A game’s style tells gamers one thing about its gameplay. A survival horror game options restricted assets and difficult enemies. A stealth game emphasizes remaining unseen and sneak assaults. A primary-person shooter encourages gamers to go in weapons blazing and shoot enemies till they’re defeated.

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These mechanics inform gamers of the core gameplay loop. While it is unusual for this loop to vary, some video games make an surprising shift to a special gameplay model to maintain issues recent or throw gamers off guard. Often occurring throughout boss fights, these shifts power gamers to adapt in the event that they need to survive.

10 The Resourceful Rat Turns Things Into A Boxing Match

Enter The Gungeon (2016)

Enter the Gungeon spends most of its time as a top-down, roguelite shooter. Players dodge enemy assaults in two dimensions and return fireplace, doing most fight at arm’s size. Some fights change this in small methods, however none achieve this as a lot as elective boss the Resourceful Rat.

The Resourceful Rat’s first two phases are very similar to every other bosses within the game. It makes use of distinctive assaults, however the struggle continues to be squarely a top-down shooter. In its third section, the whole lot adjustments. Enter the Gungeon all of the sudden turns into a boxing game closely paying homage to Punch-Out!! The participant should block punches and punch again to win, one thing they by no means must do once more afterwards.

9 The Demon Of Hatred Plays More Like A Dark Souls Boss

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice (2019)

One of the most important challenges in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is studying the game’s distinctive mechanics. Sekiro has its personal particular fight system, regardless of being made by Dark Souls developer FromSoftware. Players should be taught to parry assaults and break the enemy’s guard, relatively than dodge and attempting to whittle down their hit factors.

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After a complete game of breaking Dark Souls habits in its gamers, Sekiro features a boss that must be dealt with like one. The Demon of Hatred cannot be crushed with parries and counters, and his posture is a problem to interrupt. Instead, the struggle encourages gamers to keep away from his assaults and concentrate on his well being bar — similar to a Dark Souls boss struggle.

8 Sullivan Can’t Be Defeated With Weapons

Dead Rising 2 (2010)

Dead Rising 2 is understood for its extravagant and fantastical weaponry. Conventional weapons exist, however they pale compared to the participant’s self-constructed objects. The game encourages gamers to search out ridiculous weapons and to bloodbath zombies with them, from chainsaw bikes to lightsabers to plate-shooters.

The last battle in opposition to Sullivan feels very odd consequently. He takes nearly no harm from ranged weapons, and counters melee assaults. Sullivan even disarms the participant in the event that they attempt to assault him with weapons. Players spend your complete game slaughtering zombies with the best weapon round, solely to make use of the game’s unarmed fight system to defeat the ultimate boss.

7 Doopliss Changes The Game Between His Boss Fights

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door (2004)

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door‘s Doopliss does not change the game throughout both correct battle with him. Both instances, the struggle merely requires the game’s typical RPG fight. However, he modifies the game an enormous quantity between these encounters, altering the participant’s targets.

After the primary struggle, Doopliss steals the participant’s id and get together. As such, Mario does not spend Chapter 4 exploring new areas and utilizing his get together to struggle and clear up environmental puzzles. Instead, Mario spends it backtracking between Creepy Steeple and Twilight Town, alone or with solely a single new companion to assist him.

6 Donna Beneviento Challenges The Player To Hide And Seek

Resident Evil Village (2021)

Throughout Resident Evil Village, the majority of the gameplay contains survival and motion horror. The participant explores the village and battles the numerous enemies inside. This continues for many of the game, together with the section the place the participant controls Chris Redfield. House Beneviento represents the most important change to the gameplay, particularly the ultimate confrontation with Donna Beneviento.

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The participant spends all of House Beneviento unarmed, having to run and conceal from threats. The last boss of the part does not should be shot, stabbed, or blown up. Instead, the participant merely wants to search out the Angie doll 3 times earlier than a time restrict runs out. If they do, Ethan kills Donna Beneviento with no single shot.

5 David Makes Stealth Mandatory

The Last Of Us (2013)

Stealth is at all times an choice in The Last of Us, but it surely’s by no means a requirement. The participant can tackle zombies, clickers, and human foes via sheer firepower if they need. Joel’s sections concentrate on gamers having choices, however the struggle with David turns into the one encounter within the game that removes them.

David is greater and stronger than Ellie Williams, and he is better-armed. If the participant makes an attempt to struggle him head-on, they lose in seconds. Instead, they must sneak across the restaurant, utilizing the surroundings to cover from and distract David. Ellie can solely land successful by sneaking up on David, one thing she must do a number of instances.

4 The Vox Populi Fight Like A Tower Defense Section

Bioshock: Infinite (2013)

Bioshock: Infinite does not have a real last boss struggle. Taking its place is a large motion setpiece in opposition to an enormous Vox Populi power. For most of its gameplay, Bioshock Infinite is a run-and-gun shooter, with mobility and energy utilization emphasised over remaining nonetheless and buying and selling fireplace with enemies.

The Vox Populi assault Booker and Elizabeth aboard the Hand of the Prophet airship, trying to destroy its energy core. Booker DeWitt spends the ultimate struggle defending a static place relatively than charging enemy positions. The participant additionally features entry to the Songbird, one thing they cannot do at every other time.

3 The Player Gets An Army To Fight Starscourge Radahn

Elden Ring (2022)

Elden Ring, very similar to different FromSoftware video games, focuses on one-on-one melee fight. The game lets gamers summon Spirit Ashes or different gamers to even the percentages, however almost each boss is supposed to be battled solo. Starscourge Radahn stays the exception to the rule. One of the strongest warriors within the Lands Between, Radahn lives as much as his fame.

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Fr the one time within the game, the participant receives a small military to struggle Radahn. Throughout the struggle, they’ll use summon indicators littering the ground to name in reinforcements, breaking the game’s restrict on summoned allies. Players can struggle Radahn in conventional one-on-one model, with out summons, however his immense energy forces should depend on backup.

2 The Prophet Of Regret Is A Wave-Based Boss

Halo 2 (2004)

Most of the Halo collection outright lacks boss fights. Enemy forces concentrate on amount over high quality, usually missing distinctive foes the participant battles solely as soon as. Halo 2 is among the few video games within the collection to incorporate boss fights, every of which represents a change in extraordinary gameplay.

The first and oddest is the Prophet of Regret. Regret has shields the participant cannot shoot via and hordes of reinforcements. The struggle forces gamers to wipe out Regret’s troopers, after which climb his throne to punch him to demise. The participant should do that a number of instances, with increased difficulties, however they’re going to by no means do something comparable for the remainder of the game.

Metal Gear Solid (1998)

Metal Gear Solid is a stealth collection with periodic motion segments. Its boss fights differ, however they usually contain gamers stealthing across the battlefield or dealing as a lot harm as doable. The struggle in opposition to Liquid Ocelot’s Metal Gear RAY is a extreme shake-up for one purpose: the participant will get their very own Metal Gear REX.

The struggle performs out like a mecha game, relatively than the stealth, close-quarters fight, or gunplay the game sometimes options. The participant makes use of recharging weaponry on a a lot larger scale than the remainder of the game’s fight, leading to one of many franchise’s most extravagant battles.

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