Grant Morrison has had a seismic impression on the world of comics, from disruptive tenures on traditional superheroes like Superman and the X-Men to influential creator-owned work like We3 and The Invisibles. While Morrison’s printed materials has entertained and enlightened readers, there are many unreleased comics they’ve hinted at that sound like nice reads.

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Morrison’s unreleased output runs the gamut from weird ideas for indie comics to radical takes on pre-existing IPs and cultural figures. Some of those comics barely made it previous the proposal stage, others had been scripted and partially developed by artists, and plenty of of them proceed to ignite the creativeness of Morrison followers in a passionate frenzy.

10 LeSexy Teased A Unique Insight Into The Scotsman’s Background

When Grant Morrison returned to DC Comics within the early 2000s, they introduced a number of titles as a part of a second wave at Vertigo. LeSexy was meant to be illustrated by Cameron Stewart and impressed by David Lynch and Nicolas Roeg’s Don’t Look Now.

The concept of Grant Morrison setting a comic book in a distant Scottish city, by the use of Twin Peaks, could have provided a novel perception into Morrison’s emotions about his homeland. In some methods, no horror comedian can obtain a greater seal of approval than being rejected by a number of editors, together with Karen Berger, as a result of the fabric was too disturbing.

9 Waid, Simone & Morrison Could Have Brought The Marvel Family Back In Style

Billy Batson, the superhero previously often called Captain Marvel, was as soon as the best-selling comedian guide character of the Golden Age. Unfortunately, because of the cynical antics of rival publishers like DC and Marvel Comics, the property has been underutilized for a number of many years.

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A proposed Marvel Family reboot within the mid-2000s, courtesy of writers Mark Waid on Captain Marvel, Gail Simon on Mary Marvel, and Grant Morrison on Captain Marvel Jr. may doubtlessly have modified issues for these iconic characters. Multiversity: Thunderworld Adventures provided a criminally transient take a look at the whimsical wonders Morrison may have achieved with this materials.

8 Seaguy Never Got His Third Act

Grant Morrison and Cameron Stewart’s two Seaguy miniseries had been launched within the 2000s and provided a zany however poignant treatise on life, longing, and loss. The closing installment of the Seaguy trilogy was meant to be referred to as Seaguy: Eternal and would have reteamed Morrison with Stewart.

Morrison has acknowledged that the script for the ultimate three points has been accomplished, however it’s been over a decade since then and followers are justifiably involved that the comedian could have been quietly canceled. Readers should know the way Mickey Eye will likely be defeated and what occurs subsequent to Seaguy, She-Beard, and Chubby, the smoking fish.

7 Flash: Earth One Would Have Let Morrison Play With Their Favorite Superhero

Grant Morrison has repeated again and again that the Flash is their favourite superhero, and even resurrected Barry Allen after a quarter-century absence. This is why it is onerous to just accept that Morrison by no means served a correct tenure on Flash comics, apart from a quick collaboration with Mark Millar within the late 90s, which starred Wally West.

In 2013, Morrison was introduced as the author of Flash: Earth One, which might have given readers an opportunity to see their wild creativeness unleashed on a personality with arguably the wildest science fiction powers in comics. Sadly, the undertaking appears to have fallen sufferer to Morrison’s sojourn into tv and his, allegedly, particular retirement from the DC Universe.

6 Sleepless Knights Would Have Been Groundhog Day Of The Dead

Sleepless Knights wasn’t conceived as a comic book, reasonably it was a movie script that Morrison offered to Dreamworks Studios. The undertaking received far alongside within the growth course of, and Guillermo Del Toro was even hooked up to direct “the dark fairy tale” within the mid-2000s.

If Del Toro’s curiosity is any indication, Sleepless Knights may have been an amazing kids’s horror story. Unfortunately, the movie by no means materialized. Perhaps, as Morrison did with Dinosaurs vs. Aliens, it is time to resurrect the script as a comic book guide. The plot reportedly concerned a Groundhog Day-style time loop occurring on Halloween, which feels like a fertile idea.

5 Batman: Black & White Was Almost A Spiritual Sequel To Arkham Asylum

With Superman & The Authority, Grant Morrison declared their retirement from the DC Universe and this time they appear to have meant it. While an growing old Superman is a superb be aware to finish on, Morrison started his DC profession with Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On A Serious Earth, and their proposed Batman: Black & White authentic graphic novel collection may have been a extra symmetrical coda for his or her DC profession.

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The black and white OGNs would have been illustrated by non-industry artists that Morrison met in Los Angeles. Just like Dave McKean’s work on Arkham Asylum, this might have been an amazing alternative to see Gotham City realized in a visible model untethered to the custom and grammar of the American comics {industry}.

4 Morrison’s Spider-Man Could Have Transformed the Hero’s Internal Landscape

Although a few of Grant Morrison’s earliest work was within the pages of Marvel UK’s Spider-Man and the Zoids comedian, they solely wrote the Zoids part of the journal in query. However, Morrison did finally flirt with writing Spider-Man.

During the early nineties, they deliberate to supply a graphic novel in collaboration with Simon Bisley, which was meant to comply with the model of Arkham Asylum. Afterward, there was point out of a miniseries illustrated by Klaus Janson. Given Morrison’s penchant for resonant iconography, it is a disgrace they by no means handled Marvel’s most iconic character.

3 Bizarre Boys Was Meant To Star Grant Morrison & Peter Milligan

In his introduction to the primary commerce assortment for The Invisibles, Peter Milligan shared an anecdote concerning the growth of a proposed collaboration with Morrison. The duo had been in Barcelona, making an attempt to choose a title after they chanced upon “row upon row of homosexual pornographic literature”.

Milligan continues, “our eyes alighted upon a singularly mischievous cover, showing a naked young thing with brazen eyes” and it was referred to as “Bizarre Boys.” A undertaking starring fictionalized variations of Morrison and Milligan is thrilling sufficient, however any comedian erupting from such a pleasant spark of inspiration positively deserves to be launched.

2 The Adventures Of Andy Warhol Sounds Like A Perfect Distillation Of Early Morrison

Grant Morrison gained early notoriety with the fictional New Adventures of Adolf Hitler, and across the similar time, they had been additionally engaged on a comic book starring one other controversial real-life determine, Andy Warhol. This matches proper in with Morrison’s curiosity in exploring cultural icons, particularly given Warhol’s personal affiliation with appropriating popular culture.

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The comedian would have been launched throughout a interval in Morrison’s profession after they had been far more susceptible to upsetting readers and early stage Morrison actually has some uncooked enchantment. Perhaps they’d have used the comedian to shine a lightweight on Warhol’s exploitation of the medium and its artists.

1 Silver Surfer: Year Zero Could Have Paid Homage To A Landmark Science Fiction Artist

Grant Morrison, Mark Waid, Mark Millar, and Tom Peyer’s Superman Now might be essentially the most well-known comedian that Morrison by no means made. Since a number of parts of Superman Now ended up in All-Star Superman, that is arguably not a foul factor. Furthermore, the dismissal of their Superman proposal prompted Morrison to defect to Marvel which led to New X-Men and, virtually, Silver Surfer: Year Zero.

Year Zero was meant to chronicle the Surfer’s journeys earlier than he rebelled towards Galactus, and Frank Quitely was set to attract it. Quitely has typically been in contrast with French artist Jean Giraud, whose Silver Surfer: Parable is extensively the Silver Surfer’s best story. Year Zero was a missed alternative to see Morrison’s best collaborator unleashed on Marvel’s cosmos.

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