10 Best Shonen Anime Without Any Filler Episodes


Filler episodes are one in all shonen anime’s main downfalls. Though watching the heroes get a break from combating villains to have enjoyable each occasionally may very well be entertaining, many shonen collection are oversaturated with filler episodes that solely derail the plot. Bleach, for instance, has 366 episodes total. 164 of them are filler.

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Filler episodes are a shonen pattern that appears to be fading out, however some collection are nonetheless chock stuffed with them. Luckily, loads of unbelievable shonen anime collection have no filler. If they do, it is simply the occasional recap episode and nothing distracting from the story.

The Fullmetal Alchemist franchise is a juggernaut for shonen anime. The first adaptation faithfully adhered to the supply materials and did not stray till its episodes caught as much as the manga. Instead of ready for brand spanking new manga chapters to launch, the producers opted for an anime-original storyline.

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, nevertheless, outshined its predecessor with glorious pacing, beautiful visuals, and an iconic soundtrack. Fans of the Fullmetal Alchemist manga had been happy with its lack of filler and felt that the difference did the supply materials justice.

9/10 One-Punch Man’s Lack Of Filler Sets It Apart From Other Shonen Series

One-Punch Man adheres so strongly to some battle shonen anime tropes that it is a miracle that the collection is not fully affected by filler episodes. However, One-Punch Man has had zero filler episodes since its 2015 premiere.

One-Punch Man follows Saitama, an overpowered superhero who can defeat any foe with a single punch. Unfortunately, he is grown jaded since no person can provide him an actual problem anymore. Madhouse produced the primary season, so One-Punch Man did not disappoint followers with its beautiful visuals and superbly choreographed battles.

8/10 Haikyuu! Is A Well-Written Sports Anime That Stays True To The Manga

Haruichi Furudate’s Haikyuu! is a shonen masterpiece and a juggernaut of sports activities animanga. The collection follows Shoyo Hinata, a boy who is set to change into a legendary volleyball participant regardless of his brief top. Haikyuu!’s thrilling volleyball video games, practical characters, and hilarious banter cement the collection as one of many best.

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Haikyuu!’s anime adaptation did not stray from the manga and would not comprise filler episodes. It’s unclear whether or not or not the upcoming motion pictures will proceed this pattern, however Seasons 1 by 4 are solely canon.

7/10 Filler Episodes Would Just Feel Out Of Place In Attack On Titan

Filler episodes are usually lighthearted and present the heroes having some enjoyable for a change. Though some argue that Attack On Titan would not have sufficient humor, these sorts of episodes would simply really feel misplaced with the collection’ gritty world-building.

As followers anticipate the ultimate a part of Attack On Titan’s concluding season, many really feel grateful that the collection did not have a single filler episode since its 2013 premiere. Studio WIT and MAPPA have performed glorious jobs maintaining the anime trustworthy to Attack On Titan’s manga.

6/10 Hunter X Hunter Only Has Two Recap Episodes

Hunter x Hunter’s 2011 adaptation has remained trustworthy to the manga and at present has 148 episodes. Most different shonen collection would have included a minimum of a few filler episodes by that time, however Hunter x Hunter solely has two recap episodes.

These recap episodes do not take away from the plot since they’re simply rehashing latest occasions within the collection. Hunter x Hunter is likely one of the best shonen animanga collection of all time, so followers had been grateful that Nippon Animation stayed true to canon.

5/10 Jujutsu Kaisen’s First Season Cut Straight To The Point

Jujutsu Kaisen’s lack of filler is spectacular, regardless of solely having one season at present out. Its shonen predecessors, like Naruto, included filler episodes within the first season. However, MAPPA minimize straight to the purpose and did not even waste time with a recap episode. Hopefully, this pattern will proceed in Jujutsu Kaisen’s highly-anticipated second season.

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Jujutsu Kaisen stars Yuji Itadori all through his journey as a sorcerer after swallowing a cursed finger. He enrolls at Tokyo Jujutsu High to purchase a while whereas trying to find the remainder of the fingers and maintaining the King of Curses possessing him in test.

4/10 Yu Yu Hakusho’s Lack Of Filler Was Surprising For Its Time

Yu Yu Hakusho premiered in 1992 and stayed trustworthy to the manga. During this time, most anime was chock stuffed with pointless filler episodes that will be arduous for brand spanking new viewers to observe at this time. Yu Yu Hakusho was forward of its time and did not embrace any filler episodes.

Yu Yu Hakusho would not waste time on flashback episodes or slice-of-life plots that present the solid heading to the seashore. Yu Yu Hakusho is a licensed cult traditional and one of the vital beloved titles within the style.

3/10 Fans Were Pleasantly Surprised By Demon Slayer’s Lack Of Filler

Demon Slayer is likely one of the hottest fashionable shonen collection, usually acknowledged as one of many style’s new “big three.” Before its 2019 premiere, some followers had been nervous that the Demon Slayer anime might have included filler episodes. However, viewers had been pleasantly shocked when the anime did not even embrace a single recap episode.

UFOTable did Koyoharu Gotouge’s sensible manga justice. The studio went above and past followers’ expectations with its attractive artwork type, beautiful visuals, and fluid battle choreography that is straightforward for the eyes to comply with.

2/10 Mob Psycho 100 Is Perfect Without Any Filler

Adding any filler episodes to Mob Psycho 100 could be a deadly mistake for the collection. Though the anime is filled with lovable characters, Mob Psycho 100 followers actually needn’t see Mob, Reigen, and the remainder of the gang going to a seashore or embarking on a noncanonical journey.

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Studio Bones has been trustworthy to the webcomic and exceeded followers’ expectations. Thanks to Studio Bones’ experience, vibrant visible results and sensible animation high quality have change into synonymous with Mob Psycho 100’s in any other case simplistic artwork type.

1/10 David Production Did A Great Job Pacing JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Without Any Filler

David Production had an enormous accountability in adapting JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. After all, the generational story has been revealed in Shonen Jump for the reason that late ’80s, and its unique anime did not meet followers’ expectations. David Production has performed a wonderful job producing the collection from Phantom Blood to Stone Ocean.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure has a lot happening within the plot that including filler episodes would flip the collection right into a jumbled catastrophe. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure’s campiness, distinctive character design, top-notch soundtrack, and unparalleled motion cement it as a shonen masterpiece.

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