10 DC Families More Dysfunctional Than They Appear


Family life generally is a tough sea to navigate. Every household unit has their very own petty squabbles and variations they need to work by means of, usually to awkward and uncomfortable outcomes. Nowhere is that reality of life extra true than among the many heroes and villains of the DC Comics universe.

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When the stakes are saving (or conquering) the world, the ins-and-outs of household life will be amplified ten-fold. DC, like all fantasy or adventure-themed universe, has greater than its share of outstanding households. Most no less than look like well-adjusted on the floor, however nearly all DC characters–from Superman to Batman and Ra’s al Ghul to Lex Luthor–have some skeletons of their household closets.

10/10 Deathstroke Has Strained Relationships With His Children

Raising youngsters has all the time been a wrestle for Deathstroke. Slade Wilson, the DC universe’s principal mercenary and arch nemesis of the Teen Titans, has had various problematic relationships together with his youngsters, leaving as many parental relationships in his wake as contract kills.

The most iconic Teen Titans storyline of all time, “The Judas Contract,” noticed Slade’s son Grant Wilson (who did not know Deathstroke was his father on the time) tackle the position of Ravager to destroy the Titans. Ravager was given heightened powers which finally killed him. Years later, Slade’s daughter Rose took on the Ravager mantle and was finally betrayed by her father.

9/10 Wonder Woman’s Relationship With Her Mother Had Its Secrets

Wonder Woman was chosen by the Amazons of Themyscira to be their ambassador to man’s world. She is a part of DC’s revered Trinity (together with Superman and Batman). However, that does not imply her household life has been with out points.

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For essentially the most half, Princess Diana had a very good relationship together with her mom, Hippolyta. However, Queen Hyppolyta’s devotion to her daughter noticed the queen undermine her daughter’s place after seeing a imaginative and prescient of Wonder Woman’s dying. As a outcome, the queen began in search of a “new” Wonder Woman. It could have been a gesture of affection, however when one’s personal mom begins trying, in essence, for a substitute little one, that has to sting greater than a bit.

8/10 Barry Allen’s Family Has Moved Through Time And Space

Before Barry Allen’s heroic sacrifice in Crisis On Infinite Earths, the second Flash was pressured to maneuver himself and his spouse, Iris, far into the longer term. The Justice League discovered Flash responsible of getting murdered Eobard Thawne, the Reverse-Flash, basically forcing Barry into exile sooner or later.

Barry lived in relative peace sooner or later. He began a household and sired his grandson Bart, who went on to be Impulse, the second Kid Flash and the fourth Flash. His relationship together with his grandson was a short one. Bart barely knew his grandfather and grew to resent Barry after discovering his status a tough one to reside as much as.

7/10 Wally West Found Balancing Flash And Family Difficult

Wally West picked up Barry’s legacy because the Flash and arguably surpassed the standing of his legendary predecessor. However, household life was tough for Wally through the years. Wally’s id because the Flash was recognized to the general public, enabling the evil Zoom (Wally’s former pal Hunter Zolomon) to make use of Wally’s household to “teach” the Flash the right way to be a greater hero.

He attacked Wally’s pregnant spouse, Linda, inflicting her to lose her unborn youngsters. Wally and Linda finally began a household, giving beginning to twins, Jai and Iris, however the havoc that Zoom wreaked on their household definitely left its share of emotional scars.

6/10 The Shazam Family Juggles Different Backgrounds

In the DC Comics’ New 52 continuity, younger Billy Batson was a part of a foster household and shared the facility of Shazam together with his foster siblings. This model served as the premise for the 2019 movie Shazam! Being a part of a foster household and discovering widespread floor amongst various backgrounds will be tough.

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The already-awkward state of affairs was made extra problematic when C.C. Batson, Billy’s estranged father, got here again into the image. Billy imbued his father with the facility of Shazam, basically estranging the household he’d labored so laborious to assist construct.

5/10 Ra’s Al Ghul Estranged Himself From His Only Daughter

Fathers and daughters can typically have complicated relationships. For Ra’s al Ghul and his daughter Talia, nevertheless, “complex” scarcely does their relationship justice. While most fathers hope that their youngsters are capable of finding appropriate matches and reside completely happy lives with their very own households, Ra’s takes it to the intense.

In the primary look of Ra’s al Ghul, he organized a kidnapping of Talia and Dick Grayson. The purpose was to coerce Batman into discovering them as a take a look at of Batman’s suitability as Talia’s mate and an inheritor for Ra’s. Talia went on to insurgent in later years, allying with Lex Luthor to change into CEO of LexCorp throughout Luthor’s tenure as President of the United States.

4/10 Lex Luthor’s Empire Is Built On Patricide

Lex Luthor is unmatched in his place as Superman’s biggest nemesis. There have been a number of variations of Lex Luthor in DC Comics’ lengthy historical past, however the post-Crisis Luthor, the corrupt enterprise tycoon, is the one most recognized to fashionable readers. What readers won’t know is that Luthor constructed that enterprise empire on the our bodies of his personal dad and mom.

The youthful Luthor organized the deaths of his mom and father and used the insurance coverage cash to construct LexCorp. Smallville later tailored this piece of Luthor household historical past to characterize Lex’s father Lionel. Regardless, arranging the deaths of members of the family for monetary acquire is unquestionably an indication of a dysfunctional household.

3/10 The Fourth World Of The New Gods Is Built On Family Feuds

Jack Kirby’s Fourth World introduced a number of new components into the DC universe. Among them was the DCU’s most formidable and sturdy villain, Darkseid. But the dictator of Apokolips has been embroiled in a household feud for tens of millions of years.

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The ongoing warfare between New Genesis and Apokolips was dropped at a cease-fire when the rulers of the 2 worlds exchanged their sons. Apokolips despatched his son Orion to be raised on New Genesis. The Highfather of New Genesis despatched his personal son, Scott Free, to Apokolips. Learning one’s true parentage will be tough and traumatic, however in all probability made worse when it is the premise for an interstellar treaty.

2/10 The Bat Family Epitomizes Family Dysfunction

Batman’s prolonged household has alternated through the years between rising with new additions and contracting attributable to tragedies. Some of Batman’s proteges, who usually look upon the Dark Knight as a father determine, have prospered. Nightwing has grown into essentially the most revered hero in DC. Tim Drake, the third Robin, has earned the respect of his contemporaries.

However, Jason Todd nonetheless lives with the unresolved trauma of his dying by the hands of the Joker. Then there’s Damien Wayne, the son Bruce Wayne by no means knew about, conceived in secret and raised by his mom, Talia, and the League of Assassins. The solely calming affect within the group was, for years, Batman’s trustworthy butler Alfred. However, the venerable caretaker of Wayne Manor was tragically killed by Bane.

1/10 Superman’s Kryptonian Ancestors Were Ruthless

The House of El, Superman’s household on Krypton, is principally recognized to readers because the noble household of Jor-El and Lara who selflessly despatched their toddler son to Earth to change into the Man of Steel. What readers won’t know is that the traditional historical past of the House of El is replete with backstabbing and politicking worthy of the warring factions on House of the Dragon.

Superman (Kal-El) could also be a noble hero, however his grandsires Wab-El and Vad-El have been tyrants who introduced warfare and destruction upon historic Krypton. The household line finally stabilized and prospered below the steering of Hyr-El, but it surely have to be tough for Superman to hold on because the paragon of advantage he’s figuring out that his organic household has a historical past of oppressing the weak.

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