10 DC Heroes With Loose Honor Codes


DC Comics heroes are known for being exemplars, the perfect examples of what a hero should be. They are very honorable, bring out the best in those around them and inspire everyone they meet. However, not all of them abide by strict honor codes. They still get the job done, but they’ll do things that their more honorable fellow heroes definitely wouldn’t.

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These heroes have gotten some of them into trouble over the years due to their lax honor codes. Still, many of them have risen to the top of the superhero community. They’re not exactly dishonorable, but they’re definitely not known for being the most trustworthy out there.

10/10 Booster Gold doesn’t know much about honor.

Booster Gold has always been an unlikely DC hero. A disgraced athlete from the future, he stole a bunch of technology and went back to the past to make his fortune as a superhero. This completely backfired on him, as Booster never reached the heights he thought he would be capable of. Booster has done some pretty heroic things, but he’s not exactly honorable.

Booster’s way of doing things is based more on convenience than anything else. It’s not out of malice or the idea that he knows better. He just wants to get things done and win so he can get a reward. This has led to his honor code having more holes than Swiss cheese.

9/10 Etrigan is a demon from hell

Etrigan the Demon has always been a strange hero. Originally an angel who followed Lucifer to damnation, Etrigan is by definition an oathbreaker and hasn’t exactly shown that he has any code of honor since.

Etrigan may be on the good side of things, but everyone knows he’s a monster from hell and can’t be completely trusted. That’s the problem with Etrigan in a nutshell. He is only trustworthy up to a point. He helps the heroes, but it’s always because Hell itself would be harmed otherwise. Etrigan is not altruistic at all, and honor’s definition of him is not something worth writing home about.

8/10 The boss fixed the crashes that created the Doom Patrol

The Doom Patrol are DC’s misfit heroes. Robotman, Negative Man, and Elasti-Girl were brought together by the Chief, Niles Caulder, a man who wanted to make sense of their shattered lives as superheroes. The Doom Patrol was born, and Niles was their leader and mentor, the person everyone thought they could trust.

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The truth about the Cheif is much worse. Caulder caused all of his accidents to turn them into misfits that he could manipulate. Niles is a man for whom honor is little more than a word and one he doesn’t use at all if he can help it.

7/10 Damian Wayne wasn’t raised with honor in mind.

Damian Wayne has been the better Robin at times, but he’s definitely not an honorable person. Somehow, this isn’t exactly his fault. Talia al Ghul raised him to be the best, and none of his lessons included anything about honor. He learned to be Robin from Dick Grayson, which was a bonus in the column of honor, but then he was immediately associated with his father, who was not the most honorable role model.

Damian has always cared more about being the best than being the most honorable. His code of conduct as his hero is basically whatever he gets the job done, something that has prevented him from forming too many meaningful relationships between his fellow heroes.

6/10 Hal Jordan’s bravery drives him to make timely decisions

Hal Jordan’s many adventures as Green Lantern have shown a bit of a problem in the honor department. However, he also has a mile-long reckless streak. Jordan rose through the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps because he wasn’t afraid, but that approach to things has forced him to make decisions that aren’t exactly the most honorable. Jordan has to think on the fly and make decisions to survive that aren’t always honorable.

Jordan has his moments of honorable conduct; he didn’t ignore Sinestro’s fascism despite his friendship, for example. However, there were definitely times when Jordan made decisions that didn’t do his image any favors.

5/10 Green Arrow has no problem stretching the truth

Green Arrow is a great hero, but he’s had a problem with the truth over the years. There have been multiple examples of this. He lied to his son Conner Hawke about not knowing he existed, even though he was at his birth. He has tricked Black Canary. He lied to her about his place in Checkmate.

Green Arrow is the kind of hero who believes there are levels of truth. He has long been someone who lives by the term “need-to-know basis,” and that primarily meant only he needs to know. Green Arrow has still achieved laudable things; he is a bit sleazy.

4/10 Lois Lane will do anything to get the story

Lois Lane is part of DC’s best married couple and is married to Earth’s most honorable hero. However, her code of honor ends with making sure the powerful are reprimanded for their sins. Lois Lane will do anything she can to get a story. She lies, cheats and steals. There are no rules in investigative journalism and Lois Lane has no problem with that.

Lois knows what is at stake in her stories. She knows what will happen if they are not published. That’s why she’s perfectly willing to do some pretty dishonorable things to get the story. She cares more about people than being spotlessly clean.

3/10 John Constantine is known for being unreliable

John Constantine and the honor are ships that long ago passed in the night. Constantine found himself in a world where being honorable got people killed and he went the other way around. Constantine is the type of person who will do anything to get the job done. He has used and betrayed his friends, lied to everyone and cheated his way to victory on multiple occasions.

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Even people who like John, basically just Zatanna, know that he’s not always the most trustworthy person. John has sacrificed friends and loved ones while searching for him to protect the world from magical threats. It’s nice to know that he’ll do whatever it takes, but it’s not so nice to know what that entails.

2/10 Barry Allen has done a lot of damage to the multiverse

Barry Allen used to be the daddy of the Silver Age of the DC Universe. He then he died, which was fine. They brought him back as co-gang Barry, which was bad enough, but then Flash point happened. This event showed the true hypocrisy of Barry Allen. For years, Barry fought to stop people from changing time and the Multiverse, but he did it the first chance he got.

Barry’s actions had a terrible effect on the DC Universe. Beyond that, he basically treated Wallace West, the newest Kid Flash, like he didn’t exist. Barry used to be an honorable man, but that has changed a lot in recent years, so much so that he is barely recognized as Barry Allen.

1/10 Batman’s pragmatism outweighs his honor

Batman is the best vigilante, but nowhere near the most honorable. Batman is a very pragmatic man, to the point that he has secret plans to kill his friends in case they go wrong. Considering how powerful the Justice League is, this isn’t a terrible thing, but it’s bad to keep it a secret. That’s been a big problem for Batman. He makes unilateral decisions that affect everyone, but gives them no input.

At this point, nobody expects anything different from Batman. He has an honorable exterior, but everyone who knows him knows that it is just a facade. Batman will do anything but kill to accomplish his mission.

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