During the sixth era of consoles, the calls for of customers have been quickly altering, and PC builders have been discovering it exhausting to catch up. Customers have been getting uninterested in paying a number of {dollars} to play PC video games that have been a shot in the dead of night, which resulted in lots of avid gamers transitioning to the PlayStation 2 and Xbox.

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Genres that have been as soon as a mainstay of the platform comparable to graphic adventures had all however disappeared throughout this period. However, this era noticed a number of titles on the PC that pushed the boundaries of {hardware}, storytelling, and social gaming, and lots of rank among the many most interesting entries of all time.


Looking Glass Studio’s second outing with Garret was the heist of a lifetime. Players channeled their internal Robin Hood by sneaking via the game’s huge and downright labyrinthian environments, outwitting the multitudes of clueless guards and pillaging all of the lucre they might discover.

Solid stealth mechanics made these feats attainable, such because the gem on the backside of the interface that gave gamers a sign on how uncovered they have been within the gentle. Special challenges gave the degrees a hefty quantity of replayability – daring gamers to get via a degree whereas buying a certain quantity of gems or knocking out at the very least eight guards.


With their third foray into the Elder Scrolls sequence, Bethesda ventured forth into the third dimension and within the isle of Vvardenfell. Morrowind advanced from Arena and Daggerfall‘s extra Tolkien-inspired roots to supply a extra distinct and distinctive fantasy setting.

Many retailers praised the game for its wealthy lore, its open-ended construction, and a higher degree of freedom than prior Elder Scrolls entries. While the fight and visuals are displaying their age, Morrowind’s sheer ambition and willingness to interrupt bounds within the medium paved the best way for richer and deeper RPG experiences within the years to come back.

8 The Sims 3


The third entry in Maxis’ life simulation sequence refined the mechanics from prior entries, boasted new customization options, new modes of transportation, and far more. Previous video games would pressure gamers to sit down via a loading display at any time when they wished to go away the consolation of their very own house.

The Sims 3, nevertheless, included a kind of open-world construction with seamless neighborhoods. Players might additionally study new expertise comparable to portray, martial arts, and even taking part in the guitar. It was very a lot an evolution of the idea the fourth installment failed to supply.

7 Psychonauts


Making the leap from graphic journey to motion platformer, Tim Schafer’s Psychonuats was a serious deviation from the titles that had earned him a lot acclaim and recognition. Thankfully, Double Fine Studio’s debut title was a enjoyable and imaginative platformer, which benefited from the director’s trademark characters and humor.

In distinction to the multitude of uninspired hearth and ice worlds that populated each 3D platformer, the degrees that came about within the quirky casts’ collective minds have been creatively pushed locales with impressed artwork path and fantastic environmental storytelling. While the fight could show to be repetitive and the physics a bit floaty, the game holds up remarkably nicely.

6 Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic


BioWare demonstrated its knack for crafting well-rounded characters and deep RPG mechanics in prior video games comparable to Baulder’s Gate and Neverwinter Nights. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic shifted the Canadian developer from the Forgotten Realms to a galaxy, far, distant.

Players might select between the sunshine facet or darkish facet and work together with the world of Star Wars in a way that prior titles could not do justice to. In addition to acquainted locales, new characters have been launched, such because the brash however compassionate Jedi Master Bastilla, and the homicidal and sardonic battle droid, HK-47.

5 BioShock


Ken Levine’s System Shock 2 innovated with its mixing of first-person capturing mechanics with RPG parts and an oppressive ambiance typical of survival horror video games. However, many shops criticized the game as needlessly troublesome and inaccessible. Its non secular successor, BioShock, could have simplified issues, however the narrative, gunplay, and particular talents remained intact.

Set in an underwater dystopia primarily based on the Objectivist teachings of Ayn Rand, the game tasked gamers with traversing the ruined metropolis and coping with its hostile inhabitants. Little Sisters introduced gamers with an moral dilemma whereas Andrew Ryan questioned the gamers’ capability totally free will.

4 Prince Of Persia: The Sands Of Time


Jordan Mechner and Ubisoft Montreal did what many thought was unattainable and breathed new life into the basic Arabian fairy story franchise with Prince of Persia The Sands of Time. After the Prince’s disastrous 3D debut, Director Patrice Désilets and his group confirmed everybody simply how sensible platformers have been performed.

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This included exact controls, wonderful parkour gameplay, and an ingenious rewind mechanic that allow gamers undo a deadly mistake. In addition, the story narrated by the Prince featured a compelling character arc bolstered by witty dialogue and good vocal performances from Yuri Lowenthal and Joanna Wasick.

3 Portal


Valve appeared unstoppable within the mid to late 2000s, churning out basic after basic in speedy succession. 2007 noticed the discharge of The Orange Box, which was a compilation of all the good titles they’d put out that era, comparable to Team Fortress 2, the Half-Life episodes, and just a little puzzler named Portal.

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On the floor, the game regarded like a easy facet dish made to fill out the bundle. However, as soon as gamers obtained the prospect to assume with portals, they have been hit with a number of the most ingenious puzzle gameplay, Erik Wolpaw’s darkly comedic writing, an unforgettable antagonist, and one of many biggest endings in gaming historical past.

2 Deus Ex


Kicking off the brand new millennium with a bang, Warren Spector’s Deus Ex modified the panorama of narrative-focused first-person shooters with a plethora of selections and a fancy cyberpunk story. In distinction to different video games that punished gamers for deviating from the primary route, Deus Ex largely gave gamers the liberty to deal with duties the best way they noticed match.

The game’s plot touched on themes such because the insidious hand of companies and the unjust programs that prioritize revenue over human lives. While the game wasn’t a industrial success, it spawned an enormous cult following and paved the best way for additional entries.

1 Half-Life 2


Delivering a worthy successor to Valve’s revolutionary first-person shooter appeared like a Herculean process, however the correct man within the fallacious place as soon as once more made a distinction. Half-Life 2 expanded upon the unique’s seamless mixing of gameplay and storytelling with extra expressive character fashions, grander set items, and a bunch of enjoyable new weaponry to mess around with, such because the gravity gun.

As its subsequent Xbox port demonstrated, no console on the time might even come near matching Half-Life 2‘s visible constancy and efficiency. If there was ever a title that made avid gamers rejoice in sticking to their PCs, it was positively Gordon’s sophomore outing.

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