10 Best Horror Movies You Can Actually Watch With Your Kids


The horror genre is a perennial performer with mainstream audiences and critics, but better shows, more original stories, and innovative technology have made horror movies even scarier. With terrifying creatures, ruthless killers, and danger at every turn, horror movies aren’t usually family-friendly.

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Horror movies often pride themselves on their ability to terrify their viewers, but they aren’t always intense experiences designed for mature audiences. Some horror movies perfectly toe the line and create powerful stories that entertain adults but are still appropriate for children.

Updated October 23, 2022 by Samantha McPhee: Halloween is just around the corner, so finding a goofy and scary movie that can entertain audiences of all ages is key. From recent movies to genre staples, this article has been updated with trailers and runtime information so fans can discover some of the best family-friendly horror movies for Halloween.

10/10 A quiet place turns into a loving family’s fight for survival

Runtime: 90 minutes

John Krasinski officially launched himself into A-list director territory with his tour de force, A peaceful place. A simple premise lends itself to a tense story in which a race of aliens with supersensitive hearing sacrifice the planet. The aliens in A peaceful place they’re genuinely scary, but the film effectively takes a “less is more” approach and features minimal on-screen violence.

A peaceful place it’s more about the psychological terror of how the family can survive in this horrible scenario. The emphasis on family and strong children’s characters make it easy for younger audiences to connect with A peaceful place.

9/10 Goosebumps Bring Haunting Horror Books to Life

Runtime: 103 minutes

It should come as no surprise that some of the best horror movies for kids are those that adapt young adult fiction. RL Stine is prolific Goosebumps The series was a trademark of the 1990s and the 2015 film adaptation is a clever love letter to the horror series.

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Jack Black offers a peculiar version of the acclaimed author, who must redirect his many literary creations to his fictional world. Strong storytelling and engaging performances will keep adults interested, while everything else satisfies horror-hungry kids.

8/10 Attack The Block Appoints Inner City Youth To Defend The Planet From Aliens

Runtime: 88 minutes

Joe Cornish is an excellent director who has created many bold genre adventures that turn children into heroes. Cornish’s cinematographic calling card is attack the blocka clever riff on alien invasion movies set in a south London suburb.

attack the block It’s a breath of fresh air. The unifying premise that inner-city youth (including a young John Boyega) must work together to protect their neighborhood from aliens is immediately compelling. attack the block he also resorts to creative design for his aliens that manages to make them both intimidating and familiar.

7/10 Gremlins is a chaotic creature feature with some bite

Duration: 106 Minutes

Few mainstream filmmakers are as anarchic as Joe Dante, and his two gremlins films may be his purest and boldest feature films. gremlins it’s a monster story at its core, but it’s a project with so many layers that it’s quite difficult to define.

Gremlins are truly dangerous entities, but their lovable Mogwai counterparts will immediately resonate with kids. All of the horror is played out with a tongue-in-cheek attitude, especially in the satirical sequel, which will have kids laughing more than they’re actually scared by any of the gremlins’ put pieces.

6/10 Shark still has the public terrified to get back in the water

Duration: 124 minutes

Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors and has created many films that have forever changed the landscape of cinema. jaws is a totemic release that spawned the summer blockbuster and remains as effective today as it was during its 1975 release.

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The film’s signature shark is a terrifying killing machine, but Jaws’ Clever editing and the decision to show the predator only when necessary allows the audience’s mind to become the best tool in the film. Other shark movies have come and gone since then, but none can compare to Spielberg’s iconic classic.

5/10 Monster Squad looks at a brave group of youthful monster hunters

Duration: 82 minutes

Fred Decker monster squad it is as if the various Universal Monsters decided to give the goonies A visit. The cult status of monster squad it has only increased over time. It has proven to be a timeless classic that will entertain modern audiences just as much as it did audiences in the ’80s.

monster squad focuses on five children who become the main targets of Dracula, Frankenstein’s Monster, the Werewolf, and a mummy. As would be expected, monster squad it’s aimed more at the younger demographic and embraces laughter over bloodshed, but it’s still packed with horror staples and reverence for the genre that will appeal to adults.

4/10 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark excels through its creepy creatures

Duration: 108 Minutes

Scary stories to tell in the dark is a deeply unnerving children’s book that has given many impressionable minds nightmares, mainly because of the book’s chilling artwork. This is the perfect kind of property to be adapted into a live-action movie.

scary stories to tellDirector André Øvredal and producer Guillermo del Toro understand how important it was to do justice to the original drawings. The end result is an effective horror movie for all ages that follows a cast of young characters, but punches above its weight when it comes to the disturbing creatures on the loose in the world.

3/10 Poltergeist Writes the Rule Book for Haunted House Movies

Runtime: 114 minutes

Ghost hauntings and paranormal possessions have become some of the most popular conditions for horror movies, but few can resist. Elf. The 1980s horror flick elegantly depicts the efforts of an overwhelmed family to resist the rise of hauntings. Adults run the show on Elf, but the young Carol Anne becomes the main paranormal target.

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Carol Anne is an effective audience surrogate for younger audiences. Tobe Hooper is Elfis the credited director, but the influence of Steven Spielberg’s Amblin is palpable in this horror project. He is undeniably more mature than Eastern Time either close encounters, but Elf it’s still a PG-rated picture that most kids can handle.

2/10 Netflix’s Fear Street Trilogy Creates an Intricate Curse Over Several Decades

Collective autonomy: 330 minutes

R. L. Stine’s dominance of children’s horror literature in the 1990s was cemented by his Goosebumps series, but the author also had his more adult side fear street book line. Netflix released a loose adaptation of the horror series in a trilogy of films spanning three decades: the ’90s, ’70s and ’60s.

fear street it’s surprisingly gory and features some disturbing scenarios, but it’s still suitable for teens and young adults. There’s also a genuine nostalgic feel to the decade-hopping movie trilogy that adults will appreciate too.

1/10 Ghostbusters is the perfect combination of horror, science fiction and comedy

Runtime: 105 minutes

Some of the most timeless comedies are ambitious projects that mix humor with wild genre experiments. There is a natural joy in a film like Ghostbusters where a collection of comedians at the top of their careers exchange jokes between supernatural surprises.

the magic of Ghostbusters and its sequels are hard to replicate, but they strike a delicate balance where legitimately terrifying visuals are undermined by absurd antics. Any iteration of this poltergeist party will resonate with kids, whether it’s the original movies, the 2016 reboot, or the latest iteration of the franchise that continues on. Ghostbusters: Beyond.

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