The titular protagonist of the Naruto sequence all the time had greatness in his future. Having been imbued with Kurama shortly after start, he was given entry to some of the highly effective tremendous weapons in the complete world. However, there are various shinobi that would have dealt with the Nine-Tails higher than Naruto.

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Whether having extra management over his powers or higher alternatives to make use of it, these masters of self-discipline would have been capable of put Kurama to make use of a lot sooner. Regardless of intent, these shinobi would have mastered utilizing the Nine-Tails with ease.

10 Killer Bee Got Along With The Eight Tails Well

Killer Bee confirmed mastery over his personal Tailed Beast, and at a a lot youthful age than Naruto. By the time he encountered Sasuke within the Cloud Village, he used the Eight-Tails so fluidly that they just about fought as a single unit.

Considering that Bee was skilled sufficient to show Naruto about Kurama, it follows that he’d have the ability to use the Nine-Tails’ energy even higher himself. It might not praise his preventing type as gracefully, although he may adapt to make issues work.

9 Ibiki Was Highly Disciplined

Ibiki was some of the hardened shinobi within the Leaf. As the village’s resident inquisitor and the proctor of the Chunin Exams, he understood enemy psychology a lot better than anybody else. This implies that he’d have the ability to determine Kurama quicker than Naruto ever did, making him simpler to deal with from there.

Considering Ibiki’s intense resilience and willpower, it is also unlikely that the Nine-Tails would overcome his physique as he did to Naruto a number of instances up to now. Given Ibiki’s iron will, Kurama would by no means be let unfastened once more.

8 Minato Has Experience With Kurama’s Chakra

In addition to being a kage-level ninja, Minato is without doubt one of the solely shinobi in historical past to have tasted the Nine-Tails’ chakra firsthand. He imbued half of it inside himself earlier than dying in order that Naruto would not be overwhelmed as a baby.

During the Forth Shinobi War, Minato confirmed proficiency at utilizing Kurama’s energy regardless of not being a Jinchuriki himself. Should he have shouldered the complete pressure of the Nine-Tails’ energy, it is seemingly that he would have been capable of grasp it much more brilliantly than his son did.

7 Tsunade’s Healing Properties Would Be A Tremendous Asset

There are dozens of the reason why Tsunade could be a extra acceptable vessel for Kurama than Naruto. For instance, her therapeutic properties be sure that even when she is on the precipice of dropping management, she will restore no matter harm is dealt to her physique.

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As a medical kunoichi, Tsunade’s world-class chakra precision additionally ensures that she’d get probably the most out of Kurama’s energy. Additionally, her blood connection to Hashirama means that she’d be extra succesful at sealing the Nine-Tails if mandatory, particularly if skilled to take action as soon as inheriting his energy.

6 Yamato Has Experience Controlling Kurama

Yamato was in contrast to any of Orochimaru’s different experiments. Imbued with Hashirama’s chakra, he confirmed outstanding proficiency with the wooden launch and even accompanied Naruto on his journeys. The captain’s soul objective was to seal Kurama up, ought to he ever bubble to the floor.

Should Yamato be given Kurama himself, he’d have the ability to safely apply its energy understanding that he may lock it away at any time. Yamato might not share Naruto’s excellent lineage, although his coaching with the Anbu ensures that he’ll put the Nine-Tails to Konoha’s greatest use.

5 Kabuto Has Mastered Jutsu To Better Contain Kurama

By the top of the sequence, Kabuto’s in depth data of jutsu made him almost invincible. He tailored the powers of the Sound Four, Kimimaro, and even a handful of tips from his former member, Orochimaru.

Although Kabuto would battle with the Nine-Tails at first, he could be higher capable of hone it if he spliced himself with Hashirama cells. Considering what Orochimaru did for Danzo and Yamato, it might solely be a matter of time earlier than Kabuto will get his arms on them and integrates them into his physique.

4 Madara Has Already Made Kurama Do His Bidding

Although making for a considerably darker future, Madara may grasp Kurama higher than Naruto within the quick time period. He used his unimaginable jutsu to enslave the beast to his will, turning his unmitigated fury in opposition to Hashirama and the Leaf Village.

While Kurama hates Madara for utilizing him as a weapon, the shinobi’s iron will ensures that his sufferer’s opinion stays inconsequential. Considering that Kurama didn’t backfire on him all through his struggle with the First Hokage, Madara may make the most of him quicker and extra effectivity than Naruto ever did.

3 Kushina Was Kurama’s Former Hostess

Considering that Kushina stored Kurama inside her for years with out incident, it stands to motive that she is a a lot better consumer than Naruto. There had been seldom instances the place she almost misplaced management, save for the assault on Konoha.

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Since Kushina spent most of her childhood being professionally skilled as a Jinchuriki, she has higher {qualifications} to make use of Kurama than Naruto. Additionally, she was far more trusted by members of the village since they knew she had the fortitude to regulate the Nine-Tails’ great energy. Kushina’s solely shortcoming is that she is not as pure of a fighter as Naruto.

2 Danzo’s Infusion Of Hashirama Cells Would Be A Massive Boon

Danzo’s Hashirama cells could also be supposed to regulate the Izanagi, although they’ve a second property that might make them utterly invaluable. It implies that ought to he develop into Kurama’s subsequent host, he’d have the ability to seal him away at any time when inconvenient to him.

Additionally, Danzo may use his sharingan to rewrite realities the place Kurama escapes and forcibly resume management in a determined state of affairs. However, he should be cautious to not overexert himself in fights, because the cell transplant proved unstable in his duel with Sasuke.

1 Hashirama Would Be A Perfect Match For Kurama

There are quite a few indications to recommend that Hashirama is the very best host for Kurama. A proficient grasp of sealing, he has already confirmed able to defeating the Nine-Tailed fox earlier than in his struggle in opposition to Madara. His wooden launch is a unbelievable asset towards that finish, particularly when mixed together with his expertise because the god of shinobi.

Further, Hashirama is a reincarnation of Naruto himself, albeit one with extra expertise and knowledge. This implies that he’d successfully have the identical relationship with Kurama that Naruto did, albeit possessing higher technique of containing him.

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