While HBO’s House of the Dragon comprises characters of each ethical shade, Lady Alicent Hightower nonetheless manages to ring a bell with audiences for her brimming potential as a formidable character. Though she could initially be mistaken as naive in her youth, Alicent could be as crafty as she is sort.

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While the present deviates barely from George R. R. Martin’sFire & Blood, Alicent’s loyalty to guard these expensive to her rings true from its supply materials. Although Alicent can not maintain a candle to different Westerosi characters when it comes to bodily power, she possesses different qualities which are as reducing as a slice from Valyrian metal. These qualities will solely sharpen as she grows into a girl able to difficult anybody who dares query her value as queen.

WARNING: Spoilers forward for House of the Dragon

10 Alincet Heart And Her Intention To Help Others Are Pure

In a spot as power-hungry as King’s Landing, it is uncommon to seek out people who find themselves genuinely concerned about serving to others. Alicent is one in every of these uncommon people who’s genuine in her actions to help these in want.

This turns into obvious within the temporary interactions proven between Alicent and Princess Rhaenyra, as her finest good friend vents her frustrations about her declare to the Iron Throne. Later, when Alicent turns into King Viserys’ spouse, her tenderness in the direction of her ailing husband goes past her anticipated wifely duties. Alicent’s true nature comes from her devotion to be a necessary pillar of power for her friends.

9 Alicent May Be Young, But She Is Not Naive

Despite her youth, Alicent is way from being simply taken benefit of by others. She is painfully conscious of when her friends are planning a swipe at energy.

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When Alicent’s father Otto Hightower suggests she give consolation to a grieving King Viserys after the dying of his spouse, Alicent is aware of instantly the request will not be for the advantage of their ruler. She is sensible sufficient to know her father is utilizing her as a pawn for when Viserys should finally choose his new queen. Even in conditions she can not totally management, Alicent totally understands the circumstances, in addition to any ulterior motives.

8 Alicent Makes The Best Of Her Circumstances

While Alicent has no selection however to change into the brand new queen, she makes the very best of her state of affairs. This contains dealing with the anticipated pressure her union with King Viserys brings to her friendship with Rhaenyra.

Despite Alicent’s struggles together with her new standing as queen, she performs her anticipated duties and carves out a spot for herself in courtroom among the many different women. Even if she doesn’t really feel at residence by the king’s facet, she understands what she will management and what she should address on her personal to protect the pure order of King’s Landing.

7 Alicent Is A Loyal Friend To Rhaenyra

Wedding a finest good friend’s father is a tricky hurdle to leap, even for the closest of companions, however Alicent’s devotion to her and Rhaenyra’s friendship surmounts this understandably tough state of affairs. While the interactions between the 2 are stiff within the years following her marriage to the king, Alicent regularly seeks out Rhaenyra to guarantee her that her emotions for her stay the identical.

Alicent’s highly effective feelings for her good friend are reiterated when she unshakably defends Rhaenyra’s advantage after accusations come up that she misplaced her maidenhead to Prince Daemon. Despite the pure straining of their relationship, she stands by her good friend’s facet and not using a second thought, even with out understanding the small print of the accusations.

6 Alicent Is Wise Enough To Give Good Counsel

Because Alicent is perceptive to the motives and feelings of these round her, she provides insightful counsel to those that search it, even the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms. When her husband vents his frustrations about discovering a wedding match for Rhaenyra, Alicent is ready to present him with a brand new perspective.

Alicent reminds Viserys of Rhaenyra’s impartial nature and emphasizes he should acknowledge this when contemplating the prospect of her marriage. As a outcome, her recommendation is the motivating affect for Viserys to initially resolve his daughter ought to choose her personal companion for her betrothal.

5 Alicent Is Willing To Stand Up For Herself And Her Values

Although Alicent is beneficiant at her core, that does not imply she will not be keen to face up for herself when she is crossed. This turns into most obvious when she defends her actions to help Rhaenyra to her father earlier than his departure by the order of the king.

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Otto Hightower blames his daughter for her protection of Rhaenyra, claiming her actions had been the direct trigger for his removing as Hand of the King. Alicent rebuffs him, mentioning it was truly her father’s ambitions to grab energy that resulted in his falling out of favor with the king. Although she is coping with a mixture of feelings concerning the depart of her father, Alicent won’t let herself be blamed for holding sturdy to her personal values.

4 Alicent Is Aware Of Her Own Strengths And Weaknesses

Similar to a warrior on the sector of battle, Alicent has the potential for strategizing towards those that want to do her mistaken. Much of this strategizing comes from her means to determine her personal capabilities.

Alicent is aware of she lacks bodily power and entry to the webs of informants which are accessible to a few of her friends, so she is decisive in how she picks her battles. She is aware of she could be persuasive by interesting to others’ feelings. She gathers data on her personal phrases, honing these expertise and figuring out surrounding people who can function her allies.

3 Alicent Is Able To Put Aside Her Attachments

Despite her need to assist others, Alicent is ready to put apart her attachments for the betterment of King’s Landing. This contains her emotions for the folks she cares about deeply.

Even although her father’s departure from King’s Landing pains her, Alicent is aware of that dwelling on it won’t assist her present state of affairs, nor the dominion, so she pushes previous that ache. Similarly, after Alicent discovers Rhaenyra lied to her about her advantage, she should let go of the devotion she as soon as so strongly held for her finest good friend. Following Rhaenyra’s betrayal, Alicent is ready to readjust her priorities to higher defend herself and the throne.

2 Alicent Will Fiercely Protect Those She Cares For

In the temporary glimpses viewers have seen of Alicent as queen, it is change into obvious that beneath her sort coronary heart is a fierceness that ought to give enemies pause. Audiences already know she’s going to unflinchingly defend the respect of these she cares about, so it stands to cause she may even do something in her energy to guard them from bodily hurt.

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When her father warns her that her kids with Viserys are a risk to Rhaenyra’s declare to the throne, Alicent should make a tough selection. She can both ignore the implications that her finest good friend will slaughter her kids, or she will take motion. Knowing what viewers learn about Alicent’s nature, it is comprehensible why she would select to personally resign her ties to Rhaenyra as a way to defend these dearest to her.

1 Alicent Will Fight For What Is Best For The Kingdom

Alicent has all the time been unwaveringly supportive in her friendship with Rhaenyra, however not even she will deny the unlikelihood of King’s Landing’s folks accepting the princess as their rightful ruler. This acknowledgment not solely places her personal kids in peril but in addition the way in which of Westerosi life.

Whether Alicent believes Rhaenyra will likely be a simply queen doesn’t matter if the folks of King’s Landing don’t embrace Rhaenyra. Alicent acknowledges this tough reality, and in doing so she should put together for the inevitable struggle to return with Rhaenyra’s ascension, even when which means abandoning components of her previous in favor of a greater future for the dominion.

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