10 Cartoons With Awesome Side Characters, But A Terrible Protagonist


In the world of cartoons, it is vital that the facet characters shine as a lot because the protagonist, thus creating an enormous community of characters for the viewers to like. This ensures that viewers are asking questions not solely about the principle character, but in addition in regards to the individuals round them, and it provides the writers an opportunity to develop the story through the use of the facet characters to discover areas that the principle character would not usually enter.

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However, whereas that is nice in idea, typically it is not properly executed in follow. On event, the writers spend a lot time growing the facet characters that the protagonist of the present is boring or unlikeable as compared.

10 Horse Only Wanted To Go Home (Centaurworld)

Centaurworld confirmed the damaged bridge between two worlds, one a post-apocalyptic world that paralleled actuality, and the opposite which was a zany, wacky, and peculiar world, stuffed with centaurs of all types and the magic that they possessed. Horse, having come from the previous, had just one purpose, which was to get again dwelling and return to her rider. However, trapped in Centaurworld, Horse was pressured to depend on a herd of centaurs, needing their magic to assist her.

On her journey, Horse proved herself to be single-minded in her targets and sometimes did not care about her touring companions regardless of their finest efforts to assist her. This made it exhausting for a lot of viewers to get pleasure from Horse’s character, however they stayed for the distinctive and bubbly facet characters that shared in her journey.

9 Scrooge McDuck Was A Rich Capitalist (DuckTales)

The reboot of DuckTales noticed a plethora of characters get new, distinctive personalities. The triplets had been now not carbon copies of one another, having distinctive personalities of their very own, Webby was now not the pink-loving token feminine, and out of doors the principle household, villains corresponding to Magica De Spell and heroes like Gizmoduck had been re-imagined, capturing the hearts of previous and new viewers alike.

Yet whereas the principle character, Scrooge McDuck was arguably extra likable than earlier than, many viewers did not discover him relatable. As a wealthy capitalist who does not endorse charities and tries to horde unimaginable wealth as an alternative of utilizing it for good, only a few viewers might get pleasure from Scrooge’s character.

8 Kim Possible Could Do Anything (Kim Possible)

Cheerleader, class president, worldwide tremendous spy. No matter what Kim Possible set her thoughts to, she might do it, at all times claiming that it was “No big.”

Kim’s talents to excel at every little thing left some viewers feeling alienated, fearful that they could not do something, and this made Kim an unrelatable character. Because of this, the present’s viewers latched onto characters like Ron Stoppable, Dr. Drakken, and Shego, every of whom had flaws and had been vulnerable to failure, however by no means gave up and had been at all times able to attempt once more.

7 Bloo Was A Selfish Character Who Never Changed (Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends)

As the one resident of Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends not up for adoption, Bloo was the present’s key character. Over the course of many episodes, Bloo proved himself to be a egocentric, lazy character with no inclination to vary for the higher. However, the encompassing characters every had various personalities and lots of had suffered tragic pasts.

A greater components for the present might need been for the narrative to modify, primarily based on which characters had been there the longest, and which had been going to be adopted. That method, the entire focus would not at all times have been on Bloo however shared with much-beloved facet characters as properly.

6 Ash Has Become Boring (Pokémon)

Starting in 1997, the principle Pokémon sequence has adopted Ash Ketchum as the principle character for 25 years. During this time, a number of health club leaders, trainers, and touring companions have been launched, every with their very own distinctive tales that viewers want to know extra about. All the whereas, Ash hasn’t modified. He hasn’t achieved any of his targets, and he is solely received one championship title. Meanwhile, his character growth retains going again on itself, displaying no promise of actual character development.

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Because of this, many Pokémon viewers have turn out to be uninterested in Ash Ketchum. It’s time for him to finish his journey in order that viewers would possibly get an opportunity to see a brand new character take up the mantle of Pokémon coach, and even maybe one other career in order that the Pokémon universe can additional develop.

5 Omi Never Changes (Xiaolin Showdown)

Raised as a Xiaolin Monk his complete life, Omi was decided to observe each rule and be certain that the newly chosen monks would too, his principal character flaw being that he did not know take issues much less severely. Unlike the opposite Xiaolin Monks, Omi by no means grew out of his flaws, ever severe in his battles in opposition to evil. So, when in comparison with a personality like Raymundo who arguably had probably the most character growth switching from good to evil and again, Omi wasn’t an attention-grabbing character for the present to deal with.

4 Optimus Prime Became A Cold Leader (Transformers: Prime)

In G1 Transformers, Optimus Prime was the charismatically optimistic chief who beloved his complete staff, Transformers Animated noticed alternate universe Optimus studying to be an excellent chief. However, Transformers: Prime Optimus was primarily based on the Michael Bay motion pictures, and so he grew to become stoic and indifferent, hardly ever interacting together with his staff outdoors of missions.

For many followers of the older exhibits, this modification took the enjoyable out of Optimus’ unique character. Instead of specializing in Optimus, many followers turned their consideration to extra entertaining characters corresponding to Ratchet or Bumblebee.

3 Robin Was A Boring Leader (Teen Titans)

Teen Titans noticed a bunch of attention-grabbing characters residing in Titans Tower and defending Jump City from the forces of evil. Starfire was the bubbly alien who did not perceive Earth’s customs, Beast Boy was the immature prankster who struggled to deal with overly severe conditions, Raven was the enigmatic enchantress who needed to stay in excellent management of her feelings for everybody’s security, Cyborg was the loud tech skilled with flare and Robin… was the chief.

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Past being the chief of the Teen Titans, Robin had little or no character. As the Titan with no powers to talk of, Robin bored youthful audiences who appeared ahead to flashy and imaginative battles with colourful and witty villains.

2 Ben Grew Up To Be A Jerk (Ben 10: Alien Force)

Following the unique Ben 10 sequence, Ben 10: Alien Force sees Ben as a young person, making an attempt to be a pacesetter after his grandfather disappears. In the unique sequence, Ben was obnoxious and immature, however his coronary heart was in the best place as he tried to do the best factor. In Alien Force, Ben exhibits extra maturity, however nonetheless sometimes makes dangerous selections.

However, as an alternative of feeling responsible when he does one thing he should not, this sequence noticed Ben stubbornly standing by his selections, hardly ever providing apologies. Very few viewers loved the particular person Ben grew as much as be and as an alternative caught with the present for extra interesting facet characters.

1 Numbuh 1 Didn’t Have A Personality Past Being Leader (Codename: Kids Next Door)

In Codename: Kids Next Door, every member of the KND had distinctive personalities which typically complimented each other, and at different instances clashed viciously with their teammates. 5 was the cool and picked up tactical skilled, 4 was powerful however secretly delicate, 3 was cutesy and bubbly but nonetheless useful in a struggle, and a pair of was the jokester inventor with a love of aviation.

With 4 nice staff members to command, Numbuh 1 had the possibility to be a cool and witty chief with a love of journey. Instead, he was the paranoid chief who took his place too severely and by no means let himself have enjoyable together with his teammates, at all times on obligation as Numbuh 1, making him boring in lieu of different extra entertaining characters.

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