10 Best Spooky Non-Horror Games for Halloween


Halloween is the spookiest season of the year, when monsters and the ghoulish take center stage! It’s a time when people are more involved in horror media, including gaming. Horror games are more popular than ever with pop-up lists of must-play games to get in the mood for the season!

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But not everyone enjoys partaking in the scariest parts of the holidays, they enjoy the lighthearted merriment. Whether the scares are too much for them or they’re just exhausted from the scares, these people don’t want to play horror games to celebrate Halloween. So for those folks who want to play something in the spirit without having to deal with horror games, here are a handful of games that lean into that Halloween spirit in a more enjoyable way.


10/10 encryption

For those who want something greyish and rustic, Inscryption is a strange experience worth trying. Inscryption is a roguish card game that sees you trapped in an old shack with someone forcing you to play their weird card game. With the help of some living cards, you must solve puzzles between games and find a way to escape from the cabin.

The game offers an excellent and simplistic take on a card game with its fascinating mechanics of sacrificing cards for more powerful ones and having to manage limited lanes makes for a fascinating card game. And the forest theme makes for a wonderfully creepy experience, almost like a cryptic legend. Although it must be said that you should be careful if you come for this alone, just like the other Daniel Mullins games, Inscryption has many surprises and style changes that not everyone may be a fan of.

9/10 yume nikki

If you can handle something spooky but still don’t want full-blown horror, Yume Nikki is a game that can keep you on the edge of your seat. Yume Nikki is a game in which you explore the dreams of Madotsuki, a closeted Japanese man, trying to reach deeper layers of dreams, find strange transformations and maybe find out what is going on in his head.

Yume Nikki is a game like no other, following in the footsteps of LSD Dream Emulator but adding more structure to the exploration and making what you encounter more varied. It is a game that lets the player find out what is going on with him. And what you find in these dreams has this strange restlessness, a kind of surrealism that makes you feel that something is wrong but not that you are in danger. It’s a fascinating kind of creepy that everyone should experience.

8/10 darkest dungeon

Leaning more towards the ghastly horror of Lovecraft, Darkest Dungeon is by far the most haunting game on this list. This Lovecraftian take on an RPG sees him return to his home, recruiting heroes of all kinds to fight against mounting evil and madness.

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Darkest Dungeon’s main selling point is how utterly brutal it can be. Each mission is a harrowing brush with death, as the heroes will go insane, contract diseases, and even die permanently. You will grow fond of the heroes only to see them leave the world. This, combined with the aesthetics of the game, makes for an excellently spooky and gritty experience, perfect for Halloween.

7/10 Crypt of the Necrodancer

While spooky can mean being baffled without being completely scared, spooky can also be a mood of fun mischief – that’s the spooky Crypt of the Necrodancer delivers! This dungeon crawler game sees you descend into an ancient crypt filled with the power of music in search of treasure.

The main trick of the game is that you can only move to the beat of the music, staying on your toes and asking for rhythmic skill to win. The game offers plenty of silliness with musical and dance-related versions of the usual monsters, as you’ll be battling a conga line of zombies, a harp-horned minotaur, and many more. A fun game spooky enough for Halloween!

6/10 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Castlevania has always been a perfect series for Halloween series with ghouls, ghosts, and vampires galore! And Symphony of the Night is the standout entry in this series. The historical title sees him taking control of Dracula’s son, Alucard, to explore Dracula’s castle and solve the mystery of why he came back.

The game took a different direction than previous games, trading linear levels for the Metroidvania style of exploring different areas, finding upgrades, and unlocking new areas with those upgrades. And Symphony of the Night is still one of the best in this style, offering a lot to explore and a lot of freedom for the player. Plus, with loads of classic creepy monsters, a gothic setting, and more original creepy monsters, it’s a perfect game to get lost in on Halloween.

5/10 cultist simulator

There’s no better way to get into the Halloween spirit than to start a cult of unfathomable horrors, and Cultist Simulator lets you do just that! This bizarre card game sees you managing both material and metaphorical resources to seek knowledge, perform rituals, do cult business, and eventually ascend.

What makes Cultist Simulator so special is that it is tutorial-free and leaves the player to experiment and discover how to work towards their goals, perfectly replicating the feeling of parsing through supernatural knowledge. This makes the game incredibly immersive and allows the player to enter the spooky cult atmosphere absolutely for Halloween.

4/10 Skul: The Killer of Heroes

Halloween is pretty much synonymous with skeletons and Skul: The Hero Slayer offers plenty of those spooky scary skeletons! The game sees you as Skul, a humble skeleton, seeking to rescue his demon king from the “heroes” of the world.

The game is a roguelike, it sees you collecting upgrades and traveling further into enemy territory. Where the game stands out is in its core mechanic: Skulls. Throughout the run you can collect the skulls of fallen comrades and these completely change the way you play the game, each offering different moves, moves and special mechanics! This ensures that each run feels unique and doesn’t age. A perfect game if you feel like being one of the demons of the night!

3/10 Luigi’s Mansion

An absolute classic, any game in the Luigi’s Mansion series is perfect for Halloween. This series sees Luigi drawn to various haunted locations in search of his brother and friends, only to find them filled with ghosts. It offers a unique gameplay style where you have to deal with various ghosts and solve puzzles to do so.

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Each of these games is packed with such fun personality, from the first game’s unique puzzle bosses to the third game’s outdoor areas, they all offer so much uniqueness that it’s hard not to love them. And when it comes to capturing that Halloween terror, nothing does it better than a haunted mansion filled with goofy ghosts. There’s no better time to jump into the series than Halloween!

2/10 Bolt

While the sillier aspects of Halloween can be fun, it’s also a time to embrace the darker elements of life and Deadbolt is a game that does just that. This stealth game allows the player to take control of the Grim Reaper in a strange afterlife of dilapidated apartments and shady businesses, needing to eliminate zombies, vampires and skeletons still clinging to life.

The game is a 2D stealth game where you have to eliminate everyone in locations to complete the objectives, the game offers a more methodical experience by having to perfectly plan how to deal with the different enemies and how to ration ammo and weapons . This makes for a very satisfying experience to traverse the level as a professional assassin. The unique versions of the usual Halloween monsters are fun and at the same time compelling with their stories, an absolute must-play for that alone!

1/10 Grimm’s Hollow

For a game that perfectly captures that nice and wonderful feeling of celebrating Halloween as a kid, Grimm’s Hollow is the best out there. This RPG takes place in the Hollow, a place before the afterlife where souls must be harvested to move and reapers must harvest enough to move on. You play as a young girl named Lavender who tries to find her brother and comes to terms with her death and her place as a reaper.

The game offers an interesting take on the usual RPG combat with enemies that work more like puzzles with unique tricks and a fairly deep leveling system, making it head and shoulders above other RPG Maker games. It also offers a sweet and emotional story with twists and turns and some nice moments between Lavender and Grimm, the head of the reapers. On top of all this, the game is completely free! So there is no reason not to try it on Halloween.

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