“Nobody stays dead in comics” is an adage that comedian guide followers have been throwing round for many years. Superman, Jean Grey, Wolverine, Spider-Man, Flash, and even Batman have all died in mainstream comics continuity solely to be resurrected by plot contrivances, alternate universe justifications, or time journey.

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But the immortality of comedian guide characters doesn’t maintain true for individuals who function exterior the DC and Marvel canon. In truth, many comedian guide writers love killing off their characters with abandon as if they’re instantly subverting the custom of superhero invincibility. Those deaths break hearts, however they continue to be in followers’ reminiscences for a very long time.

10 Even The Narrator Isn’t Safe In The Wicked + The Divine

Created By Kieron Gillen & Jamie McKelvie

The Wicked + The Divine was first launched in 2014 and follows a bunch of deities known as The Pantheon who return to Earth each 90 years by merging with the spirit of a mortal.

However, as soon as The Pantheon returns, they die after two years. Moreover, when the Pantheon seems in 2014, any individual begins murdering them one-by-one. The gods might return finally, however any mortals they inhabit are actually lifeless, which means common forged members—together with, at one level, the narrator—might be dismembered frequently.

9 Exiles Introduced New Marvel Heroes Only To Destroy Them

Created By Mike Marts, Mike Raicht, Judd Winick, Mike McKone & Jim Calafiore

The X-Men might have gotten so good at dishonest dying that they really grew to become immortal through the Krakoa period. The spin-off collection Exiles, nonetheless, has no qualms about killing off its characters en masse. In truth, not less than a dozen Exiles have died and by no means returned, and that is not even counting the characters left lifeless in a number of the universes they go to.

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The Exiles are largely characters from alternate Marvel continuities, so their deaths have little impression on the principle 616 universe. That mentioned, they go away a big impression on the readers who’ve suffered by way of the deaths of some actually beloved mutants.

8 Every One Of The Mighty Mutanimals Died

Created By Ryan Brown & Stephen Murphy

In the early 90s, quite a few comedian guide firms, animation studios, and video game builders tried to duplicate the success of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with different hip groups composed of anthropomorphized animals. The Mighty Mutanimals ran as a nine-issue collection revealed by Archie Comics with the intention to adapt it into an animated collection. The collection was canceled, however Mutanimals continued as a backup in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turles Adventures.

However, Ryan Brown determined that his group of mutant animals could be higher off lifeless than taking part in second fiddle to the Turtles. The whole Mutanimals group was killed by assassins in a surprisingly darkish ending to a lovable group of speaking critters.

7 Death Was The Whole Point Of Marvel Zombies

Created By Robert Kirkman & Sean Phillips

Marvel Zombies started as a five-issue restricted collection written by Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman, with artwork by Sean Phillips. The idea proved so widespread that Marvel periodically launched a miniseries set on the planet of the undead superheroes, in addition to a crossover with Army of Darkness.

The unique Kirkman collection, nonetheless, ends on a bleak word that leaves little room for a sequel. The solely survivors left on Earth are Black Panther, Wasp, and a handful of Magneto’s acolytes. The superhero zombies eat Galactus and turn out to be a world-destroying collective that travels the cosmos, devouring planets.

6 Battle Royale Is As Bloody As It Sounds

Created By Kousun Takami & Masayuki Taguch

Given that the guide it’s tailored from is the namesake for a complete style of last-player-standing multiplayer video games, it ought to come as no shock that Battle Royale, the manga is filled with casualties. In truth, the manga is much more violent than the very bloody film adaptation.

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Like the guide, Battle Royale is a few class of youngsters who’re dropped on an island the place they need to struggle to the dying. Much like Hunger Games, which has the same setup, principal characters, secondary characters, heroes, and villains are all killed off with out distinction. Only two survivors stay.

5 100 Bullets Killed Even More Characters Than Expected

Created By Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso

100 Bullets has a premise that lets the reader know up entrance that many individuals are going to die. A mysterious businessperson named Agent Graves approaches victims of wrongdoing and gives to kill the perpetrator of that wrongdoing with no strings hooked up.

But 100 Bullets ended up with a fair greater physique depend than that premise advised. Over the course of the collection, a large forged of characters with ties to an overarching story had been launched, however each one in every of these characters is lifeless by the ultimate web page besides for 3 survivors. What began out as a spin on Tales From The Crypt ended as a sprawling Greek tragedy.

4 The Walking Dead Introduced And Killed Numerous Characters

Created By Robert Kirkman & Tony Moore

Readers going into a comic book about zombies are already anticipating that a lot of the characters will not make it out alive. Robert Kirkman nonetheless shocked his followers with lots of his character deaths in The Walking Dead. His trick was to maintain characters round for simply lengthy sufficient that the viewers would count on them to outlive, then kill them off abruptly and gruesomely.

The first quantity of The Walking Dead makes for an awesome learn as a result of Kirkman introduces so many characters. Considering the variety of characters who suffered grisly fates, the large roster proved vital.

3 Hitman Was A DC Comic Where Dead Characters Stayed Dead

Created By Garth Ennis & John McRea

The Hitman collection had a decent run from 1996 to 2001, and it stays a cult basic to at the present time. The collection befell in mainline DC continuity, but it surely at all times felt prefer it existed in its personal little pocket the place the issues of Batman and Superman had been a distance away.

Ennis didn’t play the resurrection card with Hitman. Characters who died would keep lifeless, and by the tip, many essential characters had been taken down. Ennis ensured that the titular hitman, Tommy Monaghan, wouldn’t be making any extra appearances in DC titles when he killed him and his greatest pal Natt within the remaining challenge.

2 X-Statix Killed Off Multiple Versions Of Its Teams

Created By Mike Allred & Peter Milligan

The forged of the X-Statix, an X-Men spinoff comedian, have largely been resurrected within the pages of the 2022 collection The X-Cellent. The unique run from 2001 to 2004, killed off not one however two full rosters of the fame-seeking superheroes doubling as actuality TV stars.

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The first challenge with the brand new group, initially a brand new incarnation of X-Force, arrange a complete forged of wacky mutants obsessive about publicity, just for all however two of them to die by the ultimate web page. The collection would go on to have a often rotating forged of characters, killing them off with out regret and ending the collection with your complete group dying once more.

1 Saga Breaks Its Fans’ Hearts

Created By Brian Okay. Vaughan & Fiona Staples

In Saga #39, younger protagonist Hazel and her pal Kurti, who seems like a meerkat, share an cute kiss. Three points later, the comet that Kurti and his household dwell on is swallowed by an eldritch horror as Kurti begs for his life earlier than dying in a swirling ocean of black. This is only one of many main character deaths within the “War for Phang” arc, and it is indicative of simply how little author Brian Okay. Vaughan cares about sparing his readers’ emotions.

Saga‘s deaths really feel a lot extra stunning than the deaths in most comics as a result of artist Fiona Staples’s lovely artwork and Vaughan’s foolish and imaginative universe make the entire collection really feel like a youngsters’s storybook at any time when one thing violent or sexually express is not occurring. Vaughan kills off beloved characters as a lot as George R.R. Martin or Joss Whedon, and no person is secure.

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