10 Bizarre Disney Characters Audiences Love


Disney characters are a few of the most beloved within the movie business. They are likely to have a sure quirkiness that endears them to followers. However, some lovable characters have greater than their justifiable share of eccentricities. Many of those characters have off-center personalities, whereas others have unusual visages. Whether it’s by look or temperament, these Disney characters are beloved however weird.

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These unusual characters are available in many shapes, sizes, and kinds. Many of them are creature characters who’ve a aptitude for the dramatic, whereas others are distinctive people. Monsters, dragons, baboons, and scientific experiments are all part of this eclectic group of favourite Disney characters.

10/10 Rafiki Is Wise In His Weirdness

The Lion King

Rafiki is a smart however eccentric baboon in The Lion King. Not solely does he appear to prophesy about issues to come back, however he’s additionally a non secular official who oversees ceremonies all through the savanna. Rafiki provides riddle-like recommendation, however the data he supplies is invaluable as soon as it’s understood.

Rafiki can be a talented fighter, deftly heading off hyena assaults. He initially appears slightly frail, however his actions throughout the battle on the finish of the film show how a lot of an asset he may be. Rafiki is a weird character for his rambling recommendation and his data of the longer term, however followers can not get sufficient of him. His antics present a number of wanted comedy for the film, and his recommendation can nonetheless be utilized to experiences right this moment.

9/10 Gurgi Sacrifices Himself For His Friends

The Black Cauldron

Gurgi is a mysterious creature from the cult basic Disney movie, The Black Cauldron. Gurgi is all the time on the prowl for “munchings and crunchings” and is vulnerable to clumsiness. He typically annoys Taran together with his shenanigans, however his affectionate nature all the time adjustments Taran’s thoughts ultimately.

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Despite his many blunders, Gurgi is a loyal pal who sacrifices himself to cease the Horned King. Gurgi’s lovely look is already successful with viewers, however his act of selflessness solidified his stance as a fan favourite. Fortunately for audiences, the tip of the film sees Gurgi reunited together with his pals once more.

8/10 Woody Is The Nicest Talking Doll

Toy Story

Woody is an anxious cowboy ragdoll from the Toy Story franchise. Despite being a speaking doll, Woody is a beloved, relatable character. As most individuals could be, Woody turns into upset at being changed. Yet, he chooses to deal with the state of affairs by pettiness.

Regardless of Woody’s poor decisions in terms of dealing with battle, Woody is likely one of the most beloved characters of all time. His relatable nature resonates with followers who’ve typically felt annoyed in their very own lives. Plus, deep down, Woody actually has a superb coronary heart. He would do something to make Andy comfortable and does his finest to make sure each toy feels cherished.

7/10 Mike Wazowski Is A Monster With A Silly Personality

Monster’s Inc.

Mike Wazowski is a part of a scaring duo in Monster’s Inc. While his accomplice, James “Sully” Sullivan supplies the scares, Mike is his coach and manages every of the scare purchasers. Mike is wry and anxious, however his strangest qualities need to do together with his look.

Mike is a one-eyed inexperienced monster. The majority of his physique is totally spherical, with skinny legs and arms at his sides and under him. Much of his humor comes from bodily comedy, because it is likely one of the few issues that makes Boo snicker. Although appearances don’t matter within the grand scheme of life, it’s plain that Mike is a beloved character with one of many strangest visages in Disney animation.

6/10 Mushu Tricks His Way Into Fans’ Hearts


Mulan is the epic story of a younger girl who dangers her life to take her father’s place in a brutal battle. However, a wholesome dose of comedy comes from the beloved dragon, Mushu. Mushu is a failed guardian trying to show himself. He tries to supply his companies to the elder Fa Family members to guard Mulan, however they determine to go together with one other. Yet, when Mushu unintentionally destroys the bust of the opposite guardian, he begins his personal quest to guard Mulan.

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Voiced by the incomparable Eddie Murphy, Mushu has limitless one-liners and hilarious moments all through the film. His overly assured habits is in distinction to the execution of his actions, making for a lot of sidesplitting conditions. Additionally, because the story goes on, viewers can see that Mushu has come to respect and take care of Mulan – turning into a real guardian in any case. Mushu is a pleasant tiny dragon who followers can not get sufficient of.

5/10 Ursula Held Her End Of The Bargain

The Little Mermaid

Ursula is a sea witch who grants needs to the merpeople within the basic The Little Mermaid. Although she is the antagonist, followers adore her for her unparalleled sense of fashion and her infectious charisma. Many followers additionally imagine that Ursula was not fully unsuitable in Ariel’s therapy, as Ariel had signed a binding contract with the witch.

Ursula is likely one of the most iconic Disney villains of all time. Not solely does she have an unforgettable character, however her octopus-like tentacles make her extremely cool and menacing. Ursula is a terrifying but wonderful character who deserves her spot among the many finest Disney characters.

4/10 Jack Sparrow Almost Gets Caught

Pirates Of The Caribbean

Since he first arrived onscreen in Pirates of the Caribbean, Captain Jack Sparrow cemented his place in followers’ hearts. The peculiar swashbuckler saunters his method by perilous conditions with ease, and he even unexpectedly outsmarts many different characters. Jack’s distinctive fashion and recognizable swagger endear him to audiences.

Jack just isn’t essentially the most ethical of males, however his crafty and allure make him a particular character. There are many rumors about how he grew to become who he’s, however the tales add to his legacy. Jack is an enigmatic character who by no means lets something get him down for too lengthy.

3/10 Stitch Becomes An Earthling By Pretending To Be A Weird Dog

Lilo And Stitch

When Dr. Jumba Jookiba creates a scientific experiment with as a lot damaging power as he can, it ends in the vile and lovely Experiment 626 – or Stitch as he’s higher identified. Stitch takes pleasure within the chaos he causes. Yet, when he meets a younger lady named Lilo, Stitch discovers there may be extra to his existence than smash.

Lilo and Stitch is a touching film about discovering a household. Stitch particularly reveals the significance of belonging – even when folks really feel they’re outcasts. Stitch’s lovable look might distinction together with his preliminary destruction. Yet, over time, he grows into his lovely allure. Stitch’s huggable, snuggly look and his love for his new household make him a wierd however endearing character.

2/10 Bing Bong Is The Greatest Imaginary Friend

Inside Out

No Disney character is extra distinctive in look than Bing Bong. Bing Bong is Riley’s imaginary pal in Inside Out. He is a hybrid of many animals, together with an elephant, a cat, and a dolphin. Despite being created from so many creatures, Bing Bong is wholly lovely together with his pink, cotton-candy fur and joyous nature.

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One factor that followers love Bing Bong for many is his sacrifice for Joy within the Memory Dump. Knowing how necessary it was that Joy is introduced again into Riley’s life, Bing Bong stays behind in order that Joy can experience to security. If followers didn’t take pleasure in Bing Bong’s childlike surprise, they had been definitely heartbroken by his closing noble act of affection.

1/10 Genie Grants Wishes With Eccentric Flair


Aladdin is one other basic Disney film with one of the crucial iconic characters of all time; Genie. Played by the indomitable Robin Williams, Genie is a timeless being who exists in each the previous (primarily based on his age) and sooner or later (primarily based on his references). He is an omnipotent being, however he has strict limitations that he adheres to, even after he’s freed.

Genie is enjoyable and quirky. He may be sarcastic at instances, however he all the time has Aladdin’s finest pursuits at coronary heart. Genie is a loyal pal, even when he alters masters. This all proves that Aladdin “ain’t never had a friend like” him.

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