10 Dumbest Marvel Superhero Deaths


Content Warning: Mild Gore

Death is a part of life, especially in superhero comics. The massive explosions and alien invasions so common in comics have led to nearly every major super character taking a bite out of it at one point or another. However, some of these noble sacrifices have been more significant than others.

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Whether it’s due to brazen creative, poor story stakes, or just plain illogical character motivations, there are plenty of Marvel heroes whose deaths have been a little silly. From major Avengers and X-players to inconsequential characters made to die, not all hero deaths in the Marvel Universe are as noble as one might think.

10/10 The death of the Fantastic 4 Zombies is a macabre zombie comedy

wonderfully wonder zombies It’s equal parts funny and disturbing. It is an alternate universe of classic Marvel heroes infected by a zombie virus that retained the personalities of the victim. The series created by Robert Kirkman became one of the most visited alternative universes of Marvel.

The death of the Fantastic Four in this universe is tonally appropriate. After She-Hulk eats Franklin and Valeria Richards, Reed Richards goes berserk and secretly infects his fellow FF members with the virus. To his horror, the trio partially consume Mister Fantastic and transmit the virus to him in a particularly disgusting development.

9/10 “Onslaught” sparked “Heroes Reborn”

90s mega event Onslaught it was everywhere. After Professor X wiped out Magneto’s brain, his evil thoughts joined with Magneto’s newly reconstituted mind to form the supervillain psychic entity known as Onslaught. Alternately epic and aimless, Onslaught prowled through Marvel comics for much of 1996.

In the climactic final battle of the event, the X-Men, the Avengers, and the Fantastic Four joined their allies against the threat. Thor led the charge against the psychic entity while the X-Men stayed behind so as not to feed it mutant energy. The Avengers and FF seemingly perished, resulting in the much-maligned heroes reborn restart.

8/10 Iron Man’s death in “The Crossing” did not satisfy anyone

Movie fans credit Iron Man for having one of the most high-profile deaths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but back in the early ’90s, Tony Stark died a far less heroic and interesting death. the events of The crossing saw Iron Man reconfigured to be a sleeper agent for Kang the Conqueror from the very beginning of the team.

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After Stark’s betrayal, the Avengers traveled back in time to recruit a teenage version of the armored Avenger. Teenage Tony shocked his adult self so much that he sacrificed his life to stop Kang, leaving fans with a sour taste in their mouths and a dead favorite.

7/10 Hawkeye didn’t need to kill himself in Disassembled

avengers disassembled It was a dark sea change for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes. After 500 issues of adventure, writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Steve McNiven brought an explosive end to the classic team era. Scarlet Witch’s mental instability led her to destroy the Mansion and kill several of her teammates.

Among the dead was archer ace Hawkeye, who grabbed a jetpack-wearing Kree soldier and flew into a spaceship once his quiver of explosive arrows caught fire. Although it was undoubtedly a noble sacrifice, many readers felt that Hawkeye should have removed his quiver rather than commit suicide.

6/10 Punisher bombed all the X-Men

Back in the ’90s, it seemed like an endless supply of X-Men. Similarly, there seemed to be an endless amount of Punisher comics. As Marvel’s lone gunfighter rose to stardom, it was only a matter of time before the House of Ideas pitted him against the rest of his costumed crusaders.

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Writer Garth Ennis and artist Doug Braithwaite Punisher kills the Marvel Universe is a one-shot that does exactly what the title says. Frank’s most heinous killing spree was the destruction of nearly all of the X characters via a nuclear ambush on the Moon. Although undoubtedly effective, surely at least one of the multiple mutant geniuses could have seen it coming.

5/10 Black Widow accidentally died in “Secret Empire”

2017 secret empire became one of Marvel’s most controversial crossovers. After a reality rewrite turned Captain America into a Hydra sleeper agent, Black Widow helped lead most of Marvel’s heroes in forming a resistance against Cap’s new fascist government.

Black Widow was one of the biggest casualties of the crossover and one of the dumbest. After attempting to separate Spider-Man (Miles Morales) from Captain America, Black Widow took an accidental hit from Hydra Cap’s shield which broke her neck. Fans found it hard to believe that the former spy was so clumsy, and the impromptu nature of her death came to an ignominious end for the long-time Avenger.

4/10 The original Hellions came back from the dark only to die

When Chris Claremont needed a rival for his teenage crew, the New Mutants, he and artist Sal Buscema created the Hellions, a darker group of youngsters led by the somewhat evil White Queen. However, as the New Mutants evolved from rookie heroes to paramilitary forces, their former rivals were largely forgotten by continuity.

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After returning in 1991 Uncanny X-Men #281 (written by Jim Lee, John Byrne, and Whilce Portacio, and drawn by Portacio), most of the team was killed by newly introduced villain Trevor Fitzroy. While the Hellions had never been major Marvel players, the team’s abrupt death at the hands of a downright frustrating villain made few fans happy.

3/10 The Hulk’s death in “Old Man Logan” was as violent as it was ridiculous

Writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven told one of the most influential Wolverine stories in the pages of old logan. Millar’s dark history and McNiven’s apocalyptic pencils saw Logan set off on a journey to earth through a fantastical wasteland. He and Hawkeye sought to restore a semblance of heroism to a defeated and divided nation.

However, the end of the story was quite loud and silly. After returning to his farm, Logan discovers his murdered family and seeks to find and kill those responsible. This culminates in a fight in which the Hulk eats Wolverine, only for the elderly hero to blast his way through the Hulk’s guts.

2/10 Members of “X-Statix” were always being killed

Writer Peter Milligan and artists Mike and Laura Allred’s X-Force/X-Statix run is a highlight of the aughts comics. A satire on reality TV’s disposable humanity, the comic took the idea to the next level by featuring a cast of ever-evolving, death-prone fame-obsessed mutants.

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many deaths in X-Statix They were stupid, but that was the point. The team’s first appearance in X-Force #116 saw the team seek to rescue the kidnapped pop group Boys R Us, but the group failed spectacularly. Members Battering Ram, Gin Genie, Plazm and La Nuit perished, secretly arranged by team leaders Coach and Zeitgeist for TV ratings.

1/10 “Ultimatum” killed almost everyone

The Marvel’s Ultimate imprint was an exciting way for the company’s top creators to retell the stories of classic heroes in a modern, easy-to-read context. However, over time, the new universe became stuck in its own equally labyrinthine continuity, prompting Marvel to attempt a reboot with the mega-event. Ultimatum.

the kick-off of Ultimatum saw a massive tidal wave sweep over New York City, killing numerous heroes including the Beast, Nightcrawler, Dazzler, Daredevil, and most infamously, the Wasp. Dozens of other heroes senselessly died in the aftermath, leading critics and fans alike to criticize the unceremonious and violent ending of half of the Ultimate Universe cast.

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