10 DC Heroes Who Deserve The Arkham Asylum Treatment


The Batman Arkham collection are among the greatest superhero video games ever made. The video games weren’t simply nice due to the clichéd “makes you feel like Batman” side, but in addition due to their look after the supply materials. It was good to get a Batman adaptation that wasn’t afraid to incorporate the extra outlandish comedian e-book villains as a substitute of making an attempt to be gritty or real looking.

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Plenty of different DC heroes would profit from the Arkham Asylum therapy if given an opportunity. Characters with wealthy comedian e-book histories which have but to be explored in movie are excellent candidates for most of these video games. Other heroes would simply be actually enjoyable to play resulting from their distinctive powers.

10/10 Green Lantern Has A Lot Of Interesting Lore

One of one of the best components of the Arkham video games was seeing all of the totally different Batman characters that have been included. There have been apparent selections just like the Joker and deep cuts like Anarky and Calendar Man. As a personality with loads of fascinating lore surrounding him, Green Lantern could be excellent for the sort of game.

Geoff Johns’s run on Green Lantern launched a bunch of nice new characters and ideas to DC Comics. An Arkham-style game set in a metropolis on an alien planet could be a good way for gamers to expertise all one of the best components of Green Lantern lore. The distinctive powers of a Green Lantern ring would additionally make for some very enjoyable fight talents.

9/10 Harley Quinn Would Have A Hilarious Game

DC appears to have actually hit its stride with the long-lasting character that’s Harley Quinn just lately. Between her enjoyable outings in Birds of Prey, The Suicide Squad, and her unbelievable HBO collection, Harley has confirmed that she could be a nice main character, particularly in additional comedic tales.

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The Arkham video games are very severe affairs, so having a humorous model could be an ideal special approach. The game may actually shine with an M ranking, permitting Harley to not maintain again each in comedy and fight.

8/10 The Flash Would Create A Unique Experience

The Flash’s powers are completely fitted to an open-world motion game. His potential to run at tremendous speeds may create rival Spider-Man video games for the easiest way to traverse a big map. There is also loads of satisfying fight encounters that enable gamers to zip round, taking out massive crews of enemies.

Central City would even be a really totally different location from Gotham, which might make the game really feel recent. An excellent inclusion could be non-combat encounters the place the Flash, be it Barry Allen or Wally West, may save residents from varied risks. This may additionally play into how totally different the Flash is from Batman since Central City likes to have fun the Scarlet Speedster and his good deeds.

7/10 A Wonder Woman Game Has Endless Potential

Wonder Woman could be an ideal selection as a result of there are such a lot of instructions a game may take. Diana has been round for a very long time, which means that the game might be set in quite a lot of time durations and geographical places.

Apart from simply when and the place the game takes place, a number of kinds of tales might be instructed. The game may take the everyday superhero route — stick Diana in a metropolis and have her battle well-liked villains. It may additionally simply focus extra on the mythological aspect of her character. Of course, WB may take the true Arkham method and provides Diana her personal collection of video games protecting each risk.

6/10 Green Arrow Fits The Fighting Style

The Arkham video games had a well-defined fight system. Batman would primarily sq. off with a room filled with goons or else be pressured to stealthily take out his targets. As one other hero with out superpowers, Green Arrow could be the right match for this fashion of game.

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Green Arrow could be a straightforward transition from the Batman video games to one thing related. Combat may largely keep the identical, and stealth sections would give gamers an opportunity to mess around with a few of Oliver Queen’s trick arrows. It would even be an fascinating tonal shift within the video games, specializing in Oliver’s progressive beliefs versus Batman’s brutal fashion of retributive justice.

5/10 The Teen Titans Would Add Variety

Gotham Knights is an fascinating religious successor to the Arkham video games, nevertheless it has a deadly flaw. The heroes featured in all of it really feel very related. A significantly better group game within the vein of the Arkham collection could be one targeted on a various group just like the Teen Titans.

The Teen Titans have an enormous roster to select from over time that may supply loads of cool prospects. Cyborg would offer an ideal tank for fight encounters and in addition be capable of hack into locked doorways. Flying characters like Starfire or Raven would supply nice strategies for touring across the metropolis. There’s additionally nice storylines to tug from like “The Judas Contract” or “Friends and Foes Alike!”

4/10 The Birds of Prey Aren’t A Big Departure From Batman

The Birds of Prey tick loads of the identical containers that Batman does. They function out of Gotham City (typically), are extra street-level heroes, and even have Oracle backing them up. A game starring the Birds of Prey might be quite a bit like an Arkham game, simply with some enhancements.

Instead of specializing in a single hero, a Birds of Prey game may as a substitute have a small roster of heroes. Because Black Canary, Huntress, and Lady Blackhawk have no superpowers which are too intense, it could nonetheless make sense to have them battling teams of regular henchmen with the occasional DC villain combined in. This would add a pleasant selection to the game with out being too huge a departure from Arkham.

3/10 Nightwing Is Basically Fun Batman

Nightwing is a straightforward option to star in an Arkham-style game. He and Batman handle related ranges of threats of their crime-fighting, and Arkham City’s DLC already proved that Nightwing’s fight fashion suits within the game.

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While Nightwing could also be much like Batman in some methods, the distinction in Dick and Bruce’s personalities would assist differentiate the video games. Nightwing is a way more light-hearted hero than Batman, and the game may have extra of a enjoyable motion tone than a darkish thriller one.

2/10 Zatanna Would Introduce Supernatural Elements

While some heroes could be well-suited for an Arkham game due to their similarities to Batman, Zatanna could be nice for the other purpose. Zatanna would have a unique fashion of combating enemies, largely counting on magic talents.

Zatanna’s magic could be a very enjoyable fashion of fight, and it could additionally introduce a unique aspect of the DC Universe. Instead of coping with Earthly threats, Zatanna may as a substitute sq. off towards supernatural villains like Allura or Mammon.

1/10 Static Both Fits & Breaks The Formula

Having a street-level hero makes loads of sense for video games within the fashion of the Arkham collection. Because Static is a street-level hero, he may equally battle quite a lot of lower-powered enemies and handle a number of threats throughout town.

While Static would enable for the same setup because the Arkham video games, taking part in as him would really feel very totally different from Batman. Instead of gliding from rooftops, gamers may fly round on Static’s iconic floating disk, and his electrical energy powers would supply a enjoyable new approach to defeat enemies.

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