Love triangles are a commonly-used plot system throughout all media content material, however it’s used repeatedly in sitcoms. Love triangles can inject some drama and a few hilarious misunderstandings right into a sitcom.

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Usually, a love triangle is depicted as one particular person having to choose between two love pursuits. However, the strains are sometimes blurred. Some characters cheat on one a part of the triangle for the opposite or they flit between the 2 folks. It leaves viewers guessing as to the place their favourite character will find yourself, and who will likely be by their aspect.

10 Alexis Chooses Between Ted And Mutt

Schitt’s Creek

While Alexis ends Schitt’s Creek alone, there was plenty of drama and dialogue in regards to the love triangle she discovered herself in with Ted and Mutt. After being concerned with Ted, Alexis ends issues so far Mutt. Their relationship burnt out as Alexis realized her emotions for Ted.

The backwards and forwards gave followers whiplash as Ted and Alexis determined to present their relationship one other go. It is gloomy for followers to see Alexis and Ted find yourself alone, making them marvel if she ought to’ve given introverted Mutt extra of an opportunity. Either means, Alexis went via nice character growth, so her ending Schitt’s Creek to work extra on herself was a becoming conclusion.

9 Karen Interferes With Destiny

The Office

Every fan of The Office knew from the beginning that Jim and Pam had been endgame. Everything that bought in the way in which, even Pam’s long-term engagement, would ultimately crumble to present approach to their relationship. It was upsetting, nonetheless, to observe Jim return to the workplace in a critical relationship with Karen.

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While it’s comprehensible that Jim would transfer on, as he had each proper to take action, it was all the time clear that his emotions for Pam lingered. This love triangle led to plenty of rigidity, a friendship between Pam and Karen, and ultimately, a resignation.

8 Schmidt’s Difficult Decision

New Girl

Fans knew from Season 1 that New Girl’s Schmidt and Cece would find yourself collectively. The present threw a spanner within the works when Schmidt determined so far each Cece and Elizabeth. He instructed his associates Nick, Jess, and Winston that he was courting Cece and had dumped Elizabeth, however he instructed Elizabeth the alternative story.

It is gloomy to see Schmidt injury a relationship that followers needed to final endlessly, however these obstacles solely solidified Schmidt and Cece’s bond. It was a traditional love triangle, however it paved the way in which for hilarious scenes and iconic Nick moments.

7 Haley’s Fight Between The Past And The Future

Modern Family

Modern Family gave Haley time to shine in Season 10 when she has to decide on between her long-term on-again-off-again love Dylan and her abroad boyfriend, Arvin. This love triangle noticed Haley select between her previous and her future, however she had grown considerably for the reason that starting of the sitcom. Because of Haley’s development, many followers had been disenchanted when she ended up with Dylan.

The love triangle additionally brings out new sides to her dad and mom, Phil and Claire, as they’re very invested in her choice. Ultimately, Arvin breaks up with Haley, permitting Dylan to step again into her life.

6 Robin Goes Back And Forth

How I Met Your Mother

Robin, Ted, and Barney instantly come to thoughts when followers consider love triangles. How I Met Your Mother milks their relationships with each other for all they’re value, and the storyline spans from the pilot to the finale. First, Ted falls for Robin. Then, Barney develops emotions for Robin. Ultimately, they each love her, although she does not love them.

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This love triangle lingers till Barney proposes. He and Robin get married, and it appeared as if that was the top of the storyline. However, Marshall and Lily’s wager continues as Barney and Robin’s marriage falls aside, and Ted’s spouse Tracy dies. How I Met Your Mother ends with Ted calling Robin, ending the longest-running love triangle.

5 Ramona’s Kiss Sparked An Engagement

The Big Bang Theory

While The Big Bang Theory’s Sheldon didn’t reciprocate emotions in direction of Ramona, her kissing him led to the most effective moments of your complete collection. Ramona took the plunge and kissed him and in flip, Sheldon adopted his coronary heart, bought on a flight, and proposed to Amy.

Ramona was very connected to Sheldon. She had an enormous crush on him and idolized him for his scientific analysis and profession achievements. However, Sheldon was unaware of any of Ramona’s romantic emotions. This led to many hilarious scenes, however finally, it solidified Amy and Sheldon’s relationship.

4 Homer’s Dad And Mr. Burns Both Fall For Marge’s Mom

The Simpsons

In Season 5 of The Simpsons, “Lady Bouvier’s Lover” sees Homer and Marge discover out that Abe (Homer’s dad) has fallen in love with Jacqueline (Marge’s mother). Thankfully, their relationship does not final, as an older man comes into the image and steals Jacqueline’s coronary heart.

In typical Simpsons vogue, Jacqueline’s new beau is Mr. Burns. The pair decides to get married and at their wedding ceremony, Abe crashes the ceremony and asks Jacqueline to marry him as an alternative. With each Abe and Mr. Burns after her affection, Jacqueline makes the noble choice to say no to each of them. It is a hilarious flip of occasions.

3 Rachel And Joey’s Chemistry Causes Problems For Ross


Friends led to 2004, however the conclusion remains to be up for debate as many followers consider that Rachel’s story ought to’ve ended in another way. Rachel and Joey resolve so far in Season 10, which leaves Ross confused and upset. Even although Rachel and Ross hadn’t been collectively in years, Ross struggles to grasp how Joey and Rachel could possibly be collectively.

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To maintain their friendships intact, Joey and Rachel name it quits. Their romantic connection shook issues up in Friends, and lots of followers proceed to ship them and consider that they need to’ve ended up collectively.

2 Amy Can’t Get Rid Of Teddy

Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Many issues stand between Jake and Amy’s relationship in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, whether or not or not it’s their careers and friendship or their relationships with different folks. Amy meets and dates Teddy in Season 1, however they break up by Season 2. However, for the following few seasons, Teddy pops up repeatedly in Amy’s life.

Even all the way in which into Season 7, Teddy remains to be holding a candle for Amy. He is married with a baby on the way in which, and Amy is with Jake and is anticipating a baby, however Teddy nonetheless proposes marriage. What begins as a real love triangle ends as a long-standing joke.

1 Claire Finally Left Her Husband


Fleabag’s two seasons left such an impression that followers are nonetheless begging for extra episodes. So a lot is given to the viewers in such a brief area of time, together with Claire’s repeated fallacious choices. Fans rejoiced when the horrible man she calls her husband is ultimately solid apart for her real love.

Claire’s development is an extended course of, as she repeatedly chooses her husband over everyone else, even her sister. Claire will get caught up in an affair along with her colleague and, to the delight of followers, runs off to be with him.

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