10 Disney Sequels That Were Unfortunately Canceled


Disney Y pixar The films are loved by countless viewers around the world, each eager to see what story will come next to add to the magical list that keeps growing, whether it’s a prequel, a sequel, or something entirely new. Unfortunately, some viewers who had waited years for sequels to their favorite Disney movies were disappointed that some projects were canceled during production.

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movies like dumb 2, Snow White’s returnY save youa High sky sequel, were announced but never finished, canceled for various reasons. However, Disney is a company with connotations of hope, which is why many fans dare to dream that some canceled projects could one day be revived.

10/10 Save U Was The Canceled Sky High Sequel

After the 2005 movie High skya sequel known as save you was announced in 2016. The film would follow the original characters as they graduated from high school and moved to the University of Salvador.

However, due to High sky Commercial failure during its initial release, Save U was cancelled. It probably wouldn’t be a lucrative venture, especially since it’s been so long after the original movie aired. Although the film had gone through the early stages of development, it didn’t get much further.

9/10 The Aristocats 2 proved to be too chaotic to finish

In the early 2000s, a sequel to aristocrats was suggested. The story involved following the five felines as they board a cruise around Europe with Madame Adelaide. Several other elements were also introduced, including a jewel thief aboard the ship, a love interest for Marie, and several new animals for the cats to interact with.

The film went through an extensive storyboard and was ready for production. However, due to rising costs and a lack of a cohesive plot, the project was shelved and later canceled entirely when it was discovered that the original film’s fans were dwindling and that a sequel would likely not get many viewers.

8/10 Roger Rabbit II: The Toon Platoon Was Written Twice

First written in 1989, Roger Rabbit II: The Toon Squad was released to Disney as a sequel to Who killed Roger Rabbit? The script followed Roger Rabbit, who, after learning he was adopted, went on a quest to find his birth parents.

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After the initial draft, a second script was written in 1990, based on the events of the first script. Steven Spielbergwas approached to direct the film, but turned down the project with the complaint that the script’s 1943 setting was problematic as the suggested depiction of World War II Nazis was too cartoonish. With Spielberg’s rejection, the film was cancelled.

7/10 Hercules: The Trojan War did not get past the proposal stage

Hercules 2: The Trojan War it was proposed in the late ’90s in the hope that it would have a 2001 release date. The film would have followed the married couple. Hercules and Meg and her daughter Hebe as they tried to stop the Trojan War by rescuing Helen of Paris from Troy.

However, when John Lasseter rose to the rank of Disney CEO, he canceled all direct-to-video sequels, including Hercules II, which hadn’t even gotten past the proposal stage. To this day, Hercules is the only film from the Disney renaissance period that did not have a sequel.

6/10 Dumbo 2 would have seen Dumbo in New York

dumb 2 would have followed the happy train, Casey Jr., when it stopped in New York for its next trip. Nevertheless, Dumbo and a host of other baby animals would soon find themselves lost in the big city. Between waiting for rescue and searching for their friends, they would also have spent time fixing their various character flaws.

The film was initially scheduled for release in 2001, but after John Lasseter was named CEO of Walt Disney Animation Studios, the film was cancelled, with little hope of a re-release.

5/10 Monster’s Inc. 2 would have reunited Sully and Boo

Before the concept of monsters universitya sequel to monsters inc. It was suggested that Sully and Mike would try to visit Boo for her birthday. However, walking through her door, they would have discovered that she had moved house, so the pair would embark on a quest to find her favorite human friend again.

Despite the interesting plot, the production in monsters inc 2 it was scrapped when Pixar and Disney merged, closing Circle 7 Animation Studios in the process. Since the script belonged to Circle 7 Studios, the project was cancelled.

4/10 Pinocchio 2 was about Pinocchio learning about real life

I like it Hercules II, pinocchio it was also canceled in the purge of direct-to-video sequels. Little is known about the proposed sequel, other than that it followed Pinocchio in a combination of stories as he learned to be a real boy.

While in the first Pinocchio film he learned what it meant to be honest and kind, the sequel would have taught him some of life’s other lessons, leading him to a question many children ask at one point or another, ‘why is life it’s not fair? ?’ Without a sequel to answer this question, audiences will have to find their own answers.

3/10 Snow White Returns was a compilation of deleted scenes

Little is known about the proposed sequel to the first Disney film, White as snowOther than that, it was canceled shortly after it was released. The film would have followed the dwarfs as they prepared for Snow White’s first visit to her cabin.

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Deleted scenes from the 1937 animation would be used to create the sequel, giving audiences the famous soup scene accompanied by Frank Churchill’s song, ‘music in your soup‘, as well as another deleted scene showing the dwarfs’ failed attempt to make a full-size bed for Snow White. Although the sequel was cancelled, the deleted scenes were later shown on the Snow White Diamond Edition DVD.

2/10 The Seven Dwarfs was a canceled CGI prequel to Snow White.

Although it’s technically a prequel, the seven dwarfs was another suggested addition to the White as snow history. This CGI story would have shown the life of the dwarves before they met the princess and the Evil Queen’s ascension to the throne, setting in motion the chain of events that led the dwarves to meet.

One of the scenes suggested for the film was for Dopey to witness the death of his mother, the shock of which was the cause of his losing his voice. However, scenes like this were deemed too dark, so the film was canceled due to creative differences between the production team.

1/10 Treasure Planet 2 was planned in detail

before the first treasure planet was released, the production team already had a sequel planned. The sequel was to see James Hawkins enroll in the Intergalactic Academy, of which Captain Amelia would have been the new headmistress. Much was planned for the sequel, which would have seen the return of Long John Silver, a new villain known as Iron Beard, and a rival turned love interest for Jim.

The sequel was also expected to get a spin-off television series to continue the education of the characters. However, the sequel and series were quickly canceled after Treasure Planet’s unsuccessful reception.

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