10 Characters From The Lord Of The Rings Books We Want To See In Rings Of Power


the rings of power completed its first season on October 14, 2022, but the saga has only just begun. Sauron reveals himself through a deliciously dark plot twist; The Stranger is confirmed to be one of the legendary Istari, while Galadriel, Elrond, and Celebrimbor finally finish forging the three Elven Rings.

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Amazon’s five-season commitment to the project is indeed confirmed, but only time will tell if they’ll be as extraordinarily ambitious as the first. the rings of power he is yet to explore the ramifications of Sauron’s influence on Middle-earth, which is the ultimate goal of this prequel series. Although well written the rings of power pales in comparison to the linguistic brilliance of JRR Tolkien. That said, there are several quotes worth mentioning.

Spoilers ahead for The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power end of season. Proceed with caution.

10/10 “There can be no trust between Hammer and Rock.”

King Durin III

Like many Dwarves, King Durin III is famous for his inveterate stubbornness. He constantly lectures his son about befriending other races, claiming that Prince Durin “has always had sandstone in [his] granite in regards to the Elves.” Despite the King’s stern rebuke, the young Durin refuses to abandon his fifty-year relationship with Elrond.

King Durin firmly declares that “there can be no trust between the hammer and the rock,” because “eventually one or the other must surely break.” On a positive note, Tolkien’s stories contain a large number of Elf-Dwarf associations, most notable among them being Legolas and Gimli.

9/10 “Everyone, each one of us, needs to decide who we will be.”

Queen Regent Míriel

Tar-Míriel plays a minor role in the Akallabêtha section of the silmarillion covering the rise and fall of Númenor. Fortunately, the role of the Regent Queen was expanded to the rings of power. She willingly supports the search for Galadriel, assembling a relatively small army to scour Middle-earth for signs of Sauron.

Míriel inspires her soldiers by emphasizing her beloved White Tree, proclaiming that its petals are “the very tears of the Valar themselves” Y “a living reminder [of] his eyes and his judgment.” Míriel says that the citizens of Númenor are in charge of their own destinies, and their choices will ultimately determine their respective legacies.

8/10 “Beauty has great power to heal the soul.”


Excluding some blighted areas like Mordor, the natural beauty of Middle-earth is nothing short of flawless. Raging rivers, towering mountains, glittering glaciers, lush forests and idyllic grasslands make the continent a paradise for its people. Unlike Men and Dwarves, Elves are known for their love of nature, as mentioned by Arondir in the premiere episode.

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He explains that elven bodies rarely need medicine, and thus “turn hidden truths into works of beauty.” Arondir clearly understands the inextricable link between beauty and healing. Similarly, Celebrimbor works “fill [Middle-earth] with beauty“Though his methods are somewhat questionable.

7/10 “Hope is never mere, even when it is scarce.”

Gil Galad

In the rings of powerGil-galad asks Elrond to secure access to Khazad-dûm and prevent “the light of the eldarof vanishing. Elrond accuses the High King of exploiting his friendship with Durin “on the basis of mere hope.” However, Gil-galad calmly replies: “Hope is never mere, even when it is scarce; when all other senses sleep, the eye of hope is the first to wake, the last to close.”

Finally convinced, Elrond agrees to obtain some mithril for the Elves. Hope is the common denominator in any fight for freedom. According to Legolas, “hope is born when everything is abandoned“whereas Aragorn remains staunchly optimistic throughout the War of the Ring.

6/10 “There is no secret worth hiding with deceit.”


The vast majority of Tolkien’s characters are morally inflexible. The heroes rely on empathy and integrity, but the villains are notoriously cunning and virulent. Sauron is particularly known for his deceitful sophism. In the silmarillionembodies a benevolent entity named Annatar who promises to help the Elves of Eregion, while transforming into Halbrand in the rings of power.

Role models like Gandalf, Galadriel, and Elrond reject the very notion of betrayal because it goes against everything they stand for. After Disa intentionally falsifies Durin’s mission parameters, Elrond reminds him that “there is no secret worth hiding with deceit.”

5/10 “An avalanche can start with a stone.”


Avalanches are incredibly fickle – numerous movies and TV shows illustrate how easy it is to trigger one. The Númenóreans are likely familiar with this snowy catastrophe, considering the high altitude of Mount Meneltarma. When Pharazôn states that “an avalanche can start with a shot”, refers directly to Galadriel.

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Considering his deep-seated hatred of the elves, it is clear that the vain Pharazôn firmly believes in the superiority of men. However, the Chancellor leaves nothing to chance, which is why he backs the Númenórean expedition to Middle-earth. He probably wants to take out Míriel, Galadriel, and Elendil in one fell swoop.

4/10 “I killed Sauron.”

to give

Ilúvatar did not create the Orcs of Middle-earth; they were forged in a nightmarish crucible of torture and trauma. Galadriel recalls a cryptic myth from his childhood in Valinor, which states that “elves [were] taken by morgoth [and] turned into a new and ruined way of life.

Adar authenticates the legend, confirming himself as one of the Moriondor, or Children of Darkness. Despite the strength of him, there is no point in an Uruk defeating Sauron, let alone killing him. And yet, that is exactly what Adar alleges. Implausible or not, Adar hints that he is strong enough to overpower the Dark Lord. Fans can’t wait to see the justification for him in season 2.

3/10 “Nothing is bad at first.”


Plants, animals and children have no malice in their hearts. Even Sauron was once pure; an uncorrupted Maia named Mairon. Morgoth successfully subverts Sauron’s generosity, transforming him into a vicious demon bent on dominating Middle-earth. The first line in the rings of power is a voiceover of Galadriel, where she states that evil is not born, but is slowly cultivated in space and time.

Ironically, she does not treat Sauron as worthy of forgiveness. Yes “nothing is bad at firstso both Dark Lords can technically be rehabilitated. Tolkien doesn’t discuss what happens after the End of Days, so it’s possible Sauron and Morgoth will eventually achieve redemption.

2/10 “Who will be with me?”


Bronwyn exists only in the rings of power, but this non-canon character is more than welcome. She rallies the village of Tirharad against Adar and his orcs, displaying a level of courage far beyond her rustic origins. Although Bronwyn’s motivations fail the Bechdel testmanages to save dozens of innocent people throughout the show.

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In his attempt to reassure the terrified townspeople, he guarantees that Ostirith will be remembered from now on as “a symbol of [their] strength.” Bronwyn subsequently urges them to “stand up and fightby his side, even after Waldreg convinces half the villagers to leave the tower.

1/10 “If we didn’t do everything we’re not supposed to do, we’d hardly do anything.”

Nori Brandifoot

The Harfoots shouldn’t even be around at this point in the timeline, but the rings of power certain creative liberties have been taken with respect to the Hobbit characters. That said, fans have cited several similarities between Nori Brandyfoot and Frodo Baggins, including their inquisitive personalities, tremendous courage, and perhaps most importantly, their unwavering sense of compassion.

Nori is significantly braver than her timid relatives. She cheerfully informs Poppy Proudfellow that rebellion is a natural part of growing up and that fear is the biggest obstacle on the road to success. Nori’s tenacity can get her into trouble occasionally, but at the same time brings out her indefatigable spirit.

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