10 Best Performances In House Of The Dragon, Ranked


House of the Dragon has exceeded expectations with its first season. The Game of Thrones prequel sequence explores Targaryen historical past by an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s guide Fire & Blood. While there may be some trademark Game of Thrones violence, gore, and basic destruction, House of the Dragon additionally delves into political intrigue and familial drama.

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There are quite a few transferring elements which have made House of the Dragon a hit to this point, from the manufacturing, visuals and soundtrack to the tales being instructed. Yet it’s the unbelievable performances from the actors concerned which have helped to carry the present to life, permitting the viewers to attach with each single character, whether or not that’s assist, sympathy, love or hatred.

Spoilers forward for House of the Dragon.

10/10 Matthew Needham Brings A Brilliantly Unsettling Performance As Larys Strong

Every good tv drama wants villains that followers like to hate, and House of the Dragon has Larys Strong, amongst many others. Matthew Needham performs Larys Strong to perfection, along with his calm and quiet demeanor slowly descending right into a creepy thirst for manipulative management.

Larys is a weird combination of Game of Thrones characters, with the scheming of Littlefinger and Varys, in addition to Ramsay Bolton’s maniacal lack of morals. Needham’s Strong has already shocked followers with what he’s able to, with the homicide of his personal father and brother seeming trivial to him. Yet Larys is undoubtedly solely simply getting began in House of the Dragon.

9/10 Rhys Ifans Joins The Play For Power As Otto Hightower

Rhys Ifans is certainly one of a number of established actors to hitch the House of the Dragon forged, having been within the likes of Notting Hill, Harry Potter, The King’s Man, and The Amazing Spider-Man, amongst many others. Ifans performs Otto Hightower, the initially trusted Hand to King Viserys, who shortly units up his personal schemes to carry his ulterior motives to fruition.

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Just like Matthew Needham’s Larys, Ifans makes Otto Hightower a personality that annoys and frustrates the viewers, however as supposed. In some scenes, Otto does not even must say a phrase, his facial expressions and physique language are sufficient as he observes his environment. Yet when he does communicate, his authority and ambition shine by in his stellar supply.

8/10 Nanna Blondell’s Sole Episode As Laena Velaryon Was Breathtaking

Laena Velaryon was certainly one of a number of characters to be recast a number of occasions in House of the Dragon with the intention to correctly signify getting old by time jumps. While the opposite actors did an ideal job with their restricted time, Nanna Blondell shone in her sole episode as an grownup Laena.

“The Princess and the Queen” proceeded a ten-year time soar, with Laena having had two youngsters with Daemon Targaryen and anticipating a 3rd. Unfortunately, Laena’s labor failed, and she or he crawled out to her dragon to obtain a “dragonrider’s death,” with Blondell’s performing being emotionally charming.

7/10 Leo Ashton Perfectly Set Up Aemond Targaryen’s Future

Leo Ashton solely had two episodes of House of the Dragon to hammer residence his efficiency as a younger Aemond Targaryen, however he duly delivered in probably the most epic manner. “The Princess and the Queen” garnered sympathy for him as he was bullied by the opposite youngsters earlier than “Driftmark” tore that away along with his dynamic shift in character.

Aemond claimed the big dragon Vhagar however misplaced a watch for his troubles, as Rhaenyra and Daemon’s youngsters have been livid and attacked him. Ashton captured all of the feelings, from hopelessness and sympathy to ambition and conceitedness, earlier than touchdown on acceptance. This efficiency of the character has arrange Ewan Mitchell to hold on the character because the chilly and menacing younger grownup, for the remainder of House of the Dragon.

6/10 Emma D’Arcy Has Brought A Coldness To Rhaenyra Befitting Of The Treacherous Times

Following the decade-long time soar between House of the Dragon Episodes 5 and 6, Rhaenyra has matured however nonetheless doesn’t shrink back from getting caught up in controversy. She has turn into colder beneath the strains and pressures of elevating a household with the prospect of changing into the following queen whereas combating those that query the legitimacy of her youngsters.

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Emma D’Arcy took up the reigns as this new Rhaenyra post-time skip. Their portrayal is totally totally different from Milly Alcock’s, whereas nonetheless staying true to the character’s core traits. D’Arcy has captured the vary of feelings completely, however will undoubtedly be even higher as House of the Dragon delves deeper into the Dance of the Dragons.

5/10 Matt Smith Commands Scenes As Daemon Targaryen Whether He Has Lines Or Doesn’t

Daemon Targaryen is without doubt one of the most unpredictable and complex characters in House of the Dragon, and Matt Smith performs him to perfection. Fans will acknowledge Smith because the Eleventh Doctor in Doctor Who, however Daemon is a totally totally different sort of character.

For all of Daemon’s ruthless assaults and hilarious feedback, a few of Smith’s finest work because the character has come from saying nothing in any respect. In reality, “Second of his Name” had Daemon within the Stepstones, studying a notice, beating up the messenger, rowing by himself, and taking down the Crabfeeder just about alone, all with out uttering a single phrase. Yet it nonetheless made for an extremely highly effective sequence, a testomony to Matt Smith’s use of physique language and expressions.

4/10 Olivia Cooke Has Excelled As The Adult Alicent Hightower

While Emily Carey did an unbelievable job as House of the Dragon‘s youthful Alicent Hightower by bringing out her innocence and vulnerabilities, Olivia Cooke has taken the character to an entire new degree. Cooke has thrived in showcasing Alicent’s overprotective nature in relation to her youngsters and upholding her sense of obligation.

Since House of the Dragon‘s decade-long time soar, Alicent and Rhaenyra’s friendship has became a bitter rivalry, which the brand new actors signify completely. Alicent’s rash actions, like attacking Rhaenyra and misinterpreting Viserys’ dying phrases, have painted her as a villain, however Cooke makes the viewers really feel confused by bringing it again with sympathetic emotion and fervour.

3/10 Milly Alcock’s Young Rhaenyra Drew Fans In With Her Strength Of Character

Out of all of the actors concerned with House of the Dragon‘s time-jump recasting, Milly Alcock stands out as probably the most impactful performer to get replaced. Alcock captured Rhaenyra’s youth in all its mischievous and rebellious glory. She delivered humor, disappointment, anger, and petulance in an ideal illustration of a royal teenager.

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Young Rhaenyra’s ambition and understanding of obligation was molded by Milly Alcock’s portrayal, which Emma D’Arcy picked up and continued in the identical vein. The Australian actress in the end ensured that regardless of not being in House of the Dragon‘s future, her 5 episodes won’t ever be forgotten.

2/10 Eve Best Has Turned Rhaenys Into A Fan Favorite

House of the Dragon opened up with Viserys Targaryen being chosen as Jaehaerys’ successor over his cousin Rhaenys, and issues wouldn’t essentially get any higher for the “Queen Who Never Was.” Eve Best has performed an exquisite job of depicting a defeated character who simply needs to cling to her household.

The dying of Rhaenys’ daughter Laena, suspected dying of her son Laenor, and the intense accidents dealt to her husband Corlys, have solely served to harden her character. Best has delivered some chilly scene-stealing strains, and even stole the present in “The Green Council” by crashing the coronation atop her dragon.

1/10 Paddy Considine Gave The Performance Of A Lifetime As Viserys Targaryen

Going into House of the Dragon‘s first season, Paddy Considine was one of many few notable names that caught folks’s consideration. However, no person may have seen his efficiency as King Viserys Targaryen coming. The time skips all through the primary season meant that the character may very well be explored when bodily wholesome however mentally tormented, after which at various factors as his well being deteriorated.

This was the place Considine shone. While the make-up and different departments centered on making his sickness look horrific, Considine turned Viserys into probably the most sympathetic character in tv. Viserys simply needed his household to reconcile, however he lacked the power to really drive the difficulty.

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