps a galactic tyrant, however even he was exempt from a hilariously fast demise.

3/10 Baron Zemo Caused A Rock Avalanche On Himself

The Avengers (1963) #15, By Writer Stan Lee, Penciler Don Heck, Inker Mike Esposito, Colorist Stan Goldberg, And Letterer Artie Simek

Baron Heinrich Zemo wasn’t simply one in every of The Avengers’ first villains, however one of many first to die. The Masters of Evil and the Avengers’ newest conflict in The Avengers #15 ended with Captain America cornering Zemo in a rock quarry, the place Captain America blinded the villain.

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A panicked Baron Zemo shot wildly, and he induced a rock slide that crushed him. Baron Zemo died in 1965 and was forgotten, however his legacy resurfaced roughly a decade later. In 1973, a villain going by the title “The Phoenix” was revealed to be Heinrich’s son Helmut, and he is been Baron Zemo ever since.

2/10 The Green Goblin III Was Killed By His Own Bomb

The Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 1) #180, By Writer Len Wein, Penciler Ross Andru, Inker Mike Esposito, Colorist Glynis Wein, And Letterer Joe Rosen

The Green Goblin and the Osborn household are so inseparable that even essentially the most devoted Marvel readers can neglect there was a 3rd Goblin. This was Dr. Bart Hamilton, Harry Osborn’s psychiatrist. Dr. Hamilton was so obsessive about Harry’s villainous persona that he stole it. However, he was such a nasty Goblin that he died in an accident.

In The Amazing Spider-Man #180 by Len Wein, Ross Andru, Mike Esposito, Glynis Wein, and Joe Rosen, Dr. Hamilton threatened to explode a bomb. However, he realized the conveyer belt he was standing on was resulting in a window too late. Dr. Hamilton exploded, and he was forgotten by Spider-Man and Marvel Comics.

1/10 Marcus Immortus Forgot To Stop His Aging

Avengers Annual (Vol. 1) #10, By Writer Chris Claremont, Penciler/Colorist Michael Golden, Inker Armando Gil, And Letterer Joe Rosen

Marcus Immortus is arguably essentially the most notorious Marvel villain. After committing different horrid crimes towards her, Marcus Immortus kidnapped Carol Danvers and took her to Limbo, the place he deliberate to dwell along with her eternally. Marcus Immortus wasn’t seen for a yr.

When Danvers returned to Earth and crammed within the Avengers on what had actually occurred, she offhandedly talked about that Marcus died after forgetting to adapt to Limbo’s bodily situations. Given how offensive and misogynistic Marcus Immortus’ victory was, his pathetic demise in Avengers Annual #10 appeared becoming. This was the final time both the Avengers or Marvel Comics talked about Marcus Immortus.

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