10 Best Shadow Games In Yu-Gi-Oh! Season 0


Ever because the Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters anime endlessly modified popular culture within the early 2000s, loyal followers have stored the beloved shonen alive by frequently asking for extra, and now the anime’s eleventh collection is at the moment airing. But earlier than Duelist Kingdom, earlier than Duel Monsters, there was 1998’s Yu-Gi-Oh!, the manga’s darker first adaptation and animated debut of the Shadow Games.

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Known outdoors Japan as Season 0, this 27-episode collection options varied inventive game ideas by writer Kazuki Takahashi. Usually, Yugi transforms into Dark Yugi and challenges unhealthy guys to Shadow Games the place the loser (or cheater) faces punishment.

10/10 Dark Yugi VS Ushio The Bully Starts Yu-Gi-Oh! Off Right

In the primary episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, faculty bully Ushio beats up Jonouchi and Honda whereas pretending to be Yugi’s bodyguard, later knocking out even Yugi himself. Regaining consciousness and determined to guard his pals, Yugi completes the Millennium Puzzle for the primary time and Dark Yugi takes over, transporting himself and Ushio to a excessive tower.

The two grasp from both finish of the identical rope and should flip over numbered taking part in playing cards to boost themselves up, decreasing the opposite in flip. When Ushio tries to cheat, Dark Yugi sends him falling from the tower into water infested with monstrous illusions. This Shadow Game is memorable for introducing the story’s darker tone and the protagonist’s capabilities.

9/10 Dark Yugi VS His Conceited Teacher Ms. Chono

Yugi’s faculty instructor Ms. Chono is revealed to be unlikable and useless round mid-season, as viewers see her being imply to young children, utilizing her magnificence to control others, and influencing college students to sabotage Anzu’s extracurricular actions. Once Yugi discovers her corruption, he challenges the instructor to a Shadow Game the place they need to piece collectively a damaged mirror whereas blindfolded.

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Trying to outsmart the younger boy, Chono peeks previous her blindfold to finish the mirror puzzle, assuming he would not notice. This prompts the punishment, the place Chono’s make-up shatters just like the mirror and divulges wrinkly previous pores and skin. The Shadow Game’s lasting results are showcased right here, as her make-up will proceed to shatter each time she is egocentric or manipulative.

8/10 Dark Yugi VS Corrupt Doctor Goyu Sees Justice Served

In a mid-season episode of Yu-Gi-Oh!, Jonouchi develops a crush on his ailing sister’s nurse Miyuki however later learns she was fired on false pretenses by a vengeful Dr. Goyu after having repeatedly turned down the physician’s undesirable advances. An Upset Jonouchi confronts Goyu with the reality, however the corrupt physician threatens to stop medical look after Jonouchi’s sister until the boy stays silent.

Once Yugi learns about Jonouchi’s plight, Dark Yugi heads straight for the hospital and challenges Goyu to the person’s favourite game: golf. When the physician loses, he is attacked by ghoulish visions of the sufferers he’d uncared for through the years. It’s a satisfying and simple instance of justice being served by way of Shadow Game.

7/10 Trickery Saves The Day In Dark Yugi VS The Ferris Wheel Bomber

When Anzu realizes it would’ve been an alter ego of Yugi’s who beforehand saved her, she invitations him to the water park, hoping to in some way make Dark Yugi reveal himself. A jealous Jonouchi spies on them however is found, inflicting Anzu to run off alone and board the Ferris Wheel.

An empty carriage on the journey out of the blue explodes, so Dark Yugi works with police to unravel the bomber’s riddle. Hiding on the journey himself, the felony is tricked into pondering there is a ticking bomb in his personal carriage, so he jumps to security and proper into custody. This Shadow Game forces the protagonist to suppose rapidly in opposition to a really actual risk.

6/10 Dark Yugi VS Shotaro The Watch Collector

In Episode 4, Honda and Yugi spend hours ready in line to purchase a elaborate collectible look ahead to Miho, then go to an arcade however are adopted by a jealous watch collector named Shotaro who was unable to purchase one earlier than they bought out. Shotaro swipes the particular watch from Honda’s again pocket, inflicting Miho to cry and Honda to really feel terrible for dropping it.

Yugi notices the shady Shotaro silently gloating close by and follows the fanatic collector to an HVAC servicing room. Dark Yugi challenges him to a Shadow Game involving watches and a swinging pendulum, however Shotaro refuses to just accept defeat even after dropping twice. In one in every of this season’s darkest punishments, he sees physique horror-esque visions of himself turning into watch parts.

5/10 Shadi VS A Greedy Museum Curator Kanekura

In a uncommon Shadow Game not involving Dark Yugi, the guardian of Egyptian tombs and possessor of two Millennium Items often known as Shadi confronts the museum curator liable for the archaeological dig which resulted within the Millennium Puzzle being eliminated. Shadi begins the Shadow Game by exhibiting Kanekura the Millennium Scale and asking questions which is able to weigh the grasping man’s coronary heart in opposition to a feather.

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Kanekura can not help however cover his corrupt avarice, swearing he’d like to assist folks somewhat than achieve wealth, however his coronary heart is weighed down by the lies. Fans will recall this memorably darkish punishment as Shadi topics the curator to an phantasm of his armchair reworking right into a monster and biting down on him.

4/10 Anzu’s Life Hangs In The Balance In Dark Yugi VS Shadi

In the following episode, Shadi realizes Yugi additionally possesses a Millennium Item, rising suspicious of the boy’s intentions. To be taught extra concerning the Millennium Puzzle and Dark Yugi’s energy, Shadi lures him right into a lure on the varsity roof the place a hypnotized Anzu stands precariously on a board jutting out from the sting. If Yugi loses right here, she’ll fall to her doom.

After Dark Yugi succeeds within the first spherical guessing game, Shadi tries to pressure the protagonist to combat in opposition to an phantasm of Jonouchi. When Yugi refuses, Shadi’s resolve waivers, dropping to the facility of friendship and permitting the actual Jonouchi to save lots of Anzu earlier than she falls. Using Yugi’s pals to get to him makes this Shadow Game really feel private.

3/10 Exodia Debuts In Dark Yugi VS Seto Kaiba In Kaiba Land

Unable to let go of his rivalry with Yugi, Seto Kaiba builds an indoor amusement park close to the tip of the season named Kaiba Land and kidnaps Yugi’s grandpa to lure the boy there. Yugi’s pals all resolve to go along with him regardless of the hazards, and Seto ensures they wrestle in opposition to varied trials.

The pals face off in opposition to ex-military adults in laser tag, remedy a riddle to cease a killer robotic from attacking them, and dodge big falling Tetris blocks. In the tip, Dark Yugi faces Seto within the Duel Monsterscard game utilizing his grandpa’s deck. Fans would possibly discover it fascinating that that is the precise first time Yugi makes use of Exodia, in addition to the Mind Crush penalty which might go on to grow to be a Yu-Gi-Oh! card.

2/10 Yugi And Friends VS Dark Bakura Wraps Up The Original Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime

Wanting the facility of the Millennium Puzzle for himself, Dark Bakura lures Yugi and pals to his dwelling, the place he tips them into taking part in a tabletop RPG the place their souls grow to be trapped within the game items. Dark Bakura thinks victory is close to earlier than realizing that Dark Yugi was left behind in Yugi’s physique and thus can nonetheless roll cube and strategize to win.

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This 3-episode arc serves as the ultimate Shadow Game within the authentic Yu-Gi-Oh! present, pitting the heroes in opposition to Dark Master Zorc and his monstrous minions. Many followers theorize this Zorc could possibly be the unique inspiration for a future villain, Zorc Necrophades. In the tip, common Bakura’s soul enters the game to assist them win in opposition to Dark Bakura’s scheming.

1/10 Dark Yugi VS Jiro The Spider Features A Clever Win

Perhaps essentially the most notorious Shadow Game in Season 0 takes place in Episode 2, involving an escaped convict with a gun who’d been posing as a innocent restaurant supervisor. When a detective enters the restaurant to warn Yugi and pals concerning the disguised felony, they hatch a plan to show him.

Once Jiro the Spider’s true identification is revealed, he panics and takes Anzu hostage. Dark Yugi challenges him to a game the place they’ll solely use one finger. Jiro pours himself some liquor to have a good time victory, selecting his set off finger. Yugi sparks a lighter together with his thumb, putting it precariously on the again of Jiro’s pouring hand. Sensing hazard, Jiro breaks the foundations to extinguish the lighter earlier than catching fireplace.

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