10 Darkest Characters In Demon Slayer


Demon Slayer is a fantasy-action shonen collection the place flesh-eating demons stalk the evening, and solely heavily-armed demon slayers stand an opportunity in opposition to them. As anticipated, this results in a darkish narrative the place life is hard for each the people and the demons who feast on them.

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Many of Demon Slayer’s most sympathetic or emotionally participating characters have darkish backstories or existence. A darkish anime character is one who’s been via loads, experiencing many brutal, unfair occasions which have left them mentally or bodily scarred, and people scars may by no means utterly heal. This even applies to demons, who usually are not totally the monsters they appear to be. Some of them are even victims themselves.

10 Nezuko Kamado Lost Almost Everything & Became A Demon

It’s true that Nezuko Kamado is completely cute as “smol Nezuko,” however appearances are deceiving. Like her brother, Tanjiro, Nezuko is a darkish character as a result of she has skilled critical loss at a younger age, having witnessed Muzan slaughter her mom and siblings one evening.

Nezuko additionally turned a demon herself, that means she misplaced her humanity and thus has no place in trendy human society. She should always struggle her personal nature, patiently awaiting the day when she will be able to lastly regain her happiness and stroll within the solar. For now, other than Tanjiro’s firm, Nezuko has nearly nothing.

9 Inosuke Hashibira Was Abandoned As An Infant

Inosuke is not fairly as darkish as Nezuko, besides, he is aware of what it is wish to not have an actual household. His mom deserted him when he was an toddler, and that is a darkish, tragic begin to his life story. Most possible, Inosuke won’t ever meet his mother and father or anybody from his household.

Instead, Inosuke was raised by a wild boar, and when it died, Inosuke began sporting its head as a helmet. That’s touching, but in addition slightly darkish, and it is attainable that Inosuke acts so wild and rambunctious to cover his inside ache.

8 Tengen Uzui Experienced Hellish Training

Tengen Uzui is the flashy sound Hashira, however he’s no abnormal swordsman. Unlike Giyu, Shinobu, and Kyojuro, Tengen was raised in a ninja clan, and this clan had some actually darkish coaching methods for apprentice shinobi. Tengen was pressured to struggle and kill his personal brothers.

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Tengen opposed this and left the clan to flee their brutal methods, whereas his brother was extra accepting of the clan’s darkish traditions. Tengen, consequently, informed his three kunoichi “wives” to worth their very own lives above the mission, which is Tengen’s method of resisting his household’s darkish legacy.

7 Kyogai Just Wanted A Happy Reader

The former Lower Moon 6 is a burly, shirtless demon named Kyogai who has quite a lot of tsuzumi drums stitched to his physique. When he strikes these drums, he can rotate his cursed home’s rooms and unleash ranged claw assaults, however regardless of his energy, Kyogai would a lot slightly be a profitable writer.

Kyogai tried and didn’t get his manuscript permitted, and he felt horrible when an editor truly trampled throughout it. This makes Kyogai surprisingly darkish and sympathetic, and Tanjiro felt sorry for him after slaying him. Kyogai had a superbly harmless dream, however he by no means acquired to totally notice it.

6 The Spider Mother Was Merely A Victim

The Lower Moon 5, the brutal Rui, all the time wished to have a correct household as a result of his experiences as a human boy. So, as a demon, Rui recruited a wide range of different people and turned them into spider-themed demons to be his household, together with the mother and father.

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Rui’s demon “mother” was a succesful fighter, however she was additionally depressing. She had been pressured into this bizarre, dysfunctional false household and had no method out, and her “son,” Rui, typically handled her poorly. She was additionally afraid of loss of life, however a duty-bound Tanjiro had no alternative however to slay her.

5 Daki Was A Wannabe Princess

Daki the smug demon is what’s generally known as a himedere, or a wannabe princess who acts excessive and mighty to compensate for his or her darkish, depressing upbringing. In this case, Daki the human grew up in poverty within the leisure district, then was burned half to loss of life.

Now, Daki is a demon, and he or she’s determined to overcompensate for her dismal childhood. She is way extra insecure than her haughty oiran persona would recommend, and he or she truly broke into tears when Tengen decapitated her. Then, she and her brother Gyutaro died facet by facet, afraid of their destiny.

4 Sabito And Makomo Helped Tanjiro From Beyond The Grave

Sabito and Makomo could be lumped collectively since that they had a near-identical expertise in Demon Slayer and infrequently appeared collectively. Each of them as soon as skilled underneath Sakonji Urokodaki, solely to finish up getting killed within the demon slayer choice examination. But their stressed spirits nonetheless linger as a result of Sakonji’s intense emotions of guilt and grief.

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That’s darkish, however no less than Sabito and Makomo profit from it. Despite their failure, they determined to assist Tanjiro prepare and thus survive as a demon slayer. If they can’t cross the take a look at, then no less than Tanjiro can, and that can provide their tormented spirits some peace.

3 Shinjuro Rengoku Is So Jaded

Shinjuro Rengoku is Kyojuro’s father, as his thick eyebrows and flame-like hair would recommend, however he does not share his son’s cheerful, optimistic spirit. Much the alternative — Shinjuro is bitter and jaded, and he thinks poorly of the Demon Slayer Corps and the Hashira.

If that weren’t darkish sufficient, Shinjuro tragically needed to bury his son, Kyojuro, slightly than the opposite method round. Shinjuro has nearly nothing left however his jug of sake and bitter ideas, that means Tanjiro was aghast when the 2 of them met. This was not what Tanjiro anticipated from the flame Hashira’s household.

2 Shinobu Kocho Lost Her Sister To Demons

Shinobu Kocho is the petite insect Hashira, and he or she is far more upset than her easygoing deredere demeanor would recommend. Tanjiro quickly realized that Shinobu’s thoughts is burning with rage and grief, however remarkably, Shinobu retains that inferno of detrimental feelings completely hidden. She’s acquired nearly everybody fooled.

Shinobu misplaced her beloved massive sister, Kanae, to the Upper Moons, and he or she’s been in grief ever since. This loss has haunted Shinobu for years, and remarkably, she defied Kanae’s dying want and remained within the Demon Slayer Corps to get revenge slightly than searching for a peaceable life as a civilian.

1 Kanao Tsuyuri Cannot Assert Herself

Kanao Tsuyuri nearly by no means speaks out loud, partly because of the abuse she skilled by the hands of people earlier than assembly the sisters Kanao and Shinobu. In reality, Kanao was in bondage and was going to be bought as a servant, however Kanae stepped in to save lots of her.

That’s darkish stuff, and it is nonetheless haunting Kanao within the current day. She is clearly a lot happier and profiting from her life within the Demon Slayer Corps, however some psychological scars fade very slowly, if in any respect. In reality, she wants coin flips to resolve what to do, kind of like Two-Face within the Batman comics. But with Tanjiro round, Kanao may lastly study to face on her personal.

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