10 Bravest Horror Movie Heroes


Horror stories are often one-sided and biased in favor of the antagonist. Since the medium is designed to scare viewers, the villains are often chilling and unstoppable. Most people in real life would be on the run from a slasher villain or alien invasion, just like many characters in horror movies.

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However, the protagonists of horror movies are often made of stronger materials. In order to gain the respect of the audience and have a chance at a happy ending, they must fight the villain. Horror movies have a lot of brave heroes mixed with cowards and victims. The more dangerous the enemy, the braver the hero who dares to fight him.

10/10 Ash Williams is unstoppable against The Deadites

the bad death

The bad deathThe Deadites are some of the most ruthless enemies in horror. They possess the bodies of people and use them as weapons and have a host of supernatural powers at their disposal. Most people fall to the Deadites or try to run from them. The only person who opposes them, over and over again, is Ashley Williams.

Ash doesn’t like being a hero. He complains a lot about his situation and clearly would rather do anything other than fight Deadites. However, he still does. Even if he has to fight his loved ones, gather an army in the past, or amputate his hand, Ash will do it with just a little bit of panic and complaining.

9/10 Ellen Ripley keeps her head against xenomorphs


AlienThe xenomorph is an apex predator that plays on very primitive fears. It is a parasite that uses another person’s host body, viscerally exits it, and then chases everyone in the vicinity. He is nearly unstoppable, highly intelligent, and incredibly vicious.

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Ellen Ripley doesn’t face xenomorphs just once. She faces them in four separate movies. On each occasion, she keeps her head much better than the others. Officers and soldiers are prone to panic when faced with xenomorphs. Ripley keeps planning the next way to take them down. Ripley doesn’t even show fear when she fights the Xenomorph Queen alone.

8/10 Beverly Marsh isn’t afraid of Pennywise in IT


IT’S is a horror film that deals with fear itself. The villain, known as IT or Pennywise, scares children to improve their taste before he eats them. With her ability to come across as a person’s deepest fears, IT is usually very good at this. However, one of the Loser Club members proves more resilient than the rest.

Beverly Marsh is at the forefront of the fight against IT throughout the film. She shows less reluctance than anyone except Bill and panics less than he does in many situations. In particular, Pennywise finds himself unable to scare her at the end of IT: Chapter Oneand has to attack her instead.

7/10 Sarah Connor conquers her fears and transforms

the terminator franchise

Sarah Connor embodies the kind of bravery that comes from being afraid and continuing anyway. She is an ordinary woman the terminator and understandably loses her mind when a futuristic cyborg starts chasing her. However, from that point on, she noticeably toughens up.

Sarah ends up victorious at the end of the terminator and he’s a full-fledged action hero for Terminator 2: Judgment Day. On several occasions throughout Doomsday, Sarah shows that she is still terrified of the Terminators and Skynet. However, she goes ahead anyway. She only takes a few moments to join the fight against the T-1000.

6/10 RJ MacReady does not succumb to paranoia

The thing

The titular creature The thing embodies paranoia. It can appear as anyone or anything and harbors absolutely malicious intent. He’s dangerous in his own right, but his ability to turn people against each other and stop trusting their fellow man is his secondary horror.

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Only one character proves largely immune to The Thing’s mind games. RJ MacReady takes control from the start and is unflappable in the face of paranoia. With a cool head, he faces the Thing over and over again. However, in the end, he seems to accept death rather than risk bringing the creature back with a rescue team.

5/10 Soldiers of Sidney Prescott through various Ghostfaces

The scream franchise

Scream‘s Ghostface is not a single recurring killer. Instead, they are multiple people wearing a common mask, voice changer, and identity. These killers focus their wrath on Sidney Prescott. Some seek revenge, usually for things that are not Sydney’s fault, and others seek infamy.

Sidney Prescott is neither cold-hearted nor callous. He is clearly affected by each attempt on his life and the loss of several friends and loved ones. However, the series shows her becoming braver and more capable in the face of each attack. By the time of 2022 ScreamSydney agrees to hunt down the new Ghostface, rather than wait for them to come for her.

4/10 Shaun is an unexpected hero

shaun of the dead

The titular character of shaun of the dead he starts out as an unmotivated slacker. It is nothing extraordinary. Shaun starts the movie off as some sort of slacker and manchild, who a lot of people are fed up with. However, when the zombie apocalypse hits, everything changes.

Shaun isn’t always smart and he doesn’t always make the right decisions. However, he is undeniably brave. He is the character most likely to fight zombies head-on and the one who distracts zombies with a highly lethal move. Even as he curses and screams and panics, Shaun keeps fighting.

3/10 Laurie Strode fought Michael Myers over and over again

Halloween Franchise

Laurie Strode is the Hallowe’en central protagonist of the franchise. She is depicted as the main target of Michael Myers’ killing spree and a person who refuses to let him win. Throughout various continuities, Laurie has challenged Michael to victory for him many times.

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The most recent continuity shows Laurie’s bravery at its best. Without a doubt, she has struggled since Myers’ first attempt on her life and is suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and problems in her personal life. However, none of that undermines her bravery. By the time of 2018 Hallowe’enLaurie spent years preparing to kill Michael Myers and refuses to run from him.

2/10 Tommy Jarvis is one of the few to willingly stand up to Jason.

Friday the 13th

Friday the 13thJason’s Jason Vorhees is one of the most unstoppable slashers in fiction. Before his death, he was a giant and a killing machine, and after his death, he was an unkillable zombie. Jason has one of the highest body counts of any fictional killer, and only one person has willingly confronted him more than once.

Tommy Jarvis first appears in Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter as a child he handles himself better against Jason than most adults. In Friday the 13th Part VI: Jason LivesTommy actively chooses to go back and fight after accidentally resurrecting Jason.

1/10 Nancy Thompson first defeats Freddy Kreuger by not being afraid of him

a nightmare on elm street

In a nightmare on elm street, Freddy Kreuger becomes more powerful through fear. As a menacing figure capable of killing people in their dreams, he finds it easy to cause fear. However, Nancy Thompson manages to defeat him simply by not giving in to his terror.

Freddy spent the movie rampaging through Elm Street and killing several of Nancy’s loved ones. As a result, she could be forgiven for panicking. However, she turns her back on Freddy and renders him powerless. In A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors, Nancy shows her bravery again by continuing to fight Freddy. Even after he mortally wounds her, she refuses to go down easily.

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