10 Cool Vehicles In One Piece That Are Not Ships


One Piece could also be well-known for its pirates and their iconic ships, however Oda enjoys designing story components, whether or not it is on land, air, or sea. Whenever the Straw Hats go to a brand new island, viewers are launched to quite a lot of cultures and life, together with technique of transportation.

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Vehicles serve the first objective of aiding in journey or transit, however Oda takes it up a notch and makes them a plot gadget. Apart from pleasing the viewers’ eyes, one thing new could be realized in regards to the historical past of the place or help the characters of their adventures. Besides ships, there are different methods to journey on the earth of One Piece.

10/10 The Drum Ropeway Resembles A Cable Car

To join the Drum Castle to the remainder of the Sakura Kingdom, tramways often called the Drum Ropeway had been constructed. Since the fort sits on prime of the biggest mountain, lengthy ropes journey from there to 6 stations at floor degree. Operators pedal a motorbike to maneuver the mushroom-shaped trams.

While initially designed for citizen transport, solely these with authorization had been allowed to trip throughout Wapol’s reign. After the Blackbeard Pirates attacked Drum Island, the ropeways grew to become inoperative. Not a lot is revealed about Wapol’s new Black Drum Kingdom, however it’s attainable that Drum Ropeways additionally exist on this different island.

9/10 Motor Fans Wish The Billower Bike Was Real

Captain Smoker belongs to a class of anime characters who continually smoke. Apart from being continually discovered with a cigar in his mouth, he does have the Devil Fruit powers of smoke. As a part of his character trademark, he rides a three-wheel motorcycle round.

Known because the Billower Bike, it takes the looks of an off-road buggy powered by the Moku Moku no Mi. The bike made two appearances, the primary in Loguetown when he pursued the Straw Hats and in Alabasta to apprehend the Baroque Works.

8/10 Vendors Swindle Tourists With The Floating Bon Chari

It’s exhausting to imagine that Luffy can mature post-timeskip after the occasions in Sabaody Archipelago. Due to his lingering innocence and infantile demeanor, he virtually bought scammed into shopping for a Bon Chari. This automobile is affixed inside a bubble that floats when customers pedal to spin the propeller.

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Locals from Sabaody and Fish-man Island hire this as transportation. Salesmen make the most of unwary vacationers and guests by promoting them for affordable. Luffy insisted on buying a Bon Chari, even when it turns into ineffective exterior the island.

7/10 Fly & Skate Anywhere In Skypiea With A Shooter

As one of many longest arcs in One Piece, the viewers is launched to an entire new world on the floating island of Skypiea. During the Straw Hats’ journey on Knock Up Stream, they encountered Wyper, a Shandia warrior. He wore a pair of Shooters on his toes to journey the ocean clouds on foot.

While it isn’t a automobile that may be mounted, it does have the flexibility to simplify transportation. It makes use of a Breath Dial to propel its wearer within the clouds, much like ice skating. Wyper lined his shooters with seastone to negate Devil Fruit powers.

6/10 Travel In Style To Mary Geoise On A Bondola

There are solely two recognized methods to cross the Red Line, crusing up Reverse Mountain or passing via the Red Port. The latter serves because the official and authorized means. Lawful sailors who want to go can simply trip a Bondola. The gondola-shaped vessels can transport giant species like mermen, who’re 11 meters tall on common.

Instead of crusing like a ship, Bondolas propel within the air to fly up from Red Port to Mary Geoise. Celestial Dragons dwell in Mary Geoise, the capital of the World Government. Since Marines closely guard the place, pirates are pressured to undergo Reverse Mountain.

5/10 The Black Rhino FR-U IV Is A Killer Rhino Trike

Apart from being a shipwright, Franky invents automobiles and weaponry for the Straw Hats. In Episode 556, Franky launched the key weapons he constructed contained in the Thousand Sunny. The Black Rhino FR-U IV made its debut in Fish-Man Island as Franky’s trip to battle towards the New Fish-Man Pirates.

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The big tricycle has a rhino-shaped head within the entrance that can be utilized to barrel via enemies and obstacles. Made from the malleable Wapometal, the shape-memory alloy can simply remodel the Black Rhino FR-U IV from a tricycle to the arms of a killer robotic.

4/10 The Waver Looks Like A Motorboat, But In The Sky

Dials take inspiration from real-world expertise, and Skypieans make the most of them to advance their civilization. Breath Dials retailer and launch air currents from their shells. In flip, they’ll propel automobiles via the water even with out wind for crusing.

In distinction to the Canadians who use Breath Dials for his or her Jet Boards and Shooters, Skypieans use them on Wavers. Resembling a water scooter or motorboat, it will probably carry as much as two passengers. While it normally takes ten years to grasp using, Nami managed to do it on the primary strive.

3/10 The Flying Gas Balloon Is A Ship-Shaped Hot Air Balloon

After the Straw Hats entered the New World, they encountered Punk Hazard island first after responding to a misery name. Caesar Clown bought the highlight within the Punk Hazard arc as the primary main antagonist. He used to work with the mysterious Vegapunk to develop weapons and medicines.

His plane, the Flying Gas Balloon, served as a automobile to move the giant-sized kids for his experiments. While it takes the form of a typical ship, Caesar Clown flies it utilizing his Devil Fruit powers, basically making it a sizzling air balloon.

2/10 Topple A Sea Emperor On The Brachio Tank V

When Franky created General Franky, he constructed Black Rhino FR-U IV and the Brachio Tank V as two separate automobiles that might dock to kind the preventing robotic. The General Shield Boomerang hinted at inspiration from Captain America’s defend, however total, the robotic is a nod to mecha robots.

The Brachio Tank V defeated the subordinates of the Beasts Pirates and destroyed their artillery. While it isn’t an epic combat one would count on with Big Mom, Chopper and Usopp managed to get a point-blank headshot earlier than escaping.

1/10 Travel The Seas On A Commuter Sea Train

Water 7 launched a lot of revelations to the primary storyline, such because the blueprints to Pluton, Nico Robin’s previous, and the creator of the Oro Jackson, Tom. The Sea Train, Puffing Tom, is one in all Tom’s creations based mostly on the oldest locomotive, Puffing Billy.

The Puffing Tom connects Water 7 with different cities to move folks and items. This helped the financial system of Water 7 recuperate from the recession by boosting commerce and tourism. During the Enies Lobby arc, this Sea Train was used to flee from the Buster Call.

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